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  • Expressed.
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    #1 in expressed - 6th March, 2020 (approx.) #1 in rhymingpoems - 2nd April, 2020 (approx) #1 in stains 8th May, 2020 (approx) #1 in originalpoems till date. Hey, pretty stranger! You have come here to find a bunch of sadistically relatable original rhyming poems. Whatever you're gonna read will be more expressive tha...

  • Broken Wings
    7.2K 843 104

    tie strings to your weak body/and let the birds carry you/wherever they want/in this world/and then/only then/will you learn to fly/with broken wings/and a mended soul/ #1 in poetry! 3/3/20

  • The World as We Know It
    112 23 10

    A story of a young girl trying to find her way in a world so ruined.

  • Trying
    638 122 15


  • The Road
    31 4 3

    A poetry book about recovery. A guide for mental health. Coming back from 4 suicide attempts, this is the guide to help recover.

  • dear nobody
    1.4K 106 12

    heres to the things we will all never say, or are too embarrassed to

  • Poetic Life
    2.6K 640 28

    ~My Mind thoughts illustrated poetically. ~This book contains You and Me ~It is based on experiences we pass through. ~Rhymes included ~ Enjoy reading #2 Winner of The Amoré Awards [Poetry] 💜

  • Silhouette Of Stars
    2.2K 623 89

    She took the stars right out of the sky and placed them on her tongue/Her eyes glow like the lonely moon as she chokes on a universe of words/Her smile is like shifting constellations, it means so much more than what it looks like/Trust me/

  • feels
    1.8K 400 30

    Welcome to the museum of poems about my very own feelings and emotions. (BOOK COMPLETED)

  • something of a melody
    1.9K 162 34

    a versatile poetic compilation of love, heartbreak and recovery. raw emotion flows through the pages with real inspiration behind each entry.

  • Soulscapes
    330 79 9

    Sometimes sanity can be found in the ramblings of a mad man... Other times you will find only madness here.

  • In the midst of the happiest lies Sadness
    170 50 11

    In the happiest of moments do you experience true sorrow