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  • Dirty talk || p.j.
    2.2M 77.3K 90

    "Wanna get naked?" "Id rather shred my eyes with an electric blender than see you naked." "Oh I love how you dirty talk baby."

    Completed   Mature
  • Game of Shadows | pjm
    230K 15.9K 51

    "As long as I walk this Earth, I shall never stop searching for you." - sequel to "Waiting Game" - Fantasy/Supernatural AU Contains mature content.

  • Waiting Game | pjm ✓
    918K 51.4K 68

    "We become the monsters we're most afraid of." --- "Jimin," she breathed out. "You're allowed to touch me." His plump lips slightly parted as a gasp escaped him. "I-" he exhaled, his fingertips slightly grazing her cheek. "I'm someone else tonight. Remember?" she aspirated, leaning in closer. "Just for tonight?" "Just...

    Completed   Mature
  • Erotic✓
    1.1M 46.2K 80

    Best friends forever, he said. I want to be lovers together, she thought. Two best friends, one stuck in his swirl of woman, and the other helplessly in love. "I just want you to top me." Best friends AU

    Completed   Mature
  • How To Be A Hoe
    14.6M 657K 48

    "Angry sex is the best sex." Just to remind you that playboys have hearts too. winner of The Fiction Awards 2019 as Best Fanfiction and Best Overall story. Highest Ranking: #1 in Fanfiction

    Completed   Mature
  • Lustful Wars | p•jm ✓
    1.5M 69.9K 60

    "Trust me, babygirl. You don't want to start a war with me." ___________ Park Jimin = biggest fuckboy on the planet. You're a new student in his class. You don't how to play his games, you don't know the rules. He drives you mad and you drive him mad. You're both convinced you just hate each other. But there's a burni...

    Completed   Mature
  • Marriage of Royal Inconvenience [Jimin x Reader]
    3.4M 164K 79

    "Hold me for real... Just once." Prince Jimin needs to keep his younger brother away from the throne. There's only one way to do that: marry you. But marrying the famous Playboy Prince is more difficult than you imagined, and when his cousin - Prince Jungkook - tries to steal you away, the opportunity seems overwhelm...

  • makeup | p.j ✔
    272K 6.2K 51

    ❀ a lovestruck makeup artist ❀ // started 12/7/17 cover by me

  • 𝙏𝘼𝙈𝙋𝙊𝙉𝙎 | ρ.꠹ꪑ ✔
    226K 10.3K 33

    [COMPLETED] ❝Are you still going to wear tampons while we're gonna have sex?❞ -park.jimin park jimin being the typical fuckboy but never knew what a tampon is. ✨✨ a story that starts with you buying tampons from the store but then it accidentally slipped. and unfortunately this hot, charming and cutie guy gets to pick...

    Completed   Mature
    2.7M 111K 105

    The story of a man who abandons his wife and son to be with his mistress in a foreign country. He spends four years living a life of luxury, free from the responsibilities of his family. However, his world is turned upside down when he receives news that his son has fallen ill with a rare and life-threatening illness...

    Completed   Mature
  • Possessive Type ||Park Jimin||
    315K 15.9K 42

    stereotypes; school community is all about stereotypes. actually, not only school but life itself. When two types collab, drama tends to happen. And maybe, new types are created? From scarred to strong. From a player to possessive (Angst, Drama, Romance) started : January 14th, Sunday, 2018.

  • Love game • pjm [on-going]
    105K 6.2K 52

    #3 bts short stories series "You think love is a game, don't you?" Highest ranking ;; #89 in short story - 17 December 2016 - •-• Started: 31 October 2016 Completed: -- Written by -derpmin

  • BABY MAMA | pjm
    3.7M 174K 107

    ❝i-i have a kid?❞ ©jiminiums started: 230817 ended: 021118 hr: #19 in romance 211221 hr: #42 in fanfiction 100420 hr: #23 in fanfiction 270818 hr: #18 in bts & bangtansonyeondan 060221 hr: #17 in fanfiction 100420 hr: #9 in jungkook 100420 hr: #8 in bts & bangtansonyeondan 100221 hr: #7 in bts & bangtansonyeondan 1002...

  • Icy Dreamer |PJM Fanfiction|
    2.7M 143K 71

    You look up at the scoreboard with fury in your eyes. Second place, again. Chest heaving and hands balled into fists, you look over to your left and grit your teeth. Jimin smirks at you with his perfect white teeth, hatred boiling in your blood the minute your eyes land on him, his voice smooth as silk when he speaks...

