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  • Shooting Stars ; Todoroki x Reader
    2K 110 10

    A cute nursery rhyme that grants one's wishes.

  • 「 blue | takada kenta 」
    11.8K 1.1K 23

    ❝ you are like the color blue - so beautiful and calm, yet so mysterious ❞ She talks while he stays silent. She smiles while he doesn't. She dreams while he has nightmares. She has hope while he lost his a long time ago. She lives in color while he lives in black and white. He can see into the future, and her future w...

  • Sight || yoo seonho ✔
    54.9K 4.7K 83

    Most people say that they believe in love at first sight, But I don't. How can I? I can't even see him, Even more fall in love with him. ‣ includes short chapters →Aberrant Series Book the First ※jukeita 2017

  • downpour. / k.donghyun
    104K 9.6K 34

    it's okay, it's just a passing downpour. © lambskwer // irhea

  • Go Away || Im Youngmin
    36.9K 1.7K 17

    [ completed ] ❝ Stop being so nice to me. ❞

  • Healed? ||BOOK 2|| JUNGKOOK
    204K 9.2K 22

    With your love, am I healed? Book 2 of "Sick" Start- 12/1/16 End- 12/21/16