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  • Sol Star (Part I)
    53 12 4

    The story is about a pair of twins named Apollo and Ares, along with their sister Athena who must embark on a dangerous quest to find six fragments of the Sol Star and use it to harness the power of the Sun to defeat the mysterious Genoci and his band of menacing space pirates before they arrive on the planet one year...

  • Everlong
    15.4K 1.1K 77

    For as long as she could remember, Liruliniel had one goal, one hope, one thing she wanted to aspire to be and do: she wanted to be a royal guard, like her father. Only, to get to that, a few trials and problems lay in her path. War, battles so terrible that the loses don't outweigh the success of wining. Love, failin...

  • The Ancient Crystal
    98 18 6

    In a matter of seconds, the capitol of the country named Cethel is wiped off the map using a massive spell that set the area ablaze. Thousands are reported to be dead after the incident, leaving the land leaderless and vulnerable for other regions to claim. As the danger of silencing survivors rises, people are force...

  • Katharsis | VOLUME 2
    15 4 1

    Absyn was able to take down one of the Yomzai, breakkng out of his middle-class status. But the girl he's saved has disappeared... and he knows exactly where to. Now he has two choices: forget about her, or go back to the place that deeply wounded him-and rip his scars open all over again. Coming soon.

  • Light of the Dragon's Eye
    64.9K 2.9K 65

    (Highest ranks: #2 yonaofthedawn, #9 dragon, #3 akira) Meet Akira. Most powerful warrior in all of Hikari, known as the Tiger Lily of Hinode Castle, and personal bodyguard to Prince Kai. She really hates that last part. Akira is a living mystery. She comes from nowhere, with no destination, no family, and plenty of at...

  • The Blood of the Covenant
    8 1 1

    Crowned Prince Damian and Kipp of Hallengard were raised as brothers since childhood. It wasn't often when they weren't by each other's side, either in lessons or tumbling through the training field. But as they grew older, it was apparent how different they truly were. Damian was rash where Kipp was level-headed. Bra...

  • Zorgiruth : Guardians of Earth
    235 5 15

    Peace ? Love ? Harmony ..... happiness for eternity ? Or Destruction .... Misery and Corruption ... Could there be no happy endings ? Life isn't so tender and pure as it seems ... at least sometimes life could be so magical and enchanted just like Zorgiruth , a land of all wonders stranded in space in the form of a pl...

  • Green World: The Quest Of The Azure Dragon
    1.7K 433 16

    Green World Project |1| The Green World is a virtual world created as an online game. But, on the contrary, it's the world in other dimensions where dragons and magic exist. It's a virtual reality role-playing game, a fantasy-based community where the player can level up by slaying the monster, completing the quest...

  • Mao's Art + Rant
    311 65 11

    It my art book!! Lol i love drawing and i hope you guys like it too (ɔˆ ³(ˆ⌣ˆc) Mostly contains Dr Stone fanart i like it? Lmao~ ((((((/'⊙З⊙)/KI-KI-KISS ATTACK!!❤❤❤

    1.7K 395 61

    ONGOING! Horu Sakaki. A dead-ordinary high-school student's life takes a turn for the worst when a malicious woman appears out of nowhere. She reveals that he's been sealed in a parallel universe where the concept of magic has been erased. Having been brought to reality, Horu faces a ton of challenges. He unravels the...

  • The Blood Obelisk | #ONC2020
    1.2K 195 9

    "Some heroes have to rise from blood." Burying grief in blood and magic might not be the healthiest option, but it's the only one Master Mage Sedgewick Alverdyne can bear. When his bloodlust draws the concern of his king, however, Sedgewick is shipped off the war's front lines and sent to spy on Abreyla's enemy kingdo...

  • Our First Meet
    5K 87 11

    Are You always heard about cliche Romance story?. Well this is different from the other. There will be more Adventure and romance in the plot. A girl with wavy hair and the colour of her hair white combined with blue.She‵s very talented and excellent in making medicine. The day where Alma Toran fallen.She need to fin...

  • Obligatory Art Book
    40 2 4

    Everyone on Wattpad seems to make an art book so i am as well. =====CREDITS===== Darxiikoth (obviously) All Rights Reserved.

  • Roy Mustang's sister
    56 6 3

    I do not have description and im sorry for my bad english Alsoooo this will might be pg 14 (cause it might have blood and THINGS) i dunno yet im writting in the middle of the night and I'm tired xD lol Ok have a nice day or night I dunnooo 😽

  • Mapping fantias
    267 47 3

    A draft of my map Genion (for my main book).

