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    "BA SONTA NAKE BA" Shin dagaske ba sonta yake ba? Shin ita din son shi take??

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    Labarin Soyayyar Aliyu da Aisha wadda ta faro cikin Qiyayya..!!

  • Jannah
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    Read about Jannah Uthman, a twenty one year old girl who's trying to get justice for her deceased sister but everything becomes screwy when she meets Abdullah Abubakar Daggash, an ingenious state prosecutor, also known as Sheikh. She finds herself at a crossroads, teetering between vengeance and love.

  • Rags To Riches (Slow Update)
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    A book about Amina, a very simple black beauty who was born into a world full of racism and discrimination. This led to her low self esteem. Amina is hated by her father, step mother and brothers and the world in general. A story about racism, discrimination, sadness, happiness, patience and victory! . . . . This is a...

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    Kamar yadda rayuwar ko wace MATAR BAHAUSHE take zuwa cikin yanayi mabanbanta, haka tata rayuwar ta fara cike da tarin kalubale. Sai dai ta fannoni da dama, ta banbanta da sauran matan hausawa da suke sarewa cikar burinsu na yau da kullun. She's ambitious, very courageous, and she's determined to fulfill her dreams. M...

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    Meet Salma Tahir, a timid, shy and intelligent practicing Muslimah. Being a Muslimah means arranged marriage, been arranged to an egoistical CEO or so she had been told means heartbreak. Salma had been married for a year and she had never set her eyes on him, been alone in a new country she set up her cafe with the he...

  • My Wife Or My Neighbor
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    Dr. Umar AbdulQadir, A Caring and Loving Husband to Haajarah who is Busy with life In the process ignoring her husband and child. When Haajarah starts getting doubt about him having an extra marital affair with their Widowed Neighbor, Ummu Roomaan. Despite the Eternal Love Umar has for her, The doubt in her heart mad...

  • Favorite Writer
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    It's all about my favorite writer here on wattpad, her Name is Nafisatu and she's from Katsina State One more thing, please don't mind the English i know it will be so boring but with time I'll definitely make it Insha Allah

  • Mallam Garba's House
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    Salamatu smiled and scoffed, her signature evil gesture. This was not the first time her husband Mallam Garba was bringing a new wife into their home and she was sure it's not going to be the last, but what she was most certain about is that, this new wife, just like the 18 others that left before her, would not live...

  • My Young Love ✅
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    I was 15 when I first noticed the sadness, loneliness and longing in my Baba's eyes, perhaps it had been there all the while but he was so good at hiding it or perhaps, I was too young to understand.

  • The Story Of Us
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    Life doesn't always end with a happily ever after. Life is an epitome of sweet and sour. Life is an epitome of bitter and sweet. Life is not a bed of roses. Life offers you honey today, and decides to hand you lime the next. Surrounding occurrences in my life and that of the people around me, shaped me into who I am t...

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    Highest Ranks. #2 in hausa on 1st November, 2019. In 2019, Fatima Bukar got a scholarship to study in Laura High. Amiss the private institution, she discovers a works full of drugs, sex and abortions. She was ablaze with change and obsessed with fame. It was then that Fatima met The Divas, a school club filled...

  • Life With My Mother-in-law.
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    #1 in Sadness on 9•04•2019!🎉💃🏾❣. #1 in Crestfallen on 7•08•2019!🎉💃🏾❣. #1 in Detest on 7•08•2019!🎉💃🏾❣. #1 in Loathe on 11•9•2019!🎉💃🏾❣. Imran Abdul-Fatah Isah and Zara Abdullahi Ibrahim, a couple who just got married and wished for a peaceful home but the antonym of peace is what they meet in that home as th...

  • My Journey To Islam❤
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    I think I've betrayed the one who created me for not believing in him all this while, but I know he exists, sure he does but I am just so confused, I don't know who he is, I don't know how to reach out to him though I've always felt his existence in me, I don't know which religion he belongs to, I mean he's the God of...

  • Expectation Of Love |Finding Love After Marriage ✔|
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    Highest ranking #1 in Expectation hot list "Roshni, I guess that's your name?" "Yes" "I'm sorry for what I am about to tell you right now, I just don't want you to have any misconceptions about this marriage" "What do you mean?" "I don't like beating around the bush, so I will go straight to the point. I don't like...

