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  • If Only ✔
    1.1M 28.7K 55

    To him, she is his best friend To her, he is the love of her life If Only he felt the same way... ////////////////////////////////////////////////// DISCRIPTION IS TERRIBLE AND SO IS THE FIRST FEW PARTS BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GIVE THIS BOOK A CHANCE

  • Blue Eyes (A Paranormal Romance)
    3.9M 171K 77

    HIGHEST RANK- #1 in Crush #2 in Paranormal For a moment he just sits there watching me with amused eyes, a smirk playing on his lips. Suddenly he stands up and walks forward until he's only inches from my body. Our faces so close that I can actually see the small sliver flecks in his eyes as they shimmer. "Wha-what a...

    2.8M 200K 65

    Claire Evans is a small town Indiana gal with a heart for adventure. When a wounded dragon falls from the sky, she runs into a cornfield to rescue it. This isn't just any dragon, he's a shifter, one of six royal protectors. Helping him has consequences. Claire finds herself traipsing-or rather, flying-across the kingd...

  • The Locker Exchange
    25.3M 985K 51

    When Brynn finds herself accidentally sharing a locker with a misunderstood and popular bad boy, she can't help being pulled into a high-stakes mystery. ***** After discovering her newly assigned gym locker has no back wall -- so she's stuck staring...

  • I Slapped Mr. Popular
    2M 75.9K 74

    Braelyn Sawyer is the invisible little sister of Nick, Nathan, and Kyle Sawyer. Each of her brothers are popular, handsome, and players. Braelyn always hid in their shadow. A year ago Braelyn had her heart broken by her long time boyfriend Jared Harmon, and ever since then, she has stayed away from boys. She sticks to...

  • Running from the gang
    241K 8.7K 36

    In life, we do things we regret, or that we wish we could wipe from our memory forever. At the age of 15, I didn't think I'd regret anything until I was an adult. I considered myself care free. I lived life one day at a time. Well, as much as a 15 year old can. But in life, there are also things that we can't change...

    Completed   Mature
  • Faline
    947K 36.7K 21

    Innocent Sweet Ethereal Shy Runt Omega Faline This is the story of a weak, innocent, young woman who took every bad thing life threw at her and, despite the odds, became a powerful queen instead.

  • Shy
    18M 658K 86

    "She's shy," Brooke shrugged and looked at Indianna. "Well, come on, I don't bite," Greyson urged and Indianna stiffened, just like before. "Don't talk about that," Indianna said, but her voice was still quiet. "Struck a nerve have I?" Greyson said and smirked. "Somebody likes it kinky." * Indianna Hughs had always be...

  • The Beast
    50.5M 1.7M 57

    To the world he was a beast but for her he would do anything. He could have the world but all he wanted was her. They say the things we want most are the things we can't have. For she was so afraid of him that even the thought of him could have her running for the hills. Little did she know that she was the only one w...

  • The Boy I Admire From Afar
    75.9M 3.6M 126

    As Claire aims to leave her oppressive stepfamily behind, she befriends Zion. Will he be her ticket to freedom or a distraction in achieving her dreams? ***** Claire Olsen has had a crush on Zion Petrakis since the first time she laid eyes on him, bu...

  • After Humanity
    1.4M 34.1K 16

    * 2017 WATTY WINNER!* A/N Please note that as of January 2020, After Humanity has been unpublished. Still posted are the first 13 chapters of the story as a preview. It is my hope to get this book published off of wattpad so if you enjoy what you read? Please add the story to your reading list! All updates regarding...

  • The Gryphon's Bond
    517K 37.3K 30

    Edited by @KelseyDragon17 Anna lives in a world where by the time they turn eighteen, every man and woman must have a beast bond. Those of them left unbonded are cast out of the city, deemed violent and insane; for if even a rat will not lower itself to bond with you, you must be the lowest of the low. Anna has lived...

  • Claimed
    1.2M 41.4K 51

    It had been a stormy winter mix, the weather perfect for an unsupervised hunt. The moonlight illuminates my path as my paws crunch playfully on the forest floor. I leap and crawl under fallen trees. I lift up my snout trying to catch a scent in the air of anything I can sink my teeth into. A relatively silent journey...

  • Satellite Heart [Contemp. MMF Romance]
    262K 13.1K 26

    It's been four years since Em's two best friends, Kaz and Tai, left for college. Four years since she heard from them, four years since she realised she'd fallen in love with both of them. Now they're back, and they're determined to make amends, starting with helping Em remedy her ailing bookstore, and putting a spark...