  • blur // x reader // completed
    260K 7.6K 66

    you and jimin were high school sweethearts and your relationship was perfect to say the least. well, that was until one night. *lowercase intended* started : july 6, 2016 completed : march 18, 2017

    4.3M 217K 76

    Enjoy these final moments in peace, for I have returned to have my vengeance. Shall we begin? Bts Mafia AU. Start - 1 September 2018 End - 28 January 2019 Highest ranking: #3 in Btsfanfic #1 in Btsmafia #1 in Jin #2 in Jungkook #3 in BTS #2 in BangtanSonyeondan #1 in Hoseok #5 in bts #1 in Jhope #1 in Jimin Edit:...

  • Frustrated
    187K 6.8K 25

    "Why are you always so moody? Haven't got any d*ck in a while? " Your lack of response made him grin at you, clearly amused. "Aww, Y/N is just sexually frustrated.Just say the word, and I can help you"

  • Last; ~P.J.M~ [COMPLETED]
    257K 12K 50

    Started: June 30th, 2017 Finished: July 16th, 2017 Rank(s): #924 in FanFiction- 7/17/17 #895 in FanFiction- 7/21/17 #678 in FanFiction- 8/3/17 #645 in Fanfiction- 8/1/17 This is the second book in the 'Second' series. I advise you to read the books in order, starting with 'Second' written by -jiministic. Thank you. ...

  • pistanthrophobia |
    4.5K 279 4

    (n.) fear of trusting people due to past experiences with relationships gone bad. - sequel to 'rules | j.jk' - spin-off with jimin • don't let the cover fool you

    379K 25.4K 39

    His wish granted. He is human. But will it all ever be the same? ___ Sequel to 'Fox' Completion : ✔ Revision : ✔

  • FOX || P.JM
    761K 45.4K 40

    ❝ Once upon a time, a fox loved a girl. ❞ Completion : ✔ Revision : ✔

    166K 8.5K 55

    ❝ you were like silk chains. binding, choking and killing me but i'm still trapped in loving you ❞ loving and holding on was futile but, she still writes for her clueless amnesiac boyfriend. besides, what more can she lose from a tattered and wounded heart? park jimin ff ©️GEEGUK | cc. fruitpies

  • An Offer to You || Vampire!Park Jimin x Reader
    1M 44.1K 46

    You turned to the girls still sitting at the table and gave them a tentative wave. The both of them instantly gave you a smile and they got up to walk over to you. "Hi I'm Kim Soomi," one of the girls with long black hair introduced. "Are you prepared for what you're getting into?" ---------------- You live in a worl...

  • I Loved You ✓ | rewriting
    5.8M 203K 47

    ❝ Your love for someone can make you loathe yourself ❞ "Why are you late?" I asked him. He dropped his coat on the couch and seemed tired. "I had some important works to complete, " he avoided my eyes, making it less obvious. My gaze stopped on his neck, there was a fresh hickey. I felt a strong pain in my heart as if...

  • She Was Claim By The King Of Ace ✔️ | pjm
    331K 12.5K 31

    Rank: #64 in Romance #1 in Ace "I, Park Jimin, claim you as mine" He smirk at me and look at the necklace which he had given to me. With that, I got angry and I know in my veins that I hate him from the bottom of my heart. Just because he is a billionare, doesn't mean that I am a thing. Started: February...

  • Silk Sheets | Jimin
    6.1M 198K 65

    "You bought me for a night, you don't own me." "Then why did you scream my name like I was yours?" Silk Sheets -a novel about a girl who sees herself only as worthy as the pleasure she can give someone else- NOT A Y/N STORY NOT A SHIPPING STORY NOT TO BE CREEPY TOWARDS BTS ITS FACE CLAIMS p.j.m. Sugar Daddy a.u. by...

    Completed   Mature
  • Recovery | pjm. ( Cancelled )
    118K 4.5K 16

    SEQUEL TO PLAYBOY Story died, 2/28/19 :( ❝Everything is repeating, and I never wanted that❞ After a few years, Y/N and Jimin are living happily and better than ever, but when Sana returns angrier than before, seeking her revenge against Y/N, it seems like she's reliving high school all over again. HR; [ #10 in Jimi...

  • Porn | Park Jimin ✓
    773K 28.1K 36

    In which he falls in love with a pornstar. Warning: the sex industry is dangerous! Warning: people are scary! Started: 04/30/2018 Ended: 06/11/2018 Edited: 06/14/2018

    Completed   Mature
  • Mad Love | Park Jimin ✓
    3.7M 159K 83

    highest rank: #37 • psychopath park jimin au • He leans forward, covering his mouth and whisper, "Only I can look at my babygirl, like that." He quickly steps back, straightening his body, the smile never leaving his plump lips. "Oh! Shut up!" I groan, turning away from him but I couldn't walk a step further as He hol...