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  • Keep on trying but...for what?
    86.9K 2.4K 20

    It's gonna be a lot of klangst so yeah... And this is my first ever fanfic and the art is not mine. I'm always open for ideas and feedback. Bye.

  • Rough Mission |Klance|
    70.6K 3.4K 21

    Keith wakes to find that everything is not as it seems. Everything is quiet, the team is more distant and Keith finds himself struggling with his own problems. But as Keith finds out that Lance is missing and leaving very little information on where he is, Team Voltron is about to enter it's hardest time as they race...

  • He Might Be Gay If... (Klance AU)
    110K 4.6K 13

    Lance McClain and Keith Kogane are cast as love interests in one of the first ever gay rom-coms. Their relationship off-camera begins to parallel their relationship on-camera as the two start to regularly become intimate. However, despite the regular hookups, Lance cannot accept the fact that he has feelings for anoth...

  • Only The Sea >>KLANCE/LANGST
    14.6K 670 12

    memories float onwards, taken for granted. Small things are missed, like the sentence in a novel that changed the story. Responsibility without relief tugs at him, and he is tired, so tired of this. A house isn't always a home, and the castle can also be a cage. Lonely is his mind, which cries out in pain as it's chai...

  • Broken (klance)
    70.4K 2.3K 12

    langsty Klance

  • Glassy skies (discontinued)
    45.4K 1.9K 23

    Lance was always the goofy , cheerful one of the team. Always making people laugh. At least that's what he thought. After a while he noticed, no one really laughed at his jokes. No one really paid attention. Do they really need him? Does anyone actually like him? Lance and Keith get closer as they put their difference...

  • Therapy - Langst
    7K 386 2

    Based off of the song "Therapy" by All Time Low // do not own cover art //

  • Help~ (Klance) //OLD//
    229K 10.2K 24

    ~Completed, 2017~> ~Ranked #2 Gaysinspace~ ❗️Warning❗️ Contains Cutting and depression. Do not read if you are easily sad,depressed, or anything like that. ~~~~ Cutting. Lance had heard of it before. It had crossed his mind a lot, while his father brutally beat him up, and his mother spent time away, saying it's for...