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  • The Mystery of Hetalia Gakuen That Has Shook The Whole World
    62 7 2

    To place disclaimers, Arthur Kirkland was your typical and not typical teenager. If you knocked his position as School President, good looks, outstanding grades and winning streaks in soccer aside - what you got was an emo phase, a pro skill with an electric guitar, a moody personality that stuck out like a sore thumb...

  • Anime vtipy
    99.6K 6.1K 62

    Není třeba zbytečného popisování. Užijte si vtipy.

  • The Trip - Spamano
    79 13 1

    Lovino's plan for a backpacking trip with Feliciano gets derailed when he finds out that Feliciano has invited Ludwig and one of his friends Antonio on the trip at the last minute. Annoyed yet not willing to give up on the trip, Lovino has no choice but continue on.

  • May I my lady? /aph - nyo FrUk/cz
    105 17 1

    Ples je v plném proudu, avšak dvě osoby se ho z naprosto rozdílných důvodů rozhodly opustit. Jak dopadne jejich náhodné setkání?

  • To co mu zbylo /aph - fanfic/cz
    160 16 1

    Tak moc se soustředil na toho, který ho opustil, že by si málem nevšiml toho, který s ním zůstal....

  • Random Hetalia Pictures (Book 2)
    217K 8.5K 200

    Just more random Hetalia pictures and headcanons... *Videos and pictures don't belong to me, and neither does Hetalia*

  • Problémy Shipperů
    97.7K 13.3K 147

    Hádám, že většina z nás má určitě nějaký ten svůj oblíbený ship, popřípadě OTP; za které je ochoten ,, bojovat". (A jestli tvrdí, že ne, tak pak lže! :D) Jenže... Podporovat nějaký ten ship nemusí být vždycky tak úplně sranda. A právě tahle knížka/příběh/blíže-neidentifikovaná-věc se zaměřuje na problémy všech shipper...

  • Lovecké Kroniky: Z deníčku Duhy a Opalovacího Krému
    13.9K 1.7K 33

    Žijí mezi námi, avšak my o nich nemáme ani to nejmenší tušení. Zaručují nám bezpečí a klidné spaní, ale my jim nikdy nemáme šanci poděkovat. Říkají si lovci... A my si při zaslechnutí názvu jejich řádu klepeme na čelo, protože zkrátka nevěříme. Ale oni existují... V tomto příběhu však zapomeňte na jakékoliv hrdinsk...

  • Bèsame Mucho
    31.5K 751 7

    Spamano fan fiction. WW2. This story is filled with sad and devastating moments. But also, sweet and loving moments. Because, love conquers all.

  • Shoot My Heart (Please, Not My Head) [APH FranSwiss]
    72 8 3

    He was his unusual type;- female in appearance, feisty in personality, determine in traits and Swiss in blood. Most of all, he was very feisty and Francis wanted to steer away from Vash. Not because of those that he mentioned above, but because if he didn't get to plant a kiss on those softy lips, he'd definitely have...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sunshine • DenNor
    1.7K 139 1

    Mathias is bored. Lukas isn't. Mathias has a tiny-or-maybe-not-so-tiny crush on Lukas. Mathias finds old CDs. Apparently Lukas can dance.

  • Say It {DenNor Fanfic}
    4.8K 208 1

    Denmark tries to get Norway to admit to liking him. Reposting this because I deleted it accidentally. :P

  • Broken Princess: An Allura One-Shot
    27 3 1

    Allura once had the perfect life, but all good things must come to an end...

  • Little Baby Mine
    58 8 1

    Norway found Iceland.... or at least that is how history knows the story. But what if Norway gave birth to Iceland?

  • A Small Yacht [APH RusPrus]
    1.1K 37 6

    Working as a psychologist in the infamous private HetaHospital, Gilbert was shockingly loved by his patients that knew nothing about his overwhelmed narcissistic personality. Even so, he was one of the best, a supreme at his job and a huge wall of ego surrounding him, which nobody had ever faced or broke through in th...

  • Hetalia 30 Day Challenge
    698 79 15

    Me doing the Hetalia Challenge ;) P.S : LOOK WHO'S DOING THIS PASTA AGAIN WHEN SHE DELETED THIS ONCE. You all can punch me. Or throw spaghetti pls. Gonna update the cover soon lmao.

