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  • The Heavenly Award | CLOSED
    5.8K 545 15

    No one reads your book? Don't fret! Come here and participate in The Heavenly Award ♡ we're here to discover undiscovered talents and seek hidden gems ♡

  • Nightly Awards ; Now Open
    542 74 6

    Welcome ladies, aliens, and gentlemen to the Nightly Awards! Join the awards to get prizes, and get discovered! [✡] open for you to join [ ] judging stage [ ] open for public voting sessions [ ] counting the votes [ ] winners announced Let's all be honest, many writers out there don't get the recognition they...

  • The Melancholy Awards [CLOSED]
    12.2K 1K 35

    A swift movement... A rustle of leaves... This is a place to live in your fantasy land. This is a place to reach for your dreams. The universe is your friend, and the wings on your back will carry you away. To your own tomorrow. The Melancholy Awards will help you get there, and realize that while somber...