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  • Roy x Reader|| Standards
    1.3K 61 1

    His eyes trailed up, tracing the curvature of your legs. Silky stockings reaching under your skirt, hiding their lace edges. Your skirt was riding delicately up your thigh, leaving Roy to openly drool.

  • Electric Alchemist (Roy Mustang x OC)
    2.6K 91 3

    Cassie (Electra) is a state alchemist with a strange element. Electricity. She is transferred to assist Colonel Roy Mustang, whom she grew up with. As happy as they are to see one another, it is short lived as dark secrets reveal themselves.

  • full metal alchemist roy mustang x reader
    9K 151 12

    So you always dreamed of being a police girl And then you become one So what happens when you fall for a hot police man Named roy mustang And a girl named jamie does as well? (Jamie's story comes first) Do you have to compete for his love??? ((Lemons/smut is available in this story))

  • Cold Winter
    19.9K 389 14

    edwardxwinry please comment and rate!

    Completed   Mature
  • Fullmetal Vampire
    31.2K 1.1K 26

    ~Rewrite and edit of this story is called Misery Looms.~ Mysterious murders had plagued Central for a couple of weeks and the military doesn't know who was killing people or how. Roy assigned Ed to investigate into the murders, but while doing so Ed gets badly injured. Now, forced to live with Roy, will Ed find out wh...

  • The obsessed colonel
    1K 28 1

    Mustang confesses his love for Edward in a bit of a forceful way and gets rejected...fine then if he can't have him then no one will. RoyEd oneshot!

  • For Your Entertainment (Royed)
    6.8K 308 24

    Modern Day AU: Edward isn't your typical 21 year old. He's young, good looking, but inexperienced at life. His brother goes to College, while his roommate Winry works at a coffee shop with her girlfriend Riza Hawkeye. This leaves him without anything to do since they just ask him to take care of the house, he feels lo...

  • Edward and Winry After Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
    72.3K 1.6K 23

    I do not own Fullmetal Alchemist. This just my idea of what could or might happpen. Edward and Winry seem to be getting alot closer. Roy and Riza may start to show how they really feel for eachother. Al messes with Ed about winry as normal. will they end up together or not.

  • Sex For Homework (Edvy + eventual Royed)
    18.2K 867 51

    School AU Edward is struggling to keep his grades up in school, but only because he has Envy and Ling Yao as friends so they keep him constantly distracted from his school work. But all that changes when Roy, his teacher is tired of it and decides to whip him into shape and get him back on track by deciding on tutorin...

  • Lying To Protect You (RoyEd)
    56K 2K 17

    Lately in Central Command, no one has been safe. An alchemist has been running around, targeting other State Alchemist's. Edward Elric, is next on his list. And Roy Mustang knows. He's just to worried for the boy to tell him. So, he covers up the reasons for his actions with lies. But those lies didn't do a good job o...

  • Fixing Broken Metal (RoyEd)
    117K 4K 25

    Edward, Sergeant Brosh and Lieutenant Ross are all captured. When Major Armstrong, Lieutenant Hawkeye, Al and Roy go to save them, Ed is badly hurt. Mentally and physically. He won't talk about what happened. Roy decideds that its his job to fix Ed and over time, falls in love with him

  • RoyEd~Soulmate
    37.1K 1.1K 25

    Legend says, when you finally meet your soul mate, you can finally see the world in color... Until then, you shall see the world as monotonous... Almost 50 years ago, this legend was true. A curse, an emotional plague, a terrible hex. 50 years, and Edward Elric, has this horrible disorder. Once he was born, his per...

  • Worlds Apart (Royed + Heied)
    1.7K 106 22

    Edward who's been stuck in Munich, Germany for the past two years after giving himself completely to get Al's body back finds comfort with Alfons, while Roy who still hopelessly waits for Edward cause he knows he's still alive. Edward keeps having reoccurring dreams with the Flame Alchemist keeping him from sleeping w...

  • Mustang's Mind Games (RoyEd)
    120K 4.3K 24

    Ed just doesn't understand Roy Mustang. He plays mind games with Ed. And Ed has had enough. One minute, Ed and Roy are fighting. The next, Roy is making a remark, and causing Ed to grow flustered with a furious blush. Its eating Ed up inside. Its all he thinks about it. And Ed has had enough.

