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  • Martyr's LOVE [Completed with Special Chapter]
    1.7M 20.7K 78

    "Lahat gagawin ko makuha ko lang ang gusto ko." - Steph "Lahat gagawin ko, maiwasan ko lang ang stalker ko." - Steve

  • LOVE 101 (Introduction to Love)
    879 22 9

    Love? It's the most beautiful thing that can ever happen in our lives, a dream come true. Love, at the same time, can be the most painful highlight of our lives.

  • [A.H.K.R.M] Ang Hearthrob kong Room mate (ONGOING)
    421K 10.1K 87

    Pano Kung Ang Magiging Ka Room Mate mo sa isang Art School ay ang Pinaka Gwapong nilalang sa Mundo? Pero,Natuklasan mong isa syang Cold person at manyak. Makakasurvive ka pa ba sa Dorm nyo? xDD Maiinlove ka kaya Sakanya? O Sya ang Maiinlove sayo? ENJOY READING!! ^^ @GangsterNoonaOfYours@ All Rights Reserved.

  • Audrey and Chase (COMPLETED)
    3.3M 45.5K 61

    Audriana Celine have this perfect, at the same time, not-so-perfect boyfriend named, Xavier Chase. They have this perfect, at the same time, not-so-perfect relationship that everyone is envious of. And this is their perfect, at the same time, not-so-perfect story.

  • I am Loveless ♥
    198K 4.5K 52

    “Darating naman yung para sa'yo e.. Ang kailangan mo lang gawin ay maghintay.”

  • Hired Girlfriend
    11.9K 326 14

    Hired Girlfriend is all about a girl named Mayu Forteza who became the girlfriend of her ultimate crush, Yohan Esguerra. But she was just pretending to be his. The truth is they we're just acting to get Yohan's ex-girlfriend Kyla back to him. Can she manage to be the best actress on supporting Yohan's plan? When all t...

  • [Initially ON-HOLD]
    1.5K 62 9

    Jal was forced to marry a guy just to save their company. Will she find a man that will marry her even if she's Loud, Sadist and Clumsy? Let's see how Zach fell inlove with Jal and it's started with their Initials :)

  • Royal Eastern University [Book 1]
    160K 3.2K 44

    The school you'll be dreaming of. (COMPLETED: MAY 03, 2014)

  • Dont Mess With The MONSTER! (Weekly Updated)
    10K 310 26

    "I hate him. He only cares for her. He is a Monster. But im unlucky to be with him always. I made this list 10 ways how to not mess with the Monster." Si Aria ay isang 16 years old na magkokolehiyo ay nag-aasam ng memorable na College Life kasama ang kaniyang pinsan. Ngunit makikilala niya ang lalaking magpapahi...

  • 13 Steps to Hell
    9.3K 244 17

    He's a player. He is as hot as a Hell. He is a bad guy and being with him is a Hell. But I'd rather choose to be in Hell with him than in a paradise without him. Even if he don't like me that much. I will have these steps just to be with him. THE 13 STEPS TO HELL.! ~ Shelbie Nicole Hernandez

  • When a Gangster Meets A KPOP Fangirl [REVISE]
    255K 4K 36


  • My Cold Boyfriend
    244K 5.4K 47

    Raizel Yoon had the perfect life. She had a perfect family, supportive friends, and wealth. She had everything except for one thing. A loving boyfriend. Yes, she had Cleo Martinez. The perfect guy. She had him as her "soon-to-be-husband". But he treats her like crap. Because he doesn't love her. She was the reason Cl...

  • Take Care My Kimchi :) [COMPLETED]
    14.7K 213 45

    Take Care My Kimchi (Jalgayo Nae Kimchi) is the story of a last-teenage girl who steps out of the scene to find her true love. In this story, I refer the kimchi as a smile, I just got this idea in the K-drama "Kimchi, Smile!" In Korea, when they say kimchi besides of being kimchi as a food, it also means SMILE.  I ma...

