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  • Take A Hint
    12.7K 777 8

    | Cover by @Dat_Crankler_Doe | Ever since he's met Stephen Strange, Tony has been trying his best to get friendly with him. Well, more than friendly. Too bad that the Sorcerer Supreme seems to be completely clueless when it comes to Tony's subtle (or not so subtle) attempts to show him. Thank god that Wong catches on...

  • "Oh, Tony..." | Ironstrange
    107K 5.5K 35

    Tony Stark is a male billionare that has suffered from PTSD ever since 2 years ago when he was a victim of a violent car accident. That car accident took away his ability to fight with the avengers, his healthy mental state, and his eye sight. How could anything get better, Tony thought.

  • Touched by Death (J2)
    2.2K 45 16

    NYPD Detective Jensen Ackles has built his life around solving crimes and acquiring justice under the weight of his badge. But when an unsolved case gets a warm body, his life, the man he loves, and even his sanity are put in jeopardy. Because after all, the hardest thing to do is love something death can touch.

    Completed   Mature
  • Torch Fic ~twenty One Pilots~
    7.6K 595 31

    Tyler is stuck in DEMA, desperately writing to the Banditos as Clancy, wanting a way out. Here's his and Josh's story for the trench era. Highest ranking: #1 in dema, #1 in welcometotrench, #11 in Trench, #11 in sunflower.

    929K 34.1K 113

    Oneshots to help PHIL your thirst for phan. Are you looking for a good time? Click now to meet Ironic meme loving trash in your area Any meme trash of Dan and Phil are my friends. WE IS A PHAMILY of SKUNK NUGGETS YO. SWIGGITY SWEED PLEASE READ.

  • Finally Out (Destiel)
    3.3K 176 2

    Dean has finally gotten away from the family business but he wake up one day he middle of the night to find his bed empty.

  • Freaking Witches
    155K 4.8K 36

    Dean Winchester went on a what was supposed to be an easy solo witch hunt. The next morning he is surprised to find out that the witches have placed a very problematic curse on him. Now he's in a race with time in order to find a way to reverse the spell that was placed upon him.

  • Rock You Like A Hurricane
    9.5K 462 8

    What would it be like to know your idol? To go to the very same school as your idol. Dean Winchester knows his idol, but to Castiel Novak, Dean Winchester is just another speck in his every growing crowd of fans. However, this doesn't stop the nerdy Dean Winchester from going to see this small time band 'The Fallen An...

  • sick || destiel au
    6.2K 309 13

    Where Castiel coughs and everything spins out of control

  • My Names Blurryface
    991 130 17

    Three months ago, Josh and Tyler left the USA to tour with Fall Out Boy in Australia. Now, back in the United States, Blurryface has found Tyler. Haunting his dreams, his mind, his heart, Blurryface won't stop until Tyler succumbs to his will. He will stop at nothing to have Tyler dead. To segregate him from his best...

  • Just Smirk [A Destiel AU] ||Punk!Cas & Nerd!Dean||
    218K 9.6K 25

    Renamed "Just Smirk" 9th February 2015 was "I Like Different" Destiel AU Highschool Punk!Cas and Nerd!Dean Dean Winchester, the new kid, moved from Lawrence, Kansas to get away from bad memories. With his Dad always out on jobs, Dean must take care of his little brother Sammy. Though he may not seem that tough on t...

  • Skies of Fire
    1.2K 63 6

    When 15 year old Dean finishes up a solo hunt sooner than expected, he comes back to find that his family has left him. His father had found another case on the other side of the U.S and left with Sam to go take care of it. After giving his father a call, Dean finds out that Sam and his father might have bitten off a...

  • Undeniable Heat
    534K 24.7K 80

    You've just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will yo...

  • I'm a boy //joshler
    18.2K 790 21

    In which Tyler is ftm.

  • S(he) // j.d.+t.j.
    2K 85 8

    Taylor just wants to be "Tyler." She wants to be a "he." She wants to have the voice, looks, feel of a male. ☁︎☁︎☁︎ Where Tyjo is transgender and is finally accepted by a certain someone named Josh. ©tiredblueangel

  • Blessed With A Curse (Destiel)
    28.6K 1.3K 28

    A depressing story with a ridiculous ending... Cas is dealing with his own issues. He has his own releases. What happens when the releases fail? Will Dean fix him slowly? Will Dean be the one to save Cas? Or the one to destroy him? DESTIEL *Trigger warning*

  • call me dan ➳ phan
    10.7M 325K 192

    just when the catipillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly × sequel to 'transgender' {HIGHEST RANKING #3}

  • Destiel oneshots
    11.1K 353 22

    Sabriel and Destiel oneshots Enjoy! **** Collab with OhMyGlobDestiel

  • Masked Murderer |:| Twenty One Pilots
    19.7K 1.2K 85

    TRIGGER WARNING Somebody stole my car radio, and now I just sit in silence.

  • Blood / Joshler
    76.6K 3.1K 27

    Tyler's a murderer. Josh is a policeman. Tyler loves blood and the way it runs down his fingers. Josh is only trying to do his job and find the murderer. But once he does. It all takes a big turn. Lots of triggering stuff in this. Please do not read if you get triggered easily. Smut. Top!Tyler. Bottom!Josh. ©...