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  • Eddsworld fusion oneshots!!
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    I know there not called fusions but I call them fusions. So there's gonna be requests like Torm (Tord and Tom) x shy!reader Or something.

  • Tim x Torc Oneshots
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    (Old) I'm probably the only one who ships this. If you don't know these two, Tim is Tom's little brother, and Torc is Tord's little bro, as well. Cover was drawn by @ut6903. Tim belongs to princeofmints. Torc belongs to sugar-syringe. Eddsworld belongs to Edd Gould.

  • Childish (TomTord Fanfic)
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    Edd, Matt, and Tom decide to take another trip to the Magic Shop... Long story short, Matt has no coordination, Tom has zero reflexes, Edd is oblivious, and Tord takes too many walks. (Cover art is clearly not mine :P) [Also this story will be LONG! Sorry! So... Lock your doors and close the blinds we're going for a r...

  • Mistakes can be Healed[TomTord](BEING REWTITED)
    10.4K 339 36

    (TW:SELF HARM & MENTAL ILLNESS) Everyone thought Tord was dead.Oh how wrong they were. But, he's back with good intentions. Expect the fact that he wants to destroy himself because of the guilty crown that he's been wearing all this time-for the mistakes he's done. However he doesn't know that Mistakes can be healed. ...

    Completed   Mature
  • eddsworld- Tom x Depressed Reader By: TheWowingWowzer
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    If I put this in, it would spoil the whole thing

  • Edd x Depressed reader
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    I just got into eddsworld and I just have the biggest crush on edd. Y/n was depressed, so she never spoke. Her life was going down hill fast and she didn't like it. But one day she meets three boys who live in the town she just moved to. Will these boys change her life? Or will it stay the same? I don't own eddsworld...

  • Tord x Depressed/Suicidal Reader
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    You're dog Autumn was the only friend you had, that is until you met a certain someone. [Includes Lemon]

  • eddsworld tamara x female reader
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    Ell has a roomate name y/n whos a girl and moves in with them and ell and her keep a secreat from there friends but what is the scereat read to find out waring must be 13+ warning contains: lemon sex blood more sex and depprsion guns and yuri aka girl x girl but anyways and more info but after 4 weeks of the carzy...

  • Three Little Words
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    An Edd x Reader story.

  • m o n s t er || tom x reader
    14.8K 285 7

    This was based off the song "Monster" by Ghost Town - I'm not going to put a description because I don't know how to word out this story, so you're just gonna have to read to find out what this is about for yourself. - - - - - I don't own you. your ocs nor the Eddsworld characters this book is the only thing I own. ⚠...

  • Vampire Matt x reader
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    Ay welcome you the reader will meet Matt and stuff this is no sexy thing it's just ya know friendship n shit so have fun • 3 • - MC

  • Eddsworld x neko! reader
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    you are a neko that is adopted by the Eddsworld crew. Your parents died leaving you as a street animal. When your life starts to change with the boys,you start to realize Who your actual family is.

  • Chase me(Monster!Tom x Reader)
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    You lived in your apartment for awhile, Edd always loved to hang out to relax from his friends. One day, you offer Edd help, however you didn't realize what you were getting into, and ended up with a 20 foot monster on your hands. COVER ART BY:

  • You are not a Monster (Monster Tom x Reader
    3.6K 59 2

    (Original story by Tonobadoi)

  • Drawn Together(Edd x Reader)
    11.6K 349 10

    You, being Tom's little sister, have come to live with him and his roommates because you've been kicked out of your apartment. When one artistic boy catches your eye, you begin to develop a crush on him. Will Tom allow it, or will your hope he tarnished.

  • TordEdd
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    I wanted to try a new ship is all! I hope you enjoy or enjoyed ^^ (COMPLETED)

  • (Discontinued) No feelings here. (Eddsworld Tomedd high school au)
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    Yeah ok. Not much to the story except the fact this is Tomedd (duh) and some Tordmatt, with a dose of tamell and Tori and Matilda being straight. This is kinda my own au based off the high school au. All the characters are more like how they look in the show rather than in the au. OK ON TO WHAT THIS IS ABOUT! ...

  • Forgiven War(editing)
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    (Futrue Tomtord) Red Leader, Tord, Is the leader of an army known as The Red Army. In the Red Army history he's the most powerful leader yet. Thomas, Tom, is the second in charge of the army and gets to work along side with the Leader which is an Honor. To Tom it wasn't. Tord treated him like his schedule worker and m...

  • Edd X Reader
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    An eddsworld x reader

  • Tom x Tord Fanfiction
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    They're gay.

  • helplessly in love {OD!Day AU tomtord}
    11.1K 425 17

    U h Hi Just Just go read it

  • Tomatt - ♡ Beautiful Boy ♡
    16.5K 545 9

    Matt adores Tom. Tom doesn't much love himself, and Matt is going to try his damn hardest to let Tom know how much he deserves the world.

  • EddsWorld Paul X Reader - Clearing up the Smoke
    1.1K 33 1

    A new attempt at a fanfic! Sorry I discontinued the other one, but this one-- I promise-- will be MUCH better than the other. Just stay patient, and I'll try my best to make these parts a bit more logical and set to the plot. Thanks for reading!! Also, in this story you're a typical high schooler. :3

  • Raised By Dudes (Eddsworld x child reader)
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    You are a five year old girl taken to an orphanage by your parents. You didn't want to be there at all until one day... Pictures aren't mine unless I say so

  • Alone (Monster AU) [DISCONTINUED]
    28.8K 1.2K 18

    The Red Army has accidentally spilled toxic into the water supply of a widely populated place in England causing people to mutate into monsters. Most people are either dead, barely surviving, or blood thirsty beasts on the hunt for fresh blood. You are in the point of view of Tord and Tom, you watch as they try to su...

  • Tom x Matt
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  • Future Tom x reader
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    Noo! Susan!

  • Traitor! Traitor! A traitor is what you are!
    8.8K 237 3

    Eddsworld Paultryk omegaverse and traitor AU! After Tord finds out that Paul had mated with his omega slave Patryk. Paul and Patryk must run away as far as possible where Tord can't catch them. Author's note: Sorry it's so short....I.... I just needed a short vent.

  • Eddsworld Oneshots. . .
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    Xeno told me to do it. Damn it, Henning. And I decided, why the hell not? Some of these are done in PC, some done on phone. I use phone when it's usually passed 11-12 PM GMT Lisbon, London I'm pretty familiar with doing fanfiction so keep your hands to yourself. Keep your lips shut. Judge me harshly. I enjoy hate. It...

  • (DISCONTINUED AND GIFTED) Not Your Normal Family
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    (THIS BOOK HAS BEEN GIVEN TO XxEddGxX, THEY WILL BE WRITING THE REST!) (Note: X Child Reader isn't meaning you date Eddsworld Characters, but you are adopted by them) (I'll try to be as gender neutral as possible) You have been in an orphanage for multiple years. Your mom dying from child birth, your stepbrother died...