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    Looking for a decent platform to put forth your perspectives, experiences and get recognition! Welcome! Get interviewed by our professional interviewers and answer authentic questions. Dive in for more info... ------------------------------------ Cover pic credit:- @vizag_forever

  • Abhaya Bhairavi #Wattys2020
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    🥇 First place in The Casia Flair Awards 2020. 🥇 First place in The Rare Awards 2020. 🥈 Second place in The Thriller Awards 2020. 🥉 Third place in The Aspirants Awards 2020. 🥉 Third place in The Trickster Awards 2020. 🥉 Third place in The Lunar Awards 2020. 🥉 Third place in The Upcoming Writers' Awards 2020. Aft...

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    Isolated in the back woods of Cooktown in Northern Australia, Fin no longer attends school. She can barely read. Everything she knows comes from the television. Long days are spent hiding in the dim shadows of a booth at the back of the pub, where her alcoholic father, drowns his sorrow. Cody Compton is a stranger h...

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  • Pride and Percabeth
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    Fiesty Annabeth Chase is thrilled when she is invited to the Duke of Olympus's house party. While her best friend Piper begins a romance with Lord Jason Grace, the Duke's son and heir, Annabeth crosses paths with Lieutenant Perseus Jackson, a dashing but aloof naval officer who she feels an irresistible attraction...

  • The Owl Princess
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    Based on The Swan Princess/Swan Lake Princess Annabeth of Athens has been betrothed to Prince Percy of Crete practically since she was born. The two spent their childhoods butting heads but after a period of separation, they reunite and discover that they've been in love the entire time. Their wedding plans are interr...

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  • The Outrageous Cottage - Behind the woods
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    The story revolves around five girls who stays in a haunted cottage and the struggles they are facing. Will all be saved or will all die?