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  • A Guide For A "Perfect" Account
    74.9K 558 18

    A guide to have the "perfect" fan/personal account! (ꈍ ꒳ ꈍ✿) xx

  • Return [ BOOK ONE ]
    2.1M 56.3K 37

    Blair Gilbert always has been the complete opposite to her twin sister, Elena. Elena was more into reading, and having slumber parties as a pre-teen. Blair, on the other hand, was into drugs, and booze. Starting at the age of 12, Blair took her first drink of alcohol, which lead to her trying marijuana, then oxycodone...

  • Arrival >> MILEVEN
    52.8K 1.5K 8

    El has returned and Mike, Dustin and Lucas are in for another adventure. Mike fell for El the year before, what will happen now? Will El feel the same way still?

  • Finn Wolfhard Imagines
    2.8M 50.8K 201

    Imagines of Finn W and his played Characters

  • Coffee Shop
    1.3M 52.4K 39

    They meet through simple circumstances, a small joke sparking the love that grows between them. And it all starts in a coffee shop. --- Highest Ranks: #3 in Short Story #1 in Coffee Shop #2 in Love #1 in Relationships --- Cover by: @annashappy

  • Both of Us ▸ Stiles Stilinski (1)
    2.4M 64.7K 32

    Somewhere amidst bloodthirsty werewolves and vengeful hunters, Carson Bradley did the one thing she thought she never would: she fell for her best friend. (season 1, book 1)

  • I'll Be Your Last
    305K 8.8K 39

    Caroline Forbes has just started college. Her boyfriend, Tyler Lockwood, has been allowed to return to Mystic Falls and her life by Klaus, the powerful and villainous hybrid who also loves her. When danger comes calling, as it always does, who will stand with Caroline to face it? And which of them will she give her he...

  • ❞YOUTH❞ A Graphic Portoflio
    2.1K 458 24

    ❞You can't take my youth away❞ just where I dump my trash.

  • A Little Unsteady || Raura
    171K 9.4K 48

    a broken, suicidal boy (man). his best friend who wants to help. • • • this does use sad, real life problems people face everyday. it's not meant to offend anyone in any way. • • • amazing cover by @Rydellingtons_Child