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  • Tell Me a Lie (Ironstrange) Volume I
    14.5K 523 10

    Highschool AU - Tony has an abusive father he hates who would kill Tony if he found out Tony was gay. Stephen, an aspiring doctor happens to cross paths with Tony in high school and they spark a relationship but problems start to come which makes their life a romantic rollercoaster of love, hate, suspense and intimida...

  • According to the 1970s {Wolfstar}
    239K 15.6K 22

    According to the 1970s, everything gay is, for sure, not okay.

  • Nightingale [Lilo Paynlinson] discontinued
    131K 4.4K 65

    Or where the cold-hearted, badass Liam Payne with a terrible temper and a hate for everyone and everything develops a soft spot for the adorable and innocent freshman by the name of Louis Tomlinson. Only because the smol boy is the only thing in this world that keeps the tol man sane. I will warn you, there is a 95.5%...

  • Forgive me Father, for I have sinned || Destiel - Demon!Dean & Priest!Castiel
    641K 29.9K 37

    Castiel James Novak is a good man. Not because he was a priest and told people about the word of God and also because he lived by the Bible. He was a good man because he just was. He was kind, he was generous, he held his heart in his hands and he never turned anybody away. All Castiel wanted that night was for God to...

  • Kleptomaniac (A Johnlock Fanfiction) [2015 Wattys Award Winner]
    356K 21K 30

    John's never seen a kid like him. He has this beautiful, crazy grace - withheld behind a smug smile and wisecracks that make John frustrated in so many different kinds of ways. And his eyes; crystal clear, decisive, cleaning through the unimportant things to find the valuables in life. He may or may not have a thing f...

  • Mine {Drarry}
    468K 20.8K 34

    {Their Family book 1} Harry Potter works as Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts, but while picking Teddy up from the Primary Wizard Academy he notices a young crying child and decides to help. Draco Malfoy has had a pretty hard time trying to raise his son since his wife's death. While signing his s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Daddy °.・。•°・A Peterick AU
    160K 6.8K 24

    Pete's parents are divorced. Pete's mom starts dating Patrick. Pete starts getting fucked by Patrick. ーーーーーーーーーー Like wtf lmao Top!Patrick Bottom!Pete Warnings: A lot of sexual themes, swearing, and an eleven year age gap.

    Completed   Mature
  • abused (peterick)
    48.3K 2.8K 13

    "I'm afraid of you! is that what you wanted to hear?" peterick au. [IF YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW ARE EVER IN AN ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP, THERE IS HELP. PEOPLE CARE. CALL 1-800-799-SAFE!]

    Completed   Mature
  • feelin' good?
    13.4K 747 33

    "you feelin' good, bren?" "fucking perfect, ry" ⚣ryden⚣

    Completed   Mature
  • dyslexia : joshler
    1.5M 113K 118

    "C-can you read to me?" "Of course I can" in which josh is dyslexic and tyler is his partner in english -- ranks ❣️ ; #91 in fan fiction ❣️ (11/31/16) #68 in fan fiction ❣️ (12/3/16) #27 in fan fiction ❣️ (12/4/16) #20 in fan fiction ❣️ (12/5/16) #16 in fan fiction ❣ (12/8/16) #11 in fan fiction ❣ (12/11/16) #6 in...

  • Weeds (George Daniel/Matty Healy)
    9.7K 517 8

    He was a wide eyed, halfway living boy, who looked pretty in the winter light, but was just another dandelion in the spring. And then he fell in love. He always did. [ 80s AU / matty works in a bookstore and he's a cute lil sweater nerd / george is this outrageous infamous punk boy who thinks he doesn't have feelings...

  • The Married Man | joshler
    1.4M 70K 67

    josh is tyler's assistant. tyler is married, but he doesn't see that stopping him from getting what he wants. highest rank ✩#2 on joshler tag✩ ©agonyteen

  • Your Innocence ( Brallon )
    124K 5.9K 25

    Mr. Shapiro was always been nice to Brendon, ever since He took him in 15 years ago. Brendon's 19 now, and everything is going great, although he isn't allowed to leave the house, everything was going the way it should be. Until he looked outside the window when Mr. S wasn't home. --- This is loosely based on the Cle...

  • Three's A Crowd
    915 65 2

    One reader suggested that the Zayniam pairing needs their story told and I agree. The Larry pairing is established. This is a parallel universe. Four's Company has not happened. The babies do not exist. (YET) Story is modified. Ask any questions. Please and thank you. No stealing. No rude comments.

