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  • The beautiful phase of life(Ts) ✅
    1K 24 3

    It's a three part story about friends and their cute nok- kol , fights , fun and how they get their soumates . it's all about the beautiful phase of their life.

  • Love Is A Labyrinth
    3.1K 59 8

    This is a Jenam fanfic. I don't own any of these characters but I love them. Most of you don't know what Jenam means but it doesn't matter because it is an equal delight for the non-fans or the non-acknowledged people as it is for a big time fan. Jennifer, a telly actress, is happy in her life with her boyfriend, Kara...

  • Only For Me Myself
    1.7K 129 13

    encouraging women to follow their dreams & passion

  • Beyadh ( Arjun & Maya SS)
    3.6K 237 13

    Marrying her was not choice. But A Chance to get his life back. He was not given a choice to marry her but forced to remarry her. When she was so young and he have his almost grown up child. Will it be possible for him to accept her?

  • Confused
    992 48 9

    It is complicated when you are in love with two people and don't know who to pick. Sanskaar is married to Ragini who he loves more than his life but at the same time he loves Swara but one day he has to make choice who to pick.

  • RaYa OS-Pure Soulmates
    2.8K 180 4

    Hi everyone me Dhristi many knows me n written one os on our favorite RaYa after long time hope u all love it...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Compensation Season 2
    50.4K 4.2K 52

    SEASON TWO! A princess without a crown , A prince by his lineage and ways. He loves her but also hates her. She hates him but also loves him . But her hand has been asked for as the compensation for the loss his company suffered because of her father. Tune into the story to have a look at the lives of ASR and KKG and...

  • Love You, But Afraid To Tell You [Tanshi, Abhigya, Raglak, Swasan, Arya]
    30.5K 2.7K 30

    Five sisters - Tanuja, Maya, Pragya, Swara and Ragini. Five best friends - Rishi, Arjun, Abhishek, Sanskar and Laksh. A story of love, friendship, deceptions, family and trust. ************************************** "How did we end up this way? We were once best of friends....all ten of us. And now..... all that is l...

  • a million dreams
    1.5K 102 1

    Remember anything you want that's valuable requires you to break through short-term pain in order to gain long-term pleasure. this is what bela had to go through. in the end she left the devil for an angel.

  • Love ...forever(two Shot)
    3.3K 306 2

    They separate.... She want the reason... But he didn't tell her... They meet after years... Can this time she find the reason of their separation??? Can they units again ??? Read it to know...

  • The Stranger
    38.3K 2K 49

    Two strangers that became each other's lives. Saumya an orphan at the age of 6. She was adopted by the Guptas after they found her on the doorsteps. She never got motherly love from Garima as Garima never liked her. She doesn't know why. She shares a sisterly bond with Khushi. Khushi a middle-class girl who loves to...

  • Dream to be yours ( Abhigya - Raglak ( Ss)
    22.4K 2.8K 27

    its an abhigya nd raglak ff .... my first attempt in writing two couples know more abt the story peep in ?

  • Made For Each Other-OS
    2.4K 138 1

    This one shots based on behir.......

  • Tu ki jane pyaar mera - ( Completed)
    44.1K 2.4K 18

    The story start when laksh marry kavya

  • Freeze frame
    17.8K 1.3K 10

    its an raglak story in sr know more peep in 😍😘

  • Still I ❤️you✔️✅️
    35.7K 2.9K 46

    This is is my second ff... This ff focused after IB redux.. In this story Rikara deeply love each other... but after Shivay's arrest all are changed... Tej's death&Shivay's Arrest also affected in Rikara's Relationship.... Ruvya is also married ..... Shivika again joined with Oberoi family.. Now they are happy.... bu...

  • Truth? or lie?
    5K 601 13

    Sanskar got married to Ragini. But world says its his illusion, there's no girl called Ragini exists. Is this really his illusion or any truth is hidden behind this? Its of only few shots. #3 ranking in ragsan 29/4/2019 #1 ranking in sangini. 23/5/2019

  • hatred of love meharya ff {completed}
    41.1K 618 32

    Shaurya comes near her and pecks her forehead then both cheeks and then moves towards her lips.......... ********* Shaurya- what and why should I listen to you........i know you are a big gold digger...........i still remember that day..........what you said to me......... ********* Mehak- what do you think...

  • ʝʊɖաǟǟ - ʟօʋɛ ֆTօʀʏ (ʀǟɢֆǟռ & ֆաǟֆǟռ )ɖǟɨʟʏ ʊքɖǟTɛֆ . . (Complete)
    8.9K 624 20

    It's only for Swasan Ragsan fans so please don't blame me by reading inside ❤️ It's about twin brothers how will they lead their life happily and fighting against evil to keep their family safe ❤️ ONLY WEEKENDS CHAPTERS ❤️

  • In love with Angel
    1.3K 190 9

    Love story of Angel that how she falls in love with a simple boy on earth.

  • sanam teri kasam meharya TS{completed}
    1.1K 22 2

    meharya's eternal love story... love is a feeling that makes you feel speacial and kame you do what you never do........... here is mehak and shaurya's eternal love story.......there love made them do many things....... they promised each other to live and die with each other....will they be able to fulfill their prom...

  • Those painful days
    1K 80 1

    Raglak OS, birthday gift for my Andy, antalin09

  • Mannat- 9 Shots(completed)✔✔✔
    3.7K 490 11

    Love can defeat anything and everything.......

  • Forbidden feelings
    12.3K 898 6

    Life is not bed of roses We don't get anything so easily.. On the same way.... We will get what is us even after lot of difficulties... To know more peep inside

    3.4K 602 9

    Rikara and Ruvya in Harry Potter's Magical world.

  • AvNeil Horror Ff: The Lovely Suicide Ghost/Ghosts (Completed)
    18.2K 2K 47

    "Sau baras guzray din huay, sau baras guzray raat huay, sau baras guzray chaand dikhay, sau baras guzray bin jeeye." When Neil moves to Goa in Angel Manor, a birthday gift from his parents, he hears creepy voices from the house, strange things start to happen in the house, he discovers a girl ghost has been trapped ov...

  • Destiny-rikara Os
    813 102 1

    My os on rikara.......

  • BANDHAN :Swasan and Arshi(completed)
    128K 7.1K 109

    This story is basically about the ups and downs the brother sister will go through after they are married. It's about the pure and strong relationship they share.

  • Tipsy Topsy marriage! (Completed)
    34K 1.7K 36

    "am your drunk wedded wife!" Her words fell like an boulder on his reality . . . . . . "you are my HERO! You saved me!" A tipsy topsy marriage of two whole lot of different personalities.. Karan Khanna- the actor who ruled 2 decades of the film industry is now struggling and juggling between his career and self este...

    Completed   Mature
  • True Love-avneil Os
    1.5K 165 1

    This is my first Os on avneil i hope you guys like it......