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  • Split Your Soul (Drarry) (Boyxboy)
    707K 26.3K 79

    Often times in life, many of us get screwed over, by life itself, unfortunately. Constant drama between two boys who cannot help but love each other. A relationship filled with so many ups and downs, add in a few loopety loops and you could call it a rollercoaster. (An emotional one.) Harry and Draco, side by side, f...

  • OHSHC - I Can't Fall In Love, We Just Met (Kyoya Ootori) *Discontinued*
    103K 1.4K 51

    Yuuto Amakura is not your typical normal 15 year old. Yuuto once live a life of violence, hatred, trust and betrayal. She have experience hardship from her time of being involve in a gang war. She was once a leader, a leader who do everything in her power to make things right. Nothing faze her, she also was once a co...

  • Ssuto- Color My World
    13.9K 700 10

    Based off an AU from a post on Tumblr Ian's world fills into color when he meets his soulmate, Seto. But Seto, being blind, can't tell if Ian is his soulmate or not. Can Ian guide Seto through and fix his eyes, or fail to save what matters to him most?

  • Its not wrong-Merome Skylox Kermitkipz Ssuto
    38.8K 465 18

    Mitch is sent to a "school" (prison) and must change his ways that arnt even wrong will his friends and love keep him strong

  • The Fight For Seto (A Team Crafted Fanfic) ~Sequel to The War For Magic~
    197K 3.9K 57

    Seto has disappeared, and no one can find him. He disappeared one night, and only a note was left behind. As Team Crafted tries to find him, a mysterious boy appears names Soro. Little do they know, Soro is really Seto, trying to help them. Join Team Crafted and Soro as they try to find Seto, before it's too late. ~Co...

  • Lethal Passion (Jeff The Killer)
    1.3M 31.7K 79

    Everything seemed perfect at first, but what happens when the person you once loved turns into a cold-blooded killer . . . Marika would know. He will play with you, he'll mess you up, he will stop at nothing from making you more miserable than you already are. All your effort will be useless as you get dragged back to...

  • Better for Worse (Captain Sparklez Fanfiction)
    16.1K 333 27

    Molly Johnson, an average person, reunites with her Bestfriend. Her Bestfriend, is no normal person. It's Jordan Maron. Famous YouTuber CaptainSparklez. With some rough times happening, and some good times. It's all better for worse.

  • The bleeding | OneShot (PewdieCry)
    611 22 1

  • I-Im a D-Demigod? {Percy Jackson & Team Crafted Crossover}
    7K 220 25

    It looks like Team Crafted were born with a gift! A gift of being a Demigod! Read to see if they can cope with this and use there power to save the world! [I do not own Minecraft, I own the story plot (sorta) and I do not own Percy Jackson, I do not own the greek/roman gods that are mentioned, I (and a few others) own...

  • Adam's Song ≫Adam Dahlberg
    35.5K 1.5K 26

    ❝So what's it be Adam?❞ the story in which a depressed boy is told his entire life story through thoughtful lyrics and the background music of Blink-182 | © danielle vitaly

  • My Opposite Gender? (A GenderBender, Team Crafted FanFic) *Completed*
    53.7K 1.2K 38

    Sky finds a mirror in the kingdom in MineCraft. He has the choice to witness the future, or go into a dimension with a gender bender switch up. He accidentally falls into one them. Which one did he fall into, was the question...

  • Ender999
    68 2 1

  • Game of Life (Skylox, Merome, Setosolace)
    162K 4.7K 33

    Ty, Mitch, and Seto have been forced to join the Game of Life. They become real life pawns for a game played by some of the rich. Each one of them are assigned a person and they have to be their pawns. But the people they are assigned to want to get more out of them then just being pawns. Cover by xTCAmiaMCx, check he...

  • Kiss My Scars Goodnight {{Merome FanFic/ TRIGGER WARNING}}
    21K 688 6

    Mitch was traumatised from an event that had happened a year ago and since then had , had ups and downs , Jerome stuck with him through everything and kept his feelings hidden to keep his friend safe, but what happens when Mitch asks him for something Jerome had refused just months prior? Can Jerome figure out the be...

  • Jerome: A Merome Story (Under Edit ))
    185K 3.3K 38

    In this epic first book things go on a real crazy ride when Jerome and mitch fall inlove things go a bit wild when the dark amy shows up who are they and what do they want?! well find out ((there will be smut, sadness anger and feels will be broken so get tissues :3))

  • My Magical Brother (Setsorcerer FanFic)
    1.3K 52 6

    Ivy and Amethyst are two outlaws, exploring the world together. They're not just any outlaws, they're sorceresses. What happens when they meet their magical brother or sister? And who will try to separate them when they meet?

  • SparkAnt: The Princes new Slave
    79.3K 2.2K 23

  • Frozen Merome
    62.5K 1.7K 18

    Meet Mitch, Mitch lives in the Village of Arendelle With Jerome and his friends Mitch Has the Same Magical ability as Queen Elsa. Mitch Is bullied by people in the Village because of his powers, Jerome helps but its not enough soon Jerome realizes he loves Mitch and Mitch realizes he loves Jerome, Elsa soon steps in a...

    85 2 3

    this story is about a witch named CeCe her parents are very different from each other and one ends up being good and the other bad. CeCe's goal is to do good in this world before evil takes her over. The only thing she can think of is helping the unfortunate read along to see the journey of CeCe and what she plans to...

  • Adopted by YouTubers (A Minecraft Youtuber and Team Crafted Fan Fic) [Watty's 2014]
    194K 4.8K 57

    [Morgan Freeman voice] Once upon a time, in a magical world called Seattle, a boy is made. But this isn't your average boy. His parents die in a car crash, then he is put in a orphanage. 10 years later, some YouTubers adopt him. This story is about that boy's crazy life. Will he live? Will he die? Will it be EGGselent...

  • Fighting The Odds [A Merome Fan Fiction]
    14.7K 549 11

    24 tributes, 12 districs, 1 victor. Jerome is a bacca from district 7, and he will only ever be that. Unless he wins the hunger games. Mitch is a human from district 1, he has been in 4 games and won them all. When he kills, he is heartless. When he comes across Jerome in the games, he dose not kill him. He walks up...

  • The Deaf Boy Skylox
    28.8K 939 6

    Ty is just you average kid, right? Nope, Try lost hearing sence of hearing when he was 7 and kept it a family secret, but will Sky find out?

  • Safe and sound
    48 2 1

    Skylox agnst. Ty mornd over the death of his lover

  • Ask SetoSolace!
    221K 5.1K 98


  • What Hurts The Most (Merome)
    5.5K 160 7

    Jerome is suffering from depression since Mitch left, will he survive? Read on to find out.

  • Death doesn't hurt you
    2.3K 141 10

    Jason is murdered. After two years weird things began to happen around the rest of Team Crafted. Ty woke up in the woods, hallucinating, and Ian becomes crazy. Jerome disappears and Mitch never felt so worried. What is gonna happen now that the team is falling apart? Will everything be alright, or is everyone slowly g...

  • The Life of Hybrids- Team Crafted {EXTREMELY SLOW UPDATES}
    10.6K 367 12

    When 6 hybrids get sent to a school with normal people, they face problems that all high school clichés do. Bullying, crushes, all that fun, wonderful stuff. The popular group of the school bullies them for just being different. Well, it's mostly one kid, but anyways. There's a huge problem arising, but nobody knows i...