  • Burned: Sequel
    8.6K 398 6

    This is the requested sequel to my "Burned" Roy x Ed fanfic. Hope you all enjoy! And if you haven't read the first one go check it out! :)

  • Fallen Metal (Triquel To Saving Broken Metal)
    10.7K 494 17

    They say after a tragedy, life gets better. For Edward Elric, it did. After being tortured for a couple days ruined him. But, Roy Mustang swept Ed off his feet and saved him. Then four months later, an old enemy appears. Roy changes, Ed cracks. But once again, Roy fixed him, the piece of broken metal Ed was. Now, it's...

  • Roy Mustang X Male! Reader (Lemon)
    33.8K 670 7

    You had meet the man of your dreams when the both of you entered the police academy. He was stronger than you and loved to help you along any way possible. When you graduated you were one of the strongest and sent to Briggs Mountain to keep the boarder safe. Now, years later, Olivier Armstrong, as you address her, is...

    Completed   Mature
  • Nightmare
    2.7K 83 11

    - Sequel to Fullmetal vampire- Michael, a vampire, who is after Edward and will stop at nothing to have what he wants. He hides just out of sight, pulling the strings to all of his puppets. He is the most fear vampire and he someone you don't want to mess with. Edward has to find out what Michael wants without beco...

  • The Love We Had (Royed)
    20.6K 743 14

    The Flame Alchemist starts to have doubts in his relationship with Edward despite how long they've been together and calls it quits between them suddenly one day confusing and affecting him emotionally causing the small alchemist to blame only himself.

  • Art Of Pretension (Royed)
    886 34 3

    Edward is usually in his Superior's face during the day, but when everyone is gone, he acts differently towards the flame alchemist that makes Roy raise a brow and question as to why he's like that. In Edward's words it's only to get better information on leads, but... Roy knows the fullmetal alchemist better, and sus...

  • To Show Your Pride (RoyEd)
    23.8K 871 14

    "He's the perfect match...." Ed's given a mission to stop the flow of red water. He had thought the situation had been handled, but the water was still there. What started off as a simple mission, escalated into a huge problem. And where does this little problem start? With a boy who has to much Pride.

  • Love Can Be A Crime (Cop!Roy X Criminal!Ed)
    55.2K 2.3K 19

    Roy Mustang is a cop for the town of Amestris. He is given a case, and the ties it has to a certain someone catches his attention. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Edward Elric, is a criminal. What makes him different from most is one clear detail. He'll never kill. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So when fate throws these two polar opposites toget...

  • Remember Me (Royed)
    5.6K 138 8

    Edward Elric is a bit older coming back to Central a few years later getting a feeling of nostalgia. He had gotten his arm back along with Al's body back but he loses a bit of his memory ever being with Roy Mustang despite them being together. He than he bumps into Roy coming back confusing him when spoken to by the F...

  • Feel It All (Edvy + Royed)
    8.7K 473 44

    Prostitution AU (Modern AU) Edward Elric has lost everything; his mother, his brother Alphonse and unsure if his father is still around, but he could care less since he was never around enough to remember... Or at least he forces himself to think that. He has a mental breakdown that causes him to cut ties with...

  • Love and Chains (Eventual RoyEd)
    15.4K 977 19

    Edward Elric, was a neko slave. Roy happened to be at the auction where they were selling Ed. Edward's new master becomes non other than Roy Mustang. But Roy's in for a shocking discovery when he learns about Ed's first master, and suddenly, realizes how much pain he's been through. The only question is, does Edwar...

    Completed   Mature
  • New Beginnings {Just Believe Me Sequel}
    594 32 1

    You guys wanted more? You guys got more!!! Ed has a second pregnancy and this time Roy's along for the ride!!!

  • Elric Hosts DISCONTINUED
    23K 634 20

    What will happen when the world of Fullmetal Alchemist Meets Oruan host club?

  • What Can I Tell You? (RoyEd)
    13.4K 546 13

    What do you do when someone close to you only has two months left to live? What do you say to someone who doesn't have much time left? What do you do when you find yourself falling in love with them? What do you do when you feel your heart breaking?