  • My Echo (SwissAus)
    1K 30 1

    by George DeValier Summary: WW2 AU. Captain Vash Zwingli is a soldier in someone else's war; a man mad enough to lead where others will not. He treads a fine line between life and death, between sanity and madness, in a constant battle to forget. But when Vash's past confronts him in the worst place on earth, will it...

  • The Conquistador
    1.9K 95 8

    Before there was kindness in the Spaniard Antonio Fernandez, there was only cruelty. He was the dread pirate known as the Conquistador. He pillaged the seven seas and showed mercy to no one. After taking the Vargas brothers prisoner on his ship, the Wandering Anna Maria, the Captain is faced with decisions that will s...

  • Lhář ve vlnách ztracen
    14.1K 2.1K 70

    Komandér z lodí pocházející ze Staré země je mužem, který byl vychován etice, boji, ale hlavně náboženství. Už přes deset let slouží v námořnictvu Staré země, která kromě drahých surovin převáží také ceněné potraviny do Nové země a zpět. Ač obě země žijí v míru, největší nebezpečí je právě na otevřeném moři, kde žijí...

  • How Do You Say It?
    11.9K 655 7

    Ludwig has been content for most of his life being without his soulmate. Finally spurred on by his brother's discovery of his soulmate, he ventures to Italy to find out who is going to speak those few little words. Soulmate AU where the first words you hear from your soulmate are tattooed on your body and vice versa.

  • I wish I could see your face
    1.2K 92 3

    Lukas was born blind and never minded it too much except for the intimate parts with his boyfriend. Ever since one night Matthias tries his best to make up for his lovers lack of sight.

  • Dřevomíra, seniorka v akci
    3.4K 571 18

    Paní Dřevomíra je průměrná důchodkyně, která žije se svým manželem v klidu a pohodě. Její mírumilovný způsob života však skončí hned, co zachrání cestující autobusu před neznámým kriminálníkem a najednou se stane velmi populární hvězdou internetu. Jak si s tímhle vším Dřevomíra poradí? PŘÍBĚH SE NESNAŽÍ ZESMĚŠNIT DŮCH...

  • The Tiger and the Dragon
    2.4K 87 4

    Summary: Human AU. Awkward, average chef Yao Wang is sick of being thought of as boring and predictable. When he meets the enigmatic and slightly unnerving Ivan Braginski, Yao is immediately captivated. As he falls deeper it becomes apparent just how dangerous Ivan really is... but Ivan is just as smitten, and Yao may...

  • Sleep, Little Bird
    1.2K 48 1

    Summary: Human AU. Tino, Berwald and Peter are the perfect family. Things like this don't happen to people like them. But when they do, how are they supposed to accept? I copied and pasted this from All credits go to George DeValier ❤️

  • Blue, White, Red
    5.4K 237 3

    USUK Story by George DeValier I copied and pasted this fanfic on wattpad because some people might not have access to it. But as said above, all credits to Geroge DeValier!

  • Burnt Skies
    135 13 5

    Tino Väinämöinen, a cheerful young boy, finally gets accepted into his new job. He is to be the private secretary of the manager of a worldwide company, though his cousin complained he would be a 'slave', not a 'secretary'. Berwald Oxenstierna, a professional businessman, is usually prone to scaring his co-workers, y...

  • FACE Family Follies
    518 25 3

    One-shots of the FACE family: France, England, America, Canada. Ranges from fluff to angst and things in-between. Picture and APH not mine.

  • Doodles On Your Skin [Gerita Fanfic]
    23.6K 1.4K 30

    °July 30, 2019 - #1 in #Gerita° °September 25, 2019 - #1 in #Spamano° •January 20, 2020 - #1 in #GermanyxItaly• •April 2, 2020 - #3 in #Prucan• •April 27, 2020 - #2 in #Fruk• •July 16, 2020 - #1 in #Gerita• Main Ship: Gerita Side ships: Spamano, Fruk, Prucan, Ameripan [Highschool AU] + [Doodle Soulmate AU] Synopsis:...

  • Notice Me Senpai!-A Prucan Fanfic
    8.2K 363 5

    A high school au where two differences finally meet...

  • The Heartbroken Club \APH Rare\\
    93 11 3

    "I deal with these jerks, we all deal with more jerkier jerks." -Report made ONLY for the Student Council President- Club Name: The Heartbroken Club Club Location: Opposite of the Otaku Club, DownC Block. Club Leader: Lovino Vargas (Tell anyone and I'll shave your huge-ass eyebrows) Current Members: (If I hear any of...