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  • Tunnel Vision ↝ GIFs
    1.3K 139 6

    ❝Your story is only as powerful as the person living it❞ A quiet little corner for Empress to present you with high-quality homemade gifs of your favorite underrated and gifless faces for fun. Be kind and respectful to me and my hard work and we won't have any problems! ❨ cover • • • by me ❩...

  • Into The Jungle ↝ Portfolio #2
    21.3K 5.1K 180

    ❝Art comes in many forms, none of which you will find in here❞ Welcome to my second Graphics portfolio type thing! In here you'll find all types of graphics, the occasional resource pack and maybe a milestone pack or two. Critiques are always welcome as are kind words ❨ graphics portfolio • • • #2 ❩...

  • From The Ashes ↝ Graphics
    14.9K 1.1K 18

    ❝I seem to have misplaced my inspiration, have you seen it?❞ Here we are yet again, with yet another graphics shop. Filled with (determination) hope that I can stick to this, keep it organize and not begin to hate it anytime soon I am opening a new shop from the remains of my very first. Come inside, have...

  • bliss bakery ; graphics.
    60K 7.4K 117

    ❝ BLISS ; N) PERFECT HAPPINESS ; GREAT JOY ❞ status | CLOSED in which zoe returns and throws together some more graphic meals for you. enjoy your meal at BLISS BAKERY! graphics book sequel to CREATIVITY CAFÉ. highest ranking | R223 [ lowercase intended ]

  • Poison Rose || Graphic Portfolio
    20.6K 2.1K 12

    the place where you get to judge and scrutinise the things I've done. . .

    888 62 6

    ⠀ In which an awkward teenage girl displays her terrible graphics in a messy portfolio for those who wish to see and so that she can personally improve on her graphic design skills. Details inside. Original Content ...

  • ➳dawn : graphic shop & portfolio
    100K 8.8K 76

    graphic shop offering you the best I could do and also a portfolio. start : september 3, 2018 end : - - -

  • Overdose | covers v1
    159K 15.7K 166

    This is the place where covers are made upon request. All book genres are now welcome!! Previously titled 'strictly fanfiction', 'breathe fine' and 'gypsyhook'. [requesting status: CLOSED & COMPLETE] Copyright © 2016 by soundthealarm Graphic Wattys winner 2018: People's Choice for Best Simple/Minimal Covers Highest ra...

  • ikea! a graphic shop [closed]
    222K 19.2K 111

    ─ some trashy covers :) ─ tutorials in the back ─ 2018 graphic watty winner: dark covers ─ 2018 graphic watty winner: people's choice light cover designer ─ 2016 graphic watty winner: minimalistic covers [ cover by the extremely talented @fartette]

  • Stella | Graphic Shop
    99.6K 6.9K 69

    [ CLOSED FOR CATCH UP ] A graphic shop + tips, tricks and tutorials. cover by me (@strayinspace)

  • east of eden ; graphic contests.
    5.8K 605 11

    ❝ RUNNING IN THE DARK TO FIND EAST OF EDEN ❞ ϟ STATUS | CLOSED ϟ . in which zoe hosts some not-so-creative contests. HIGHEST RANKING ; R945

  • 𝐄𝐏𝐈𝐏𝐇𝐀𝐍𝐘 ━ graphic shop. [ cfcu ]
    21.7K 2.3K 73

    𝙀𝙋𝙄𝙋𝙃𝘼𝙉𝙔. ❝ 빛나는 나를 소중한 내 영혼을❞ basically where your friendly neighbourhood trash makes you semi - decent graphics. [ HIGHEST RANKING #135 IN RANDOM & #1 IN GRAPHICS ]

  • EndlessHeights Graphics
    98.7K 9.9K 49

    Welcome to EndlessHeights Graphics! A non-committing cover shop where I make covers uniquely for your book.:) Ranked #1 in coverrequests and #1 in photomanipulation 2018 Graphic Wattys Winner(dark covers) 2018 Graphic Wattys Nominee Winner(book jackets) *Cover made by me

  • Welkin Graphics
    21K 2.1K 13

    don't ask me what i was thinking when i made this because, frankly, i wasn't thinking at all. - All sources in my graphics are not mine, unless I state otherwise. I own only the final result. Do not steal, re-edit, or claim my works. Please, thank you! Critiques are very welcomed and I really appreciate them as they d...

  • Velaris Graphics (CFCU)
    45.5K 5.1K 71

    Welcome to the city of stars, my second graphic shop. Request & browse at your leisure, and don't forget to leave candy in the tip jar! OPEN- request here & now CLOSED- graphic hiatus CFCU- closed for catch-up FOREVER CLOSED- this graphic book is no longer being updated. "to the stars who listen and the dreams that ar...

  • azthetically : Graphic Portofolio
    6K 878 18

    ❝ In wich a bored girl trying to make and show her trashy graphic in this horrifically terrible graphic portofolio ❞ [IND/ENG] Things you need to prepare before you clicked the 'read' button : - sunglasses - plastic bag - Pray for your eyes safety Warning: • contains trashy things • this book is a whole mess • 80% of...

  • xanny | closed
    108K 11.6K 100

    ❝i can't afford to love someone who isn't dying by mistake❞ in which a sarcastic Aussie tries her best to make beautiful covers for your amazing books