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  • Fairy Tail: Detention
    22.8K 924 29

    That one place is were it all started.How can that one place bring togehter: A mean girl. An emo rocker chic. An athlete. A player. A delinquent. A perfect student. A hipster. And an artist with an attitude. This can only spell disaster or will it uncover something new with these eight trouble makers. Dedicated to @ME...

  • The Youtubers That Live Upstairs
    69.7K 2.5K 20

    [ Nalu, Gale, Gruvia, Jerza, Miraxus, and Stingyu/Stiyu ] Six normal teens living normal lives as juniors. That is, until six famous youtubers move into the apartment just above them; and these certain girls have certain crushes on these six. "Why are you so damn go-" "Gorgeous?" I growled. "Good at this!" [ Side Shi...

  • My Brother's Best Friend
    1.2M 18.8K 27

    Amber can't stand Harry. She has to put up with him though, because he is her brother's best friend. She says she hates him, but that all changes after the accident.

  • Fairy Tail Lemons (Nalu, Gale, Jerza, Gruvia)
    101K 1K 4

    one night can really make a difference (warning lemon you have been warned)

    Completed   Mature
  • Days of Detention
    104K 3.5K 19

    Eight completely different students all get in trouble from eight completely different reasons. How will these eight meeting each other turn out? You'll just have to find out in your days of detention.

  • Fairy High (A NaLu, GaLe, Jerza, and Gruvia Fanfiction)
    3.4K 51 6

    Discontinued. Soz.

  • Stuck With You ( A JeRza FanFic )
    1.8K 75 6

    What happens when a woman who doesn't believe in love meets a man whose afraid to fall in love? Will being stuck with each other change their perspective in love? I do not own the characters of fairytail, but I do own the story and my OCs. Thanks so much for reading.

  • Sound of Music(nalu, gruvia, jerza,galevy)
    49.6K 1.7K 27

    Spin off of CBS but they are all living the lives of successful celebrities!! Find out what happens! I don't own Fairy tail... Note: there will be music and someone singing in every chapter. (I don't not own the music used in these chapters)

  • ✒ʜiƚƚin' ƚʜɘ booʞƨ✒(2nd book of vamps)
    44.6K 2.1K 23

    Sequel to Runaway Royalty. I do not own Fairy Tail.

    Completed   Mature
  • Shoot and Run || Gruvia, Jerza and Gale, minor Nalu || Wattys 2017
    17.1K 689 16

    "Commander I expect this team to be of the highest standards, I don't care about ages, genders or any of that shit, all that matters is that you get the best possible team to take on this case" The old bearded man barked roughly at dark haired man sitting in front of him. "Understood chief Makarov, and please don't wo...

  • I'm With You [A Jerza Fanfic]
    49.5K 1.4K 28

    Scarlet and Fernandes meeting in an orpahange. Go to schools tegether. Erza gets adopted. She still hopes to see Jellal again. In the age of 16, her parents force her to do something that is against her will. She decides to run away. She soon realizes that she is alone again, like before she went to the orphanage, bef...

  • Fairy Tail Beach [Nalu, Jerza, Gale, Gruvia Fanfic]
    3.8M 106K 58

    After the Grand Magic Games, the guild heads back to Fairy Tail as number one! But to their surprise, Master Makarov has a special present for his wizards. A trip to a beach resort! The entire guild is pumped for the trip, especially a few mages. As well as a certain white haired matchmaker. Will love find it's way d...

  • Claimed~ Unprepared Sequel
    19.3K 385 6

    Freed. Broken. Run. Find. Stay. Take. Never. Let. Go. ⚠WARNING LEMONS AND FOUL LANGUAGE⚠ Disclaimer~ I do not own any characters from fairytail, I just simply own the plot line~

  • Myths (NaLu GrUvia JeRza & Gale Fanfiction) UNDER EDIT
    84.5K 2.6K 29

    |UNDER EDITING| All over Magnolia, a few rumors have been on the peoples minds. Ever since multiple people have claimed to see beautiful woman during certain times, a lot of people have tried to find out if the rumors were true. What are the rumors? Well... during the rain you can find a beautiful blue haired woman wa...

  • Player -nalu story- COMPLETED ✅
    177K 3.1K 11

    Lucy hartfillia is the new girl at school. On her first day she bumps in to the school player Natsu Dragneel. He tries to flirt with her but Lucy plays "hard to get" Natsu finds out as the days go past that that harder he tries to get "down and dirty" the more he starts to fall in love with her. What will Natsu do now...

  • Club Delirious! ❮The 4 Ships❯
    57.9K 2.7K 19

    Would you join a truth or dare club? Truth or dare is fun and all. But can it be tooken to far? Read about Levy and her truth or dare club and the Pervy boys who joined lol. Leading ship: GaLe Followed by: NaLu, GruVia, MiraXus and JerZa. Side ships: LyRedy, Rowen, (Kagura x Rouge) and StingYu. This book is an AU.

  • Finding Forgiveness {Jerza}
    107K 4.2K 62

    Romance/Adventure Story When Jellal and Erza decide to team up on a dangerous case together, they didn't realize how deeply they felt towards one another. This was going to be more than just any job for Erza as Jellal admits his true feelings towards her. She'll have to prove not only her physical strength, but also...