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  • Stydia Imagines
    2.9K 89 4

    A collection of Stydia imagines I've posted on tumblr.

  • A love for the ages
    1.1K 78 3

    “Save me and I will save you.” - Petronius Arbiter

  • Birthday drabbles
    19.9K 576 22

    A series of drabbles for some of my followers' birthdays. Mostly Stydia but ships can vary depending on request. Ship, rating and summary are in each chapter.

  • As fate would have it
    4.4K 200 4

    Lydia and Stiles have been sharing an apartment for two years when Lydia is invited to her cousin Jade's wedding. (Not so) Accidentally, Jade is told that Lydia will be taking her boyfriend as a plus one, but truth is Lydia is actually single. The duty of having to pretend he's dating Lydia falls, of course, on Stiles...

  • Not a Valentine's date
    24.1K 1.2K 19

    Malia breaks up with Stiles a few weeks before Valentine's Day and Stiles turns to Lydia for comfort. As they grow closer, he calls her out on her feelings. = As of January 2019, this story is ON HOLD, and so it will be picked up once some of the on-going stories are finished. =

  • Stydia - One-shots
    91.7K 2.3K 24

    A compilation of all my Stydia one-shots

  • Know Better - A Stydia AU
    58.6K 2.1K 18

    Lydia is a single mom and has to move miles away to escape her abusive ex-husband. In a new city, her life changes completely when she meets Stiles, a single, funny, hardworking and very, very handsome, but also very tortured man. Stydia AU. No supernatural elements involved.