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  • Falling
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    When Kiera's dreams are invaded by Asmodeus, one of the seven demon princes of Hell, her life is immediately turned upside down and as hard as she tries, she cannot fight the pull she feels to both him and the demon realm. And when Asmodeus reveals secrets he knows about her, things she didn't even know herself, she w...

  • Twisting Fate
    213 47 10

    After waking up alone in a cell with no memory, the only things Mira knows about herself is her name and that she is accused of a terrible crime she doesn't believe she committed. As more details surface of how she got where she was, she learns that she has another side with an incredible strength and power, and that...

  • Ursula's Beginning
    43.4K 4.2K 58

    2018 Wattys winner and Belle Ame Award winner in the Fan Fiction category. Reached #1 in thelittlemermaid, backstory, and Ursula; #3 in headcanons; #7 in Disney. [To be edited.] Prepare to see "The Little Mermaid" in a very different light. If you grew up loving the Disney classic, this is your chance to be part of th...