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  • August
    103 22 5

    "What if your entire life was a lie?..." This story follows a boy named Augustine, or August to his friends, as he tells you about his life in a town that isn't all that it seems.

  • My art book (feat.memes)
    616 4 28

    Some of my art... I guess? It's a lot of danganronpa fan-art and ocs

  • Danganronpa: Kings court
    30 0 2

    16 students with talents from poets to politicians. 16 students trapped in a castle. 16 students trapped with a phycodic bear. 16 students trapped in a killing game. 1 mastermind pulling the strings. It's not like we'll actually kill each other. Right? A danganronpa oc story All characters except monokuma belong to m...

  • A Garbage Bag
    139 44 22

    A pretty trash story. What is life. Ideas from me and me friend Gabriellel15, she started it by saying that a garbage bag looked suspicious. Bless.

  • KIki's Super Special Techniques for Everyday Survival.
    45 8 4

    Are you struggling with everyday life and just don't know what to do about it? Well, I'm here to help with my super special techniques!

  • The Way Home.
    399 56 17

    Astrid is a 15-year-old girl who dreams about being like an adventurous girl in her favorite book and decides to run away from her home and her problems. But instead finding herself in Europe she meets a group of people that will show her the way home.

  • The Worst Story In History
    340 51 5

    This is the story of a small pickle in 250 BC.

  • Short stories/one-shots
    29 0 4

    A collection of short stories by someone who's not very good at writing( that's me)

  • still need a title (discontinued)
    107 8 11

    still need a description... characters and art belong to me.