  • AYLA
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    meet Ayla, A beautiful Hausa girl. she falls in love with a guy named fazil. they will face challenges from different angles,problems here and problems there. will they end up together? find out in this amazing journey of life, friendship and love. tears will be shed, love and hatred will be shown and most import...

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    #1 Youth 13th October, 2019. #1 parenting 11th August, 2019. #5 Youth 1st October, 2019. #3 youth 28th August, 2019. #15 English 30th August, 2019 Maryam was afraid of how he made her feel. The reality of her circumstances. She had never been this emotionally raw, weak as she was with Mubarak, she physically felt saf...

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    "Tun ina yarinya kike zagin mahaifiyata, tun bansan menene maanar kalmomin wulakanci da muzgunawa ba nakejin kina fadarsu ga mahaifiyata, ina cikin wannan halin wani azzalumi yaje ya kashe min mahaifiya, a gaban idona kika hana a tafi dani inda zanji dadin rayuwata, babu yadda na iya haka na biyoki inda kika doro mani...

  • Abeer's tale. (Fragrance)
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    A young bold kanuri lady brought up by a small family.the only child to her parents and loved. she later learnt about new phase of love as her life linked up with two awesome blokes. read more to see who gets to be her life partner..

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    Tun asalin duniyar Nasreen Izzaddeen, ba ta san akwai wata soyayya, bayan ta Aqeel Mukaila ba. Tun bata san yana rayuwa a doron duniya ba take cin karo da shi a mafarkinta a duk lokacin da ta kulle idanuwanta. Zanen fuskarshi na daya daga cikin ababen da suke bata nishadi a kasan zuciya. Sai dai duk wannan abun, Aqeel...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Face Behind The Veil✔
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    © 2017 All Rights Reserved Eighteen year old Hafsah gets admitted into her dream college to study psychology. There, she meets the arrogant and handsome Zayden. Twenty-two year old Zayden is a senior at her college who does nothing but chase everything in skirts. He goes clubbing every night, smokes, disrespects peop...

  • Forced Love✔
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    © 2018 All Rights Yusrah's life takes a dramatic turn when her parents decide to get her married to Masoud Abdullah. That wasn't the life Yusrah wanted for herself. She wanted to go through college, get a nice job and finally settle with the man of her dreams but all hopes were shattered the moment her marriage was b...

  • Fortuitous Tenderness. (Preview)
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    Two souls meet and fell in love when they least expected it.

  • My Name Is Fatima Batoul
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    This is a story of a 24years old Fatima Batoul Qasiim. CEO of FBQ Cosmetics She has this hatred for men after what her Father had done to her Mother. She promised herself not to ever trust a Man,but she broke her promise. FaizulAnwar Gaddafi CEO of a construction company, Fgees Company. He had a daughter UmmulKhair...

  • Alkyabba
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    He looked at me with so much adoration in his eyes that made my stomach do double flips and my heart just melted. "I will shield you from all the harm in this world. I will make sure everyone accepts the shade of your skin and your brunette hair. You will never ever feel like you don't belong here anymore. You deserv...

  • Finding Zarah:A Hausa Lovestory
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    Fatima Zarah Adam is a Teenage 18 year old girl. Calm and Intelligent,she stands out amongst her five sisters. Beautiful,pretty and disgustingly polite,she heads to find out what life offers for her immediately after completing High School. She ends up in Paris,the city of love. And there....... Ahmad Al Akbar is the...

  • I Am Ariana
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    Everyone has a story to tell, they say. Follow me while I unravel the secret stories behind my fictitious characters. Ariana, being the main character, just like her name, is full of life, but life does not work the way we want it to, let's see how she copes with life and how she tries to balance her family, her dream...

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    [#4 on Spiritual🔥🔥 On 24 September 2018] "Why is everybody avoiding me because of my voice? Was I the one that created myself? No. I was ridiculed, humiliated, harassed, all because of my voice. Why could'nt everyone understand how it hurts? Not even my mother. Why? I know you were asking my name because you want to...

  • Safaa
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    Join me as I tell you the story of the timid and naive Safaa.. And how her moderate life took a turn within a blink of an eye...

  • Acceptance: A Nigerian Love Story
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    He grew up in Nigeria She grew up in Saudi Arabia She's an open book He has a closed heart She hates complicated things He doesn't even know what is complicated and what's not. She's a chatterbox and she's fascinated by the fact that he doesn't get mouth odour from his extreme silence. Or is she just too noisy t...