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  • Him || The Scorch Trials
    178K 6.1K 33

    Phase Two: The Scorch Trials. Alongside her friends, Mara is entered into the real world, and finds that nothing is the way she thought it would be. An illness called The Flare infects the brain, and the world was scorched by the sun. There are only twenty of them left, or so they thought. Can they trust WICKED? Will...

  • Her || The Maze Runner
    1M 29.5K 56

    Phase One: The Maze Runner. She woke up with nothing but her own name to guide her, but sometimes a name can be misleading. Sometimes that one piece of information can change everything. Mara. She is different to the others. She is the trigger. She is the mistake. She is the one that changed everything. Maybe she's th...

  • Ten | newtmas
    413K 24K 63

    For seventeen year old Newt, the number ten is everything. Ten steps. Ten times you must snap your fingers. Ten nods of your head. Ten. When he's put in a mental institution for his extreme OCD, depression and anxiety, he meets some unlikely friends. And possibly the boy he's been looking for his whole life. But can h...

  • Dylan O'Brien Imagines
    353K 6K 45

    Imagines about Dylan O'Brien and all the characters he plays (excluding Caleb Holloway though). I DO NOT WRITE ANYMORE.

  • Live like legends {Dylmas}
    3.4K 266 16

    God promised the dead would come back to life,I didn't expect it would be like this... The world is broken and infested with flesh-eating zombies who show no mercy. Humanity as we know it is broken,everyone is out to save themselves. Since Dylan's parents were torn apart in front of him,he survives alone. Until he mee...

  • Overprotective
    161K 4.5K 10

    y/n and Newt have been best friends for as long as she can remember (literally), but he's also been protective of her for as long as she can remember. He's got progressively worse to the point where he won't let y/n have a conversation with another glader without his supervision. Y/n has finally had enough, but is ask...

  • Cuts
    170K 5.4K 13

    (A TMR Imagine) Y/n (your name) is bullied by Gally. It gets so bad she becomes depressed and starts harming herself. Newt finds y/n hurting herself. tw: self-harm and mentions a previous suicide attempt (completed)

  • The Maze Runner imagines
    1.2M 20.6K 134

    The Maze Runner imagines I write imagines for all your favourite (and the most underrated Gladers). I do write smut. Enjoy!

  • The Older Boy
    10.2K 424 7

    Another girl comes up in the box and catches Newt's eye. They soon find each other falling in love. . This is a story I put on Instagram so the chapters will be really short

  • Property Of Wicked (Newt X Reader)
    88.1K 2.8K 33

    •Based on the books• When the glade was first built, only a couple of boys woke up there. After they finally got used to life there, the supply box comes up and has something- someone in it. It happens to be the first girl. You. You have no idea what's going on and is watched over by a boy named Newt. Until you...

  • Our Maze NewtXReader
    42.1K 1.5K 38

    You wake up in the box, you remember nothing. You don't even remember your name at first. Everything is strange and foreign to you except one person - a boy called Newt. You can't fathom where you know him from or why you are here but when a mysterious benefactor sends you a letter, things seem to get clearer. You do...

  • The Average Love Story
    5.4K 218 14

    ||Disclaimer! I don't own TMR series! :)|| What if Teresa didn't die? What if Thomas and Teresa started dating? Watch as Thomas, Teresa, Newt, Minho, Chuck, and many more prosper in paradise. ||Thomesa fanfic|| Btw Teresa (obviously,) Newt, and Chuck don't die in this fanfiction.

  • Remember Me?
    1.5K 82 10

    Cliché Maze Runner AU written in 2nd person. What if you found yourself in the Glade? And the only memory you have is Newt

  • Escaping the Maze
    1.6K 64 11

    My name is Aris. I wake up in a mysterious place surrounded by a maze. A bunch of girls live here, I'm the only boy. The girls survive, without memories, without recollection of their past lives. We have to get out of the maze, somehow. I wake up here the same, no memories, I can't remember anything. The maze changes...

  • 250 Newt imagines
    60.1K 951 38

    A large collection of Newt imagines (all written by me) 250 to be exact. I aim to publish 3 a week. ~Some contain smut and triggers but that will be mentioned at the start of the chapter~ ~Newt/Y/N~ ~Newt/Thomas~ ~Newt/Minho~ ~Newt/Gally~ I take requests so feel free to inbox and ask! Enjoy!

  • Found (ON HOLD)
    667 38 3

    After being kidnapped and locked away in a small room for 5 years, Sarah Evans is relieved when a boy finds the house. But is this boy really what he seems to be? Or there something else going on? He takes her to a large building. They take her away from him and again, lock her back up in a room with a few boys. Her...

  • I Promise you {Tmr}
    20.9K 698 20

    "Listen to me,Anna! I promise you'll see me again. I promise,we'll be together. I promise you.. Those were the final words Aris spoke to me... Anna,a subject of Wicked. Daughter of Ratman,no clue what's going on discovers Aris,who promises her answers which spiral into the realisation of both their fates. To run is t...

  • Aris Jones | short story
    8.2K 161 7

    Short fanfic about Aris Jones.

  • Griever Hunter //tmr // NEWT
    215 18 2

    When Thomas and Minho go into the maze to search for away out they come across young Adeline who they thought was dead at first. They take her to the glades and automatically newt takes a liking to her. When she wakes up she explained she's lived in the maze most of her life and that she kills grievers. Newt and her...

  • Love till the End
    1.5K 34 10

    It is a fanfic of Y/N being the new girl in the maze and Thomas falls in love #dylanobrien

  • Winter ↠ The Scorch Trials
    8.3K 466 6

    ❝There was chaos and darkness and death - but there was you.❞ [Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials movie] [Aris Jones/OC]

  • Newt Imagines
    3.2K 66 14

    Basically just another book full of short Newt imagines. I hope you enjoy. :D