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  • Luck was on his side (Kingbury)
    9.6K 554 10

    (Soulmate Au) (Futuristic Modern Day Au) When someone turns 18, the name of their soulmate appears somewhere on their body. Samuel Seabury expected to get some average name, maybe someone he knew, maybe someone he didn't. He almost expected there to be no name. But, to his surprise, and almost everyone in his family'...

    Completed   Mature
    9.2K 209 6

    THIS IS GONNA GET SMUTTY Hamilton: minifics, headcanons, prompts Accepting ideas, prompts and ships (Probably gonna be a lot of KingBury) Hamilton characters including historical references

  • My Loyal Royal Subject (kingsbury)
    18.3K 619 17

    Kingbury fanfic Samuel Seabury's life has been very strange , he has no friends,no family left and he still remains loyal to the king,did I mention he has a crush on the king? Well he does and wacky things start to stir up when he finds out the king is going through some mental illness. Will he remain loyal to the kin...

  • My King ( kingbury )
    25.1K 913 35

    Samuel Seabury is a loyalist who is defending King George iii during the American Revolution but Samuel also has a secret he has a crush on the king

  • You'll be back~ {A Kingbury Fanfiction}
    40.6K 1.8K 29

    (FINISHED) Samuel Seabury and George Fredrick the Third become close friends. College! Modern! AU