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  • Selling Myself to The Beta
    28.1K 1.4K 2

    Description will be here soon! For now, enjoy the teaser chapter hehehehhe Cover by : MidnightReality

  • Torn Up Love
    237K 10K 19

    *STAND ALONE BOOK* *FROM THE MAIN IN LACE SERIES* "Stop messing" He said, clearly not amused with my games. I took this as an advantage and moved myself closer to him. "Make me" "Please" "Aren't I the one that's supposed to be begging?" I pouted, wanting his attention. The bored frustrated look he wore seemed to go da...

  • Torn Between Alphas (Selling Myself To The Alpha)
    23M 111K 8

    What do you do when you're in a crisis? A financial crisis? A) Borrow money off someone B) Find a job C) Try sell yourself Caliana Hart, like any normal girl, chose option C. But she's made the mistake of choosing the wrong man to mess with. Temporary cover: ayeitsning