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  • Black Equation - The Forgotten Ones
    2.9M 18.8K 38

    It was a life she never dreamed, a love she never expected, and a tragedy she never knew existed. Faye Summers is sassy and childish, not to mention extremely self-centered. Insanely talented at seventeen, she shone brighter than her other star counterparts, leading a life that glittered like gold. When sooner she rea...

  • Black Equation - The Gifted Ones
    372K 9.8K 40

    "When Death comes for you, what will you do?" Timid and awkward Abcidee Reeds discovers that there is more to her than a woman who looks like the missing singer Faye Summers. Ivan Ilyinsky, an infamous criminal, seeks her out and plunges her back to the world that was part of her forgotten past. To add to the mayhem...

  • Black Equation - The Deceived Ones
    564K 5.6K 16

    "Things will never be the same again." Gneiss Underwood never thought that he could have a shot of a normal life. Growing up in an environment where everything defied sanity, guns and loneliness were his normal companions, if not danger and Death himself. An UnGifted teenager whose soul had been sold to the devil, he...