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  • My sister's husband
    232K 9.4K 27

    In a world leaded by power, being weak isn't an option. You have to be smart, you have to seek protection from one of the 5 most powerful mafia bosses in order to survive. At least that's what mum always told us, my sister and I. I didn't believe one couldn't live freely. I planned to live my dream and forget about...

  • Breeders
    1.1M 60.4K 39

    *Warning ⚠ BxB! This means Boy love (gay). If you don't like, don't read! In a world where females no longer exist, the male population is divided into two parts; the breeders and the providers. The provider's job is to work and provide for their breeder while the breeders were to bear and nurture their children with...

  • The Jock's Love Story
    414K 17.8K 33

    First of the love story series. In every love story there's always, I MEAN ALWAYS a bad guy. You know the bully of the story. Well, that's the case for Brynn Austin. With his stunning, mouth watering features as well as being captain of the football team he can do anything he wants. Since karma had to come and give h...