  • Sex Toys & Lover Boys | Rydon
    100K 3K 16

    Ryan is quite popular thanks to his line of sex toys, Cinnamon Tulips Inc. A lame, tacky name, sure, but it got him to where he wants to be. Living in the finest penthouse in New York City, his bank account practically overflowing and, the best part, an unlimited supply of sex with whoever he wants. At twenty three ye...

  • the bad guys [larry/in progess]
    156 8 1

    Task Force X is an association put together by the country's rouge government to protect Midway City from impending danger. ©️shaglinson

  • Daisies l.s. [DISCONTINUED]
    127K 4.4K 19

    With Louis' parents not wanting him anymore, Harry now has 50 thousand dollars and is stuck taking care of a 18 year old baby boy. Contains age play and BDSM [open for translations if anyone's interested just ask :) ]

    Completed   Mature
  • soft - discontinued.
    38.4K 1.7K 26

    Connor was soft and Troye couldn't get enough of him. warning: caregiver/little one relationship, smut

  • Intertwined Souls (Matty Healy/George Daniel)
    23K 1.8K 22

    George knows his relationship is falling apart - he really does, but he's not quite sure what to do about that fact. He's tried fixing it, but nothing works, and George is reaching the point where he isn't even sure if he wants to repair the damage if he's the only one putting in any effort. But he's not a cheater, an...

    Completed   Mature
  • Touch (larry stylinson)
    230K 10.7K 43

    Louis is in one of England's biggest mental institutions but nobody knows why. He's beautiful, small, has the softest voice (when he talks). He doesn't seem like he would hurt a fly. Harry Styles is a different story. He is recently brought in to a place that Louis has called him home for years now. Charged with poss...

  • Check DM
    37.8K 2.7K 34

    Tyler gets another dm, probably some old pedo looking for nudes. But instead it's a cute boy with pink hair and brown eyes Basically the one where They fall in love and have strange friends. (T/w mentions of anxiety, depression, and self harm. Also there may be smut) (There's definitely gonna be smut, who am I kiddi...

  • The Young In Our Veins (Ryden)
    71.6K 4K 20

    Ryan finds out he has a deadly STD, he tries to live the rest of his life to the fullest. When he goes out for his daily donut at the campus bakery, he meets young Brendon. A happy go lucky music major. Ryan quickly takes a liking to the boy and quickly befriends him. The more secrets the two share, the more Ryan find...

    Completed   Mature
  • Pills N Potions
    486K 20.8K 24

    ∆∆∆ "You're going to have to take these pills now." "Why do I have to take this again?" He wondered, his young mind having a hard time processing all the new information. "Because, Peter, you can get pregnant." ∆∆∆

  • Nox (The Marauders, Wolfstar, Jily)
    1.2M 46K 19

    The Marauders are starting their fifth year at Hogwarts; Remus is starting with a massive scar across his face - a byproduct of the increasing severity of his furry little problem, which is a definite cause for concern despite his insistence that it it's fine. Sirius is starting with the memories of a certain mornin...

  • The Casual Affair (Ryden/Mpreg)
    68K 3.2K 21

    The choir queer Brendon finds himself at a stupid Halloween party, at a stupid cheerleader's house, where he loses his life to a stupid pretty boy. That stupid pretty boy is Ryan Ross, the most popular guy in school. An unlikely pair for sure, but Ryan is force to commit when he does the impossible. He knocks Brendon...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tell Me I'm an Angel (Frerard)
    238K 19.1K 52

    Gerard thought that committing suicide would finally end it: no more pain, no more sorrow - nothing. The last thing he expected was to wake up in Hell, reborn as a demon under Lucifer's control. He is planning on ending himself - for good this time - when he runs into an angel named Frank. Even though it is forbidden...

    Completed   Mature
  • blurry face - phan
    2.3M 151K 46

    " my name's blurry face and I care what you think. " Dan Howell has an unknown condition where he cannot see faces - no matter what he wears or does - they are always a blur. The doctors nicknamed it 'blurry face', and there's absolutely nothing they can do about it; Dan will have to live without faces. That is, unti...

  • Dear Mr. Ghost Sir ~ Lashton Hemwin✔️
    103K 8.3K 54

    In the year 2008, a blond eighteen year old by the name Luke Hemmings died a brutal death in an old, cheap apartment. His body was found nearly a week later by his landlord when he came to collect rent. His throat had been ripped out and his chest had been stabbed multiple times. Few mourned for the teenager, as he on...

    Completed   Mature
  • Petal
    121K 7.6K 23

    Frank iero: powerful, criminal mastermind, leader of one of the biggest drug/theft organizations worldwide. 26 years old. Deadly. Gerard Way: Incredibly shy florist owner, relatively well known Artist in his community. Diagnosed with anxiety and paranoia at age 16. 20 years old. As harmful as a petal. Power, corru...