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  • My Pharaoh {Zarry}
    122K 8.3K 41

    Highest ranking # 1 Niam # 1 Zaynmalik # 6 Pharaoh # 1 Ancientegypt # 1 Bottomharry # 1 TopZayn # 1 Zarry Harry and his best friend Niall were part of a school trip to Egypt, organized by their history teacher and their school for them to get the opportunity to learn more about ancient Egyptian history and their ar...

  • Fuck Me Hard Til The Bed Breaks| L.S
    256K 4.7K 19

    "Come on you f.ucking turtle, f.uck me hard til the bed breaks!" Or Where Louis wants to try rough sex with Harry, though Harry is really hesitant. Louis then purposely makes Harry jealous, insults him, just to make Harry infuriated and give him the best rough sex ever.

  • The Train ▹ Narry
    414K 15.4K 21

    the boys get stuck on a train and niall and harry have to share a room together. that would be fine if harry wasn't crushing on niall and niall wasn't such a tease. // in the process of being edited by @IngridJames. // 1D bromance awards (Leprechaun 2013) - 1st place & best cover.

    Completed   Mature
  • A Father's Heart (Zourry spanking story)
    162K 4.6K 40

    Zayn only wants to be a father, but when his wish comes true it has something extra. Like a fluffy set of ears, the head space of a five year old, and a abusive owner. Finding the boy Zayn loved him instantly but his husband may take some time getting used to the hybrid Zayn calls son. But what'll happen when that abu...

  • The Room mate (COMPLETE)
    441K 7.7K 35

    ***WARNING*** MATURE CONTENT (Slowly editing) Twenty-one year old Paisley finally decided it was time to move out of her parents, now that she is finished college and is a full time fashion designer at her mother's company. She finds the perfect two bedroom apartment and signed a one year lease, only too find out she...

    Completed   Mature
    9.3M 337K 92

    [Highest Rank ~ #1 in Fanfiction] 7/18/2016 BOOK ONE → "YOU CAN NEVER LEAVE ME!" He screamed. You stared down at the silver pistol that was dangling in his hands. You watched the man that had the fate of your life in his hand. You were beyond scared. the man in front of you was handsome yet fatal. His face was someth...

  • Boarding with the Bad Boy [COMPLETE + BONUS published edition]
    4M 112K 101

    "You like this, don't you?" Sam grins, running his tongue over his lip ring. "You're turned on by it." "Please," I wave my hand in dismissal. "You are," he accuses, his voice light. He does it again. I can't look away. "Stop." "Why should I? Little Miss 'I hate everyone at Ryder' really does find me irresistib...

    Completed   Mature
  • You and I
    126K 4.7K 44

    (completed) The bad boy isn't my type. And yet my life took a 180° turn because of him. Why you ask? Because what I didn't know was that I happened to be his. ⚠ Currently am editing so if the chapters may seem a little off try and understand. But I swear it's completely comprehensive.

  • Mermaids And The Vampires Who Love Them
    12.5M 518K 38

    Everyone knows mermaids and vampires can't date. But when a mermaid ends up at a boarding school with a smoking hot vampire for a roommate, will love take a bite? ***** Just before her senior year of high school, mermaid Waverly Fishwater learns she...

  • H2o Just Add Water
    41.1K 834 16

    113K 10.7K 98

    Jokes that only directioners will get. Not a directioner? Get out! Please do not copy my book, if you want to use anything from this book Dm me!

  • Their Mate!
    225K 5.1K 41

    Werewolves and mate? What is going on. "What do you mean? Werewolves aren't real" Is all I manage to get out. All of the boys sighs. "That's not true. Look here" Liam says. When I have my eyes fixed one him his eyes changes colour to a red kind of colour. "I'm Liam's wolf Zalfur. It's a pleasure to meet you" Liam smil...

  • The Artist
    95.2K 2.8K 27

    A part of her always showed in her paintings, he could read them like a story. A part of him always showed in his drawings, she could read them like a story.