  • Reaching Kline Parker (HIATUS)
    11K 254 6

    Until when will she love him? May mga bagay talaga na kahit nasasaktan ka na, hinding-hindii mo pa rin kayang bitawan. Kayang-kaya mo pa ring saktan yung sarili mo dahil nagmamahal ka. Iniisip mo siya dahil siya ang mahalaga para sayo but when is yourself's turn? Can she manage to live in a life wherein she's the one...

  • It Changed Her
    9.2K 355 61

    Masaya naman ang buhay ko kung hindi kayo dumating. Kung hindi ka dumating. Sana nga hindi na lang ako nagmahal, para walang nangyari na ganito. Sana nga hindi na lang ako nagmahal para hindi ako masaktan. Kung pwede ko lang ibago lahat... kung pwede lang. Characters: Park Jiyeon - Stephanie Hernandez = bida ; Park H...

  • My Husband is A Pervert?!
    562K 6.1K 43

    Love has its perfect timing.

  • When It All Falls Down
    79.5K 2.1K 50

    "One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is love." Sorry, NO SOFT COPIES!

  • The Throne of Glory
    45.6K 739 24

    A crown, a tiara and a coronet. All three fighting for their blood. All three waiting for their sufferings to be paid. Guns, bombs, money and blood.. everything gambled for a single throne.

    7.6K 175 7


  • Rule Breakers : Royalty Clash ☠
    120K 3K 44

    All of the people respect them. They are feared and known as the QUEENS. But what if their parents decided to sent them abroad as a punishment? Not good, right? And worst they've met a group of jerks who has the same character as them. What do you think will happen? Would it cause TROUBLE? Or they'll unexpectedly end...

  • Princess Academy VS Gangster Public High (on-hold)
    52.8K 1K 12

    Princess Academy is a school for rich beautiful girls who passed the requirements and the princess student council's judgement. But one day, exchange students came from Gangster Public High dahil na rin sa pagkawasak ng school na iyon. What will happen then if the Princess Student Council clashes with the GPH discipli...

  • Will Kurt Winchester Stay? ✓
    16.6M 229K 71

    Ang mapaglarong tadhana ay pina-tagpo ang dalawang taong magkaiba. Pero sila'y pinag-hiwalay, parehas silang nasktan pero muli silang pinag-tagpo ng tadhana sa kakaiba at hindi mo inaasahang paraan. Pero ngayon nagkatagpo na muli ang puso at buhay nila, paghihiwalayain ba sila? The story of Anica Salcedo and Kurt Winc...

  • Hater Meets the Ultimate Fangirl [HIATUS]
    6.7K 263 15

    [Slow Updates] I'm a K-pop Fan. He hates K-pop and its fans. He hates me and I hate him. Is there any chance na may mamuong pag-iibigan? Maybe yes, maybe no. God only knows, malay mo isang araw magising na lang kami na in love sa isa't-isa. Pero teka posible nga kaya?

  • Million Reasons Why
    331K 4.2K 69

    Paano kung mainlove ka sa taong alam mong malabong-malabong mahalin ka? Paano kung pinaglalapit nga kayo ng tadhana pero siya na mismong gumagawa ng space palayo sayo.. Ako si Psyche Gianne Dela Cruz and this is my story of Unrequited Love.. Mahal ko siya Period. wala ng kadugtong na mahal niya ko.. Ang makilala siya...

  • My Playmate is a Devil! (ORIGINAL)
    58.4K 1.1K 40

    Sometimes the perfect person for us is that whom we least expected to be. And who knew that this person will change my life.. FOREVER!

  • Aren't Yours ( Completed )
    255K 4.8K 84

    [ Formely: Back Off Inday is Mine ] Isha Nice Denise Abigail Yna Ford. The one who gets everything under her control, but not her engagement with some jerk in his calvin klein brief. She will do everything at any cost to put him underneath. But the God might heard all the prayers of her enemies and well, karma's a b...

  • [HIATUS] Bloody Heiress
    714K 13.7K 23

    (On-going//Tagalog-English) Genre: Action/ Romance/ Adventure/ Gangster Once named 'The Legendary Gangster Heiress' 'Queen Blood' a person feared by all and idolized by many. A person that's said to be cruel, well that's a bit true. Considered legendary by all known fighters. She's cold, mean, snobbish, emotionless...