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  • The Boy From The Toy Shop
    8.9K 124 33

    Ryden- Brendon's dad owns a toy shop and obviously he has to work there his job is terrible until one day a breathtaking boy walks in looking for the perfect gift for his niece,they instantly spark when their eyes met. WARNING! DO NOT READ IF YOU DON'T LIKE SMUT AND BOYxBOY. Daddy Kink involved (of course) and BTS in...

  • 11:11 (Ryden)
    138K 9.5K 36

    [disclaimer asked for by @blurry011 this is sad at some points, but it'll be fine once they start eating pancakes] beebo: 11:11 make a wish! beebo: what'd you wish for? ryro: for you backspace backspace ryro: for me to pass that god awful chemistry test tomorrow ugh

  • S P A C E // RYDEN
    91.1K 3.6K 14

    "I wish I could see space in everyone's eyes." Ryan loves space. Ryan loves the sun, moon, galaxy and everything that has to do with night. He's different, maybe that's why Brendon likes him because he sees the world through different eyes.

  • Here and Now // Ryden
    179K 6.2K 26

    "Show them all your not the ordinary type..." He whispered into my ear, still trapping me against the wall. A smirk was played onto his lips as chills were sent down my spine. I knew what he wanted. He wasn't going to get it easily. "Let's kill it." I said, feeling a change of energy inside of me. He pulled away from...

  • Let's Kill Tonight (Ryden)
    132K 6K 26

    Ryan's life seemed like a routine. It was the same thing everyday. Until the new kid shows up, that is. That's when everything changes

  • The Impossible is Possible (Ryden)
    166K 7K 30

    Title: The Impossible Is Possible [1/30] Author: peopleexisting on LJ (ALL CREDITS TO THIS STORY GO TO THIS AUTHOR!) Rating: R/NC-17 (overall) Pairing: Ryden, some Joncer. POV: Third, Brendon’s. Summary: AU. Brendon switches high schools to get away from the pressures of bullying, but he finds that his new school...

    Completed   Mature