  • One Direction Jokes
    107K 2.3K 58

    Wierd One Direction jokes, wierd things and lyrics to songs. #30 in one direction

  • You make me Strong
    360K 6.1K 40

    ~COMPLETED~ "is it so wrong, that you make me strong" I allowed the tears to stream down my face. *Edited*

  • Guilty Pleasure (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)
    413K 7.7K 52

    Reina Higgins spent most of her life under the watchful eye of her father, being trained who to love and who to stay away from. When she turned twenty-one, her over-protective parents finally gave her some freedom and allowed her to vacation to Mexico for Spring Break. While on the trip, she met a mysterious, aggravat...

  • How I Got Kidnapped By 1D (A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction)
    518K 11.7K 23

    Ok. I'm just an ordinary girl right? Yeah, that's what I thought too. I'm 5'7" with long, straight, dark chocolate brown hair that lays nicely on my chest. I have greenish-hazel eyes and outgoing. Some people say I look like Sarah Hyland. But, I'm not up to date on electronics. Which means I have no clue who she even...

  • Babysitting One Direction
    23M 319K 29

    All eighteen year old Anna Lee wanted was a summer babysitting job. That's exactly what she got when she received a call from someone named Simon requesting a babysitter for his five sons. Who knew that the five boys would be the boy band One Direction? Or that sometimes they'd be babysitting her! (disclaimer: this w...

  • Music Sheet (Harry Styles)
    19.3M 307K 54

    Watty Awards 2013 Winner! {book 3} ✓ - ❝ The moment I lost my mum things changed. I changed. I realised that no one stays forever, everyone leaves at some point, whether is willingly or not, and you're left alone, broken on the floor. I won't go through that again. I won't give people the chance to break me like that...

  • YouTube ➸ Larry Stylinson
    3.8M 128K 63

    where two famous youtubers deal with stolen cars, crazy girlfriends and their crazy fathers, movies, tea parties, traveling, and quite possibly, falling in love.

  • mostly ghostly
    345K 27.2K 22

    halloween night is when the jade-eyed stranger in the same bloodied white shirt costume makes his appearance to louis. and he only shows up on that night every year to fulfill one evil purpose. © niahuls [completed] highest rank: 6/17/14: #184 paranormal 10/17/14: #439 paranormal (wtf why is it ranked again??)

  • Fuck Buddies ~Narry~ (Re-written)
    151K 3.7K 18

    "I hate you" "Kinda hard to believe when you fuck me like that" ------- Harry and Niall have been on each others throats since day one. If the best way to keep the peace is to fuck then who can stop them?

  • Best Friends For Never | n.s [COMPLETED]#wattys2017
    62.6K 2.5K 53

    The one with an innocent Niall and Protective Harry . " They say you are lucky if you fell in love with your best friend. Is Harry the luckiest person , if the said person he fell in love with is his best friend ? And is a boy ? ! " A Narry Storan Story -- May 25 ' 2016

    Completed   Mature
  • My Brothers Bestfriend (NARRY AU)
    60.1K 2.3K 50

    Harry does his homework, he listens to Beethoven, and has a cat named Bella who he adores and loves. Harry's mom married Liam's dad the summer before there grade 9 year of high school. When Liam has friends over all the time, Harry can't help but notice the little blonde Irish boy who is always visiting. As they are...

  • Step-Brothers (n.s)
    65.6K 2.4K 32

    Niall hates Harry, he is obnoxious and enjoys making Niall's life a living hell. But Harry can't help but feel intrigued by the way Niall makes him feel and he has no other way of getting a reaction from him because their forced to be step-Brothers. Harry craves Niall's reaction in every little thing he does and Niall...

    Completed   Mature
  • Little Things ↪ Narry
    34.7K 1.7K 38

    Harry and Niall are friends from childhood. They are popular boys in school and every girl wants to date them. Boys are trying to be friends with them too. But what happens when they're playing truth and dare? What happens when Harry gets dared to kiss Niall? And the most important, what happens when Harry starts to d...

  • painless ➸ larry
    1.4M 67.5K 22

    ❝I bet I can make you feel pain.❞ ❝I'd like to see you try.❞

  • When The Smoke Is In Your Eyes (l.s.)
    2.4M 99.8K 57

    'I don't wanna be your friend, I wanna kiss your neck' Copyright 2014, thighhighlarry. All Rights Reserved.

  • Larry Stylinson - Buried
    57.1K 1.1K 12

    Louis and Harry have always been close mates nothing more but, quickly something happens and they are more than friends that is until management finds out.