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  • flowers from 1970 // dreamnotfound (EDITED)
    9.7M 296K 25

    Young, lonely George discovers he can use an old telephone to communicate with a boy living 50 years in the past. Cover Art made for this book by: mikadespacito on Twitter {inspired by the call}

  • Voicemails to Will
    45.5K 4.6K 23

    She left him twenty-four voicemails, but he stopped answering months ago. [extended summary inside]

  • Forever August ✔️
    716K 58.2K 34

    || a featured story || Aurora never planned on spending her final month alive falling in love. When she meets Gus, a curious boy who is all too eager to waste away the days with her, she finds herself trading in her month of solitude for a month with him instead. Under the summer sun, they promise each other a forever...

  • What He Was (✓)
    304K 12.2K 22

    he was her lover, she was his servant. he was her salvation, she was his puppet. he was her catastrophe and she was his provocation. • Please don't read this if you're younger than thirteen. #02 in short story 6/3/17 #03 in short story 13/1/17 #04 in short story 3/3/17

  • Emily #freementalillness #literasia
    94K 6K 30

    In which an Asian girl struggles with mental disorders and might end up losing the fight. An attempt to write the story that no one tells. *trigger warning: mental illness, eating disorders, bullying* to be :: volume I #asiansinlit #freementalillness #projectyou #literasia #nomorebullying

  • 00:00
    5.1M 380K 64

    At 00:00, Cinderella ran away from her prince, leaving a glass slipper on the marbled steps of the grand staircase. At 00:00, I ran away from him. But unlike Cinderella, I didn't leave a single thing behind. - All Rights Reserved © sonderingly on wattpad #1 in short story [030916] Best Short Story [The Fiction Awards...

  • When My Shift Ends | ✓
    3.1M 194K 37

    When former beauty pageant queen, Ellie Wilde, hears of her grandmother's sickness, she's the first to offer to drive her to her chemotherapy. What she didn't know she was agreeing to was an obnoxiously cheerful blond boy somehow nudging his way into her life. ©iwearheelys, all rights reserved.

  • sail away
    72.9K 7K 32

    "what did you do while i was away?" he asked. and she never answered, until now.

  • the night amy died
    70.5K 6.6K 16

    june 8, 1984. how apt.

  • Skinny Girls
    87.8K 6.2K 14

    Skinny girls are bitches. Skinny girls don't eat. Skinny girls are fitness freaks. Skinny girls are superficial. Skinny girls don't have insecurities. Skinny girls have eating disorders. Skinny girls are lucky. Skinny girls aren't real women. #thepeopleofsociety @thelovesociety

  • Keira
    84.5K 5.3K 21

    Keira is the type of girl your mom warns you about. It doesn't matter though, you'll still go after her. You want to change her. You'll think it's working. She'll pretend to love you, then break your heart. She doesn't care when you end up crying, because everyone told you to stay away. She's a flame and you get trapp...

  • stationary.
    9.1K 839 15

    louis has only one hour, which is enough; for time had never seemed to affect him © 2014 by finallyawake. all rights reserved.

  • Windblown
    65.7K 4.3K 13

    ***WATTPAD FEATURED STORY*** In order to forgive, you must forget, and the only way to do that is to distract yourself with the present, throw away the past, and keep your eyes steady on the future.

  • Diana
    89.7K 7.4K 54

    ❝Maybe some people aren't meant to be saved.❞ Cover by ; @ominous_ highest rank: #52 in short story 14/06/15 (This is NOT a 1D fanfic) + + + What people said; kingsofanything: I hate you for writing such b...

  • The Problem With Carolyn ✓
    238K 15.6K 21

    It's like she was screaming for help but no one would help her. Like she was trying to save herself from her own wicked mind. She was fighting against herself. Her words would fade, her tears would fall, and her wrist would be cut. Each cut resembling a problem of hers. And all her problem's some how revolved a...

  • the arctic monkeys series [5sos]
    910K 60.4K 76

    "i'm not afraid of death; i just don't want to be there when it happens." (cover by elle)

  • collarbones
    675K 34.8K 44

    It's an endless search for something that even the sharpest eyes cannot see. [Beautiful cover made by rigor_samsa.]

  • train wreck ✓
    402K 31K 55

    all i've done defeats me //rooftops with miles// [sequel to brown haired boy] friday, may 1st: #2 in short story

  • she's not like the others.
    2.9M 148K 214

    quiet isn't always violent. #1 in poetry 11/2

  • beautiful
    313K 22K 45

    story #3 in the 'for the flawed' series. tw | abuse he thought he could fix her he thought he could make her b e a u t i f u l but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. (lowercase intended for stylistic purposes.) © 2015 flawed-

  • Illusions
    45.7K 2.3K 1

    ❝The most rebellious people in society are the dreamers; for their minds are capable of creating incredibly beautiful and impossible concoctions. And those single thoughts alone have the ability to reconstruct anything.❞ Alice is nearing graduation and the stress is pushing her to breaking point. So, in a spontaneous...

  • The Delinquent
    5.7K 422 1

    One bus ride. One brunette. Many lives. A one shot.

  • Midnight Lullabies
    291K 12.1K 61

    Perhaps someday these words will make up for the bloodshot eyes and sleepless nights. [H.R: #13 in Poetry] beautiful cover by: @-averagesky

  • touched ✓
    573K 44.6K 69

    story #2 in the 'for the flawed' series. tw | abuse every night you held me. making me feel disgusting, because you were the s e c o n d to touch me. © 2014 flawed- (lowercase intended for stylistic purposes.) [Jan 16, 2015:: #2 in short story.]

    Completed   Mature
  • perfect ✓
    785K 59.6K 47

    story #1 in the 'for the flawed' series. tw | eating disorder she just wanted to be skinny for him; she wanted to be the kind of girlfriend he'd be proud to have, even if he couldn't see her. he just wanted to see her, to be able to tell her she was beautiful and she'd know he was telling the truth, he wanted her to b...

  • loud poetry from a quiet girl
    5.8M 276K 201

    poetry by a person that's afraid of people. 12/23/15- #1 in poetry