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    A girl named Eliza White was born in a royal family of Grace, the most powerful royal of all royals. His father the Light king was the first person who was enthroned by the selection of Honor. Her life is perfect. She was the messager and a princess of the royalties. Every assemblage she knows how it would end. Every...

  • Guns In A Another World: Guns Isekai
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    A hopeless college gun geek was transferred to on another world, a world of swords and magic, but with his unique skills like turning swords to guns he will change the rules of the world or not.

  • Coming to a different world- Story of the [Grim Reaper]
    1.7M 66.8K 63

    The 17-year-old Toru Kakazu gets bullied every day at school. One day, a magic circle appears in his classroom, teleporting him and the rest of his class to a different world. They are asked to defeat the Demon King, who seemingly terrorizes and threatens the well-faring and prosperity of the adjacent kingdoms. As h...

  • Summoned Demon King
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    The kingdom has decided to summon heroes from the another world. Five human figure appear before them and ask the heroes to save them from the Demon Queen. What will happen if the Demon Lord was dragged in the Hero summoning ritual? (P.S: This is my First Story, Hope you just Enjoy it.)

  • Reincarnated as an Alchemist - If i have no cheat then, i just have to make one
    2.7M 90.1K 200

    Tale of a Man who was reincarnated into another world as the son of a Saint but his birth was hated by everyone and he was forced to get a class that was seen as an unwanted class, Alchemist. Using his previous world's memories and his wisdom, he was struggling to survive and gained a stable life. Disclaimer: I don't...

  • God of cooking
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    30-year-old Jo Minjoon has always wanted to become a chef. He started his culinary career late in life, however, and is currently chopping onions at a restaurant. Regretting his life choices, he wishes he could go back to change it all and falls asleep. Meanwhile, someone out there is willing to give him another chanc...

  • lv 1 skeleton
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    It's a pretty good story about going into another world and the mc became a skeleton in a dungeon. what mystical adventures will he have.

  • Reincarnated as a Monster!
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    A young man named Kozu died and has been reincarnated as a Fox Monster! What will he do next or... will he even survive.

  • Lazari: i Eat Pasta for Breakfast
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    The original Comic by Chibi-Works! All credit goes to her! Enjoy!

  • The Twist Of Fate
    265K 8.1K 30

    Cason was weak, he was always getting over-shadowed by his sibling. No one would bat an eye when he was bullied, he would always try and help as much as he could but he was called a nuesance. Overall, his life sucked. As he was one of the few Fate decided was going to grow exponentionaly, but he did not know at the ti...