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  • Their doll
    1M 34.2K 47

    Three Men. One Woman. Sounds like a fun sexual fantasy but not quite in this case. Aurora Kavanaugh, innocent girl with hope to fight her way to college, but her poor parents couldn't support that. Through a suggestion of an old friend, she found herself entangled with the world's most eligible bachelor and his 'not a...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Names Of A Predator (MenxMan)
    535K 23.2K 33

    In a world full of shifters, Kaleb considers himself unlucky. Being known as a disgrace to his only family members because of his slim complexion and having a prey animal as a shifter caused him to get kicked out on his 18th birthday. Left with no resources, he was forced to become a thief in order to survive. Only st...

  • Obsessed- seven deadly sin yandere boys x reader
    33.6K 1.1K 21

    You think moving to a new school is what you need. What happens when you get more than you ask for? -Cursing -Abuse -Sensitive themes -Smut

  • The Prodigy | ✔︎
    13.8M 538K 71

    "The Hacker and the Mob Boss" ❦ Reyna Fields seems to be an ordinary girl with her thick-framed glasses, baggy clothes, hair always up in a ponytail, and her head tucked away behind a computer screen. However, no one knows she's armed with a genius IQ and a heart of gold. She hacks her way into virtual systems on a s...

  • Casanova In Love
    2.6M 71.2K 26

    Ethan Salvay drives expensive cars and lives life like a king. No one thought that this billionaire was going to fall in love. But...always expect life to take unexpected turns... Dana Johnson is a hard worker. She is smart, witty and knows just how to put guys like Ethan Salvay in their place. The day their paths cr...

  • Stalked by the Alpha
    100K 2.6K 27

    "Switch clothes with me!" Paige whispered to me. "Why?" "Because he's following your scent." Evan Madison has had more shit happen to her in one year that most people have had in their lifetime. So when an Alpha starts following her, she does the only thing she knows how to do. She runs. Let's hope she can run faster...

  • Fire
    241K 2.1K 8

    He'll make her pay the ultimate price in his quest for revenge...

  • I Found the Babies
    3.1M 90K 45

    Highest #1 - #babies #1 - #motherlove Terrence didn't waste a moment in pressing me up against the kitchen counter. "When..." He growled in my ear, "When we will be getting married, I will be your only king, do you get my point? Only one queen, no misters or mistresses. Just me, just you, and yeah, our...

    Completed   Mature
    2.1M 55.3K 23

    Just read the prologue, my dudes. Contains mature content and mental BDSM, 18+.

  • Look Me In The Eyes [BxB]
    153K 5.2K 28

    David Stone spent most of his days in his head. He kept to himself and besides his best friend Jamie, and his mom, there were no other people in his life. Until he has a chance encounter with a boy at a party. And this boy isn't