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  • Therapist || Lams Modern AU ✔️ [Completed]
    148K 5.8K 58

    Alexander Hamilton has fallen into depression, still traumatized by his past. His closest friend, Eliza, decides he should see a therapist. He hesitantly agrees but sees no purpose. Little did he know, this 'meaningless' session was the main factor for a life-changing experience. ~WARNINGS~ -Self-harm -Eating disorder...

    Completed   Mature
  • REWRITING Sweet Tea (Lams)
    4.7K 166 8

    REWRITING ON ANOTHER ACCOUNT! TAG TO THE ACCOUNT IS IN THE LAST CHAPTER! Alexander needs a way to pay for college. John wants someone to spoil. A recommendation to a sugar daddy site can give both of them what they need. !! Trigger Warnings !! Graphic descriptions of violence Smut (It's a sugar daddy fic what do you...

  • Their Differences || Lams College AU
    64.1K 3.4K 63

    Two college students with the same goal: to graduate. Sounds normal? John Laurens, one of the most popular students at King's College. Everyone identifies him as 'the guy who sleeps with a different girl every night.' Some people claim that he sounds and looks homosexual, but it's always been objected by Laurens hims...