  • I became a soul reaper
    16 1 2

    I was at school until a hallow attack us I became a sul reaper like ichigo

  • Entwined Destiny
    1.4K 304 21

    "Never would I have thought that life would be more complicated, reliving it for a second time!" Forced to correct a problem that she did not cause, she has to travel back in time to correct history. Truly, making your true love fall in love with you all over again, how hard could that be? Just how many tries will it...

  • World Leap
    16 3 3

    This story follows Y/N as she travels between a new magical world and her drab and lonely life in her world

  • Fullmetal Alchemist RP
    4K 55 7

    Fullmetal Alchemist is my favorite anime and I thought of making a roleplay of it. This can be 2003 fullmetal alchemist or brotherhood

  • Bitter Cold Truth: A Tale of the Everburning City
    16.1K 2.4K 54

    There is no night in the Everburning City. There can never be. Fourteen people lie dead on the platform of Billows Station, killed by fire and rage. And as the perpetrator hides within the millions of people who inhabit the City, the task of finding this murder falls to Inspector Samuel B Fraser. Aided by a grateful...

  • The Military's Weapon: Elite
    40 3 14

    A year has passed since Ushio and the others have departed. Now that they have returned to HQ, it's time for them to take on the Elite Successor's Tournament. Since they now know the intentions of Commander Sato, they put everything on the line to gain the strength to take him on.

  • Choice Series 1 : The Lavablood's Choice
    4.5K 62 12

    The prince of Lavablood kingdom, never knows other truth, besides whatever his world teach him. Believe that the only truth is his own, he took pride in his belief, belittle, even demolishing other beliefs is what he consider 'mercy'. When he faced with a reality he didn't even imagine, what will he choose? What...

  • The Legends of Valeron: Into the Unknown
    54 6 4

    Kaylenn Illusarion, royal historian for the Kingdom of Valeron, has just made the discovery of his lifetime. After pouring over dozens of ancient tomes and records, he's found evidence that he believes could lead him to the long-lost Library of Zophira, Goddess of Knowledge. The only problem? The King of Valeron will...

  • The Black Knight in Fódlan ( Fire Emblem three houses Fanfiction)
    2.7K 34 2

    For Years the black knight was told in the story and how it fear everyone who dare to fight him. That legend becomes true as people came across a man with black armor. People didn't know who he is and where he came from. The Black knight was then named Y/n L/n and his ancestor is Zelgius the man who become the black k...

  • Rabbit Princess [Gaara] [1]
    85.6K 3.6K 73

    Throughout her short life, Otsutsuki Tsukiko had been mostly kept away from others, or others had mostly kept away from her. She had always believed that she was born at the wrong time, and that everyone has a second voice in their head. Truthfully, Tsukiko considered herself to be the last of the Otsutsuki Clan to re...

  • Never Died
    3.9K 461 84

    Cover by @StormRidden (Completed, but will be doing minor edits soon) Mazelina was happily married to the village black smith. They lived a normal life together, read poetry, and took romantic strolls. Everything changed when Ashton was summoned to work for the vampire, King Darius of Haven. Upon his return, the kni...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Price of Love | Tsukasa x Reader
    15.1K 405 8

    The whole group is wary of Tsukasa how can you trust someone so strong? what are his real intentions? He saved your life and as a result stolen your heart but will the price of loving him cost all your friendships? Just a short lovey dovey fanfiction with Tsukasa cus I luv him uwu

  • The Vice President of the Science Club (Senku Ishigami x Reader) Dr. Stone
    70.1K 1.7K 26

    It's a Dr Stone x reader Plot; You are the vise president of the science club, who was appointed by the principal himself because of your amazing score in your entrance exam especially in the science. You and Senku would always get full mark, But both of you are totally different, You prefer to form lots of new theor...

  • Sketches & Colors
    5.4K 1K 34

    Random Sketches From my imagination. From my fantasy world. From my past. From my heart. Not a Pro. I just love to draw.

  • Blood Sword
    102 17 5

    Blood...Bang, Sweat...Bang, Birth...Bang, Life...Bang, Death...Bang...The Dark Smith raises his hammer and hits the Anvil again and again and again. His hands darkened and calloused, his hair soaked with sweat, and his face darkened by coal. His screams and tears unheard The Dark Smith hit and hits and hits the Anvil...