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  • The Man She Betrayed
    10M 376K 66

    Is it fair to let a mistake define a person? .......... "Miss...?" he assessed my face with his calculative eyes, waiting for me to tell him my surname. The file was in front of him but he didn't bother to look into it. He wanted to hear it from my mouth, as if he wanted me to feel the guilt reverberating through ea...

  • Am I Married?
    7.1M 274K 64

    (Revised Version) Eighteen years old, Sanaya Frances was finding ways to earn more to gather money for her college tuition fee. She got a chance to work as a house cook for Hobsons - one of the richest families in New York City. At the job interview, she found that Hobsons's second son, Ashar Hobsons was getting marr...

  • The Arrangement
    9.3M 292K 68

    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? What happens when you wake up in Vegas married? Well, you try to figure out what the hell happened then go from there. For Mikaela Nero, there is no going back. Her newly acquired husband makes her an offer she has no choice but to accept. What motives will she find al...

  • Hired Bride (COMPLETED)
    3.6M 136K 60

    *COMPLETED* Kelsey Parker is an average 23 year-old woman with financial needs. With her little brother in the hospital, her mother working as a babysitter, and her not being able to finish college, money has been pretty tight to make their ends meet. Mason King is a billionaire. He can buy anything he wants being th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love Takes Time {Completed} {#Wattys2017}
    230K 9.1K 36

    Abhimanyu (Sidharth) is a son of a business tycoon but he wants to be self made. He joins an engineering college in a remote area where nobody would know what background he comes from. He is very intelligent, handsome and focused but then how he falls in love with one of the girls( Shraddha) in his college. ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Spark of love ...It lasts forever (Now available on AMAZON KINDLE)
    811K 9.1K 24

    Only sample chapters are here on WATTPAD "Ritika, I know this is strange but my parents want me to get married to you.They think we would make a great couple.You know me well . I'm leaving it to you to decide. " His...

  • Arranged to Love
    1.9M 64.8K 24

    Vera Laurenti was a eighteen year old girl who had just graduated from High School. She never had a normal childhood. She grew up without her parents who didn't want her. She was an outsider of the family. Her grandparents raised her with much love since she was born. She felt forever thankful for them. On her graduat...

  • Billionaire indian love (avaible on dreame)
    266K 2.9K 10

    A turkish billionaire who is arrogant heartless ruthless rude and does not care type of guy. For him love does not exist.its full of is just waste of time for him.but what.happens when a indian girl works for him and makes him realise that love does exist. 'Listen aarti stay away from him otherwise you will...