  • Unwanted
    14.2M 453K 92

    Highest Ranking: #1 in werewolf as of 10-12-15! "Please...don't do this." I whimpered as he took a step closer. He narrowed his black eyes, "Sorry not sorry." he sneered. I closed my eyes, praying this would be over soon. *********************** Celina Blood, she's shy, sweet, caring, but she's also stubborn and stron...

  • Dragon's Pet
    186K 8.2K 39

    Minx is all grown up at 17 years. She is still a formidable tiny Dragon with a psycho rage... it's only slightly mellowed. After all, a Bellum Minima Dominus can't ever really be tamed. They can be bribed, maybe, with sweets or promises of loyalty. However, they can't be controlled. Which is why Minx is on the run thr...

    Completed   Mature
  • Gay Best Friend (on hiatus)
    322K 27.2K 42

    Poppy Poole was moving to a new town, to start over with her mother, little sister, and twin brother, to start over. Again. It was the fifth time this year. But as always poppy chose to stay optimistic, maybe this new town would be the last where they could finally settle. Her mother would quit drinking and they would...

  • Kay's Royal Alpha Mate
    210K 6K 32

    "No.. NO What the fuck are you! Stay away from me." I said feeling a ping in my heart at my words. "You're my mate. I'm not going anywhere." He said stepping closer. His naked body was sweaty and I looked upwards so I wasn't tempted. "You're coming with me right now. Grab your things. Now." He said harshly. "No."I sa...

  • Frozen Tears
    799K 32.9K 43

    COMPLETED. "What are you?" he asks, his deep melodious voice vibrating in my ears. I refuse to show him any weakness, any fear at all. I stare into those endless eyes. "I don't know..." my body is covered in shivers when he lights up in rage and punches the brick wall behind me, creating a perfect dented hole, as if t...

  • The Wallflower turned Princess
    151K 5.2K 65

    Charity is your "average" 16 year old girl. Plain hair, plain face, plain everything. She's just another wallflower. When her best friend and crush, Aoi, rejects her, she decides to start a new page of her life. She decides to work in a restaurant named Bon Nuit. But the only thing Charity didn't expect was the four h...

    47.2K 1.9K 22

    Heaven High Academy is an institution where people with supernatural abilities are gathered to live and study. Charlotte is an ordinary high school girl before she suddenly found herself in the said institution and there she met different people ( mostly guys ) that will be an important part of her life. Let'...

  • Beastly Bishounens Meets the Otaku Virgin
    25.2K 1.4K 24

    (ON-GOING) Sue Parker had the best job in the world. Being an animal lover, she enjoyed every single minute of taking care of the pet animals back at the local pet shop, while having a decent pay. She also has a lot of spare time to watch her favorite anime series and attend anime conventions. Life was perfect! Until...

  • Beast To Prince
    2.1M 75.8K 25

    Jayne Hughes owns a pet-shop and is known around her neighborhood to tame any animal. One day she gets a strange customer that asks her to tame his pet, she agrees to his request and waits at home to meet his animal. Jae expects this to be just another misbehaving pet, but instead she gets an attractive man stuffed in...

  • My Pets?!
    272K 11.2K 25

    Threne Miley Whitefield is an animal lover ever since she's still a kid. She love animals that much that whenever she saw a stray cat or dog on the street,she would brought them home but her mother is against of them having pets and always get rid of them. While her mother is traveling away,Threne saw two cats and tw...

  • Trouble makers (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
    1.1M 38K 53

    I look around to see the guys staring at me with jaws dropped. Well what do they expect to happen, you steal a girls Nutella she will turn violent "I like her" this time it was chase who spoke witch surprised me because he is usually a quiet person. "So short cake would you mind telling how the hell you, a five foot...

  • ...
    656K 4.7K 12

  • My Salvation | ✔️
    3.9M 140K 64

    What can you say when your pack is on the verge of total destruction? Nothing. Ever since her mother's mysterious death, the pack has been spiraling to it's downfall. With her father dying without his mate, he has no choice but to make an alliance to the strongest pack in the land, but in return, give his own daught...

  • BabyGirl || h.s
    2M 35.6K 56

    ❝You'll always be my babygirl.❞ BabyGirl Published: December 26, 2015 Completed: August 14, 2016 Runaway Published: May 4, 2017

  • The Dragons Human Mate (Editing)
    225K 8.1K 30

    *In progress of being rewritten*

  • The Boundary Line
    3.5M 128K 25

    After hearing about the brutal murder of a child in the neighbouring pack, Lucia is forced to attend a gathering with her father and Alpha with the enemy pack. The Dark Moon pack is one of the strongest packs to exist. Lucia has heard rumours of the cruel and cold hearted crimes that they have committed. When she went...