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  • marrying you ; m.t 1
    444K 10K 55

    A story of two teenagers that only hate each other but end up having an arranged marriage together. How will all of the things end? P.S: The story have some grammar problems so please don't mind it and enjoy reading xD BEWARE : this story was written 2-3 years ago by the young me who's not good with grammar and ENGL...

  • Sisters (TaeHyo)
    13.9K 481 35

    Kim Taeyeon - Hyoyeon's older sister Kim Hyoyeon - Taeyeon's dongsaeng. Byun Baekhyun - Taeyeon's first love Tommy/Taekhyun - BaekYeon's son... Kim Jong In (Kai) - Hyo's boy bestfriend, which become lovers later Do Kyungsoo (Dyo) - the serious guy, Kai's friend and Sunny's sweet heart Lee Sunny - Hyo's most trusted be...