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  • MERGE | zion kuwonu
    28.8K 756 16

    third part of the NUDES series :D Ranks #7 in #kuwonu ; july 27, 2018

  • Zion Kuwonu ✨ NEW GIRL ✨
    80.4K 1.2K 21

    Mellissa, 17 years old, rough past. is going to move across the world to start her new life.

  • Why do I trust you? (Zion Kuwonu)
    64.1K 788 35

    Savannah is a 17 year old that is treated like shes 13 having little to know friends and a boyfriend that treats her like crap when she meets Zion and realises that she's been missing out on the world while she's been in the house will she become an outgoing person with zion or will she turn back into the person her p...

  • Britney Issues | Zion Kuwonu
    129K 2.3K 29

    We told him what happened, we told him what we saw. But he still didn't believe.

  • The Only One *Zion Kuwonu*
    64.6K 1.3K 25

    *COMPLETED* Winona attends Roberta Boarding School in New York City. One day, she pushes Zion, another student, out of the way of a falling bookcase. The rest is history.

  • Regrets | Zion Kuwonu
    182K 2.5K 91

    Everyone has regrets. Most can live with them but others, not so much. Zion can't really seem to escape his one regret but can he at least try to make it right? ••••••••••••••• 🌻💚👻🌙☘️🥥

    457K 8.4K 42

    Liliana Mara is the younger sister of Nick Mara. This is her story. More importantly, how she fell for Brandon Arreaga.

  • again (2) | zion kuwonu
    63.2K 1.4K 42

    Sequel to Babygirl

  • Social media | Zion Kuwonu
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    Zion Kuwonu commented on your post "woah 😍"

  • The Arranged Love //PM Zion
    92.6K 3.6K 53

    Jamie Evans, a 16 year old American girl's life changes forever when she moves to Europe to meet her future 'husband' (Zion). She discovers more about her past and the truth behind her mother's death, she also discovers that love may be the only thing that can save her. Will she find love (and if so with who?) or abs...

  • ZION | ✓
    4.2K 390 61

    "You've come to Mount Zion, the city where the living God resides." ~ Useful life-lessons throughout the journey ~

  • babygirl (1) | zion kuwonu
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  • The Alpha's Daughter
    11.8M 261K 58

    "I, Cole Greystone, reject you, Morgan Mayor, as my mate." As soon as those words left his mouth, I felt my whole world, shatter into a million pieces. He left the room without a second glance, and I watched his back as he retreated, and wiped away the stray tears. Why would the person, who I was destined to be with...

  • The Photographer » Shawn Mendes
    3.7M 100K 125

    "shawn mendes, meet your personal photographer; savanah jones." **photos do NOT belong to me *PHOTOS BELONG TO: Summer McKeen via Instagram Dylan Jordan via Instagram Shawn Mendes via Instagram Olivia Holt via Instagram Jacie Marie Smith via Instagram Froy Gutierrez via Instagram Josiah Van Dien via Instagram

  • My Sexy Possessive Alpha (DISCONTINUED)
    7.4M 136K 21

    (DISCONTINUED) Megan Lopez was just a normal teenage girl who longed for her mate. But sadly, when she finds him, she realizes that it's no other than Ryder Harris. The bad boy who's very possessive over anything. Fate is definitely not on her side this time. *i wrote this when I was 13 please read at your own risk!!*

    Completed   Mature
  • void
    97.4K 6.4K 21

    sometimes, you feel void. #20 poetry july 14, 2016.

  • Paper Stars ✓
    145K 7.7K 25

    "i was thinkin' about yesterday, when you asked me why i stayed, with this, and i didn't answer you. i didn't answer you, because i don't know why i stay. nova?" "yea?" "would you like to run away with me?" {cover: @guyswithguitars } highest ranking: #21 in Poetry || completed || "shoot for the moon. even...

  • every fool thing
    14.6K 574 6

    petals on leaves and trees on cliffs © altruistyc on wattpad

  • idealism. (poetry)
    232K 19.8K 100

    a collection of short poems that were the result of late night breakdowns i sincerely hope you can't relate to some of these enjoy p.s. lowercase intended

  • Shadows of Light: A Zeref and Mavis Story
    9.8K 526 23

    A fan fiction about Mavis and Zeref. Zeref wanders the streets in secret, searching for a sign of acceptance in life. Mavis lives in a fancy mansion-type house, learning to control her Fairy magic from her mother, wishing to leave for things other than her strategies. Zeref wishes for a sign to continue life. Mavis wi...

  • Mavis x Zeref ( The Only One Who Cares)
    14.1K 468 30

    Ok don't judge... I'm a new author and this is my first story. I love this couple so here it goes.... Zeref and Mavis have been friends since they were 4. Along with Mavis's cousin Lucy and Zeref's brother Natsu. But Zeref has always taken care of Mavis. Though one day she moves away and is gone for 12 years. What wil...

  • A Dark Love (ZerefxMavis fanfic)
    12.6K 342 8

    Hello Everyone! So basically this story is mostly about Zeref and Mavis ^-^ I enjoy this ship so much, so I've created this... Its mostly about, Zeref and Mavis going on adventures :) So in the beginning, Zeref is still his usual "evil" self but Mavis comes along and Zeref instantly realizes that she's not like anyo...

  • Natsu's Sister is Back! | Fairy Tail Fanfic
    101K 2K 31

    I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does. This is a story about Sky Dragneel, (my OC). Sky and Patch finally reunite with the guild members. Everyone is happy and everything goes back to normal... Or does it? *Discontinued* (sadly)

  • Natsu's little sister
    36.3K 1K 18

    When team Natsu goes on a mission they find out that he has a little sister that he forgot about when they were kids. Natsu finds out that she is a part of the dark guild Raven tail. But when the dark guild goes against his sister to destroy fairy tail, will he be able to convince her to join fairy tail so that she ca...

  • The Nerd's Secret // Book 1 [Completed]
    5.9M 191K 36

    RE-WRITING (14/10/21) Highest Rank #1 in Action "I can't tell anyone how I was kidnapped and raped. How I was used and abused. I certainly can't tell anyone how I learnt to fight so that I could protect myself" Mia Brooks wasn't your ordinary teenage girl. She is a teenage girl with no family. After being left alone...