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  • You'd Be Fine || Kim Namjoon
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    People see Namjoon and Y/n as a loving couple, what they don't know is that Y/n wants a divorce. Namjoon tries his best to convince her not to leave, but her decision is made and she'll not make any changes. Is it because Y/n doesn't love him more? ----------------------- A Kim Namjoon x Reader Fanfiction. Plagiarism...

  • Bruises • knj [completed]
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    #1 bts short stories series "You asked me why was I always wearing long sleeves, I said because it keeps me warm. I'm sorry I lied to you, it was to hide my bruises." Highest ranking ;; #32 in short stories - 9 July 2016 - •-• Started: 5 July 2016 Completed: 5 July 2016 Written by -derpmin

  • Bad Lad ➳ knj ✉️ || ✓
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    Unknown: hey babe ;) Elle: new phone who dis? [a/n: informing before hand, if you haven't figured out yet. It's a text message book.]