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  • Wicked, Wild, Wonderful
    127K 5.7K 39

    Naomi Morgan, the only black dancer at her ballet school, sacrifices everything to pursue her dream until she joins the Guise and realizes what she's missing. ***** Naomi Morgan is the only black dancer at the Riverside Dance Academy, but the sting...

  • Shift
    418K 30.2K 64

    A Wattpad Featured Story! Kayden Lee is a girl from New Jersey with newly divorced parents, absent friends, and an annoyingly perfect cousin staying with her for an entire summer. Blaze Merg is a wizard... but not a particularly good one. He's still surprised that he managed to graduate from school, and finding a job...

  • Magic Senegalese [Wen Spencer's Elfhome]
    701 57 14

    When Naomi, a dancer living in New York, witnesses a murder, she knows she has to disappear before the murderer finds and silences her. And the best place she could go to hide from a ruthless killer is... another planet: Elfhome, the planet of the elves. Unfortunately, trouble follows her there. The story is fan fict...

  • Worn Skin
    51.1K 1.7K 40

    Nick is a suicidal alcoholic raising the daughter of a man he killed. But when she's lost to a mystical, tattooed, pain-fueled cult, he has to get her back. ***** Tattoos are more than just markings; those who know what to look for can see a secret...

  • Apartment 239
    399K 17.7K 47

    Abe Barrett is surrounded by ghosts - some of them are even his roommates! But now Abe's visions show something dark coming, and it wants Abe dead. ***** When Abe Barrett's parents died, he started seeing ghosts. Soon he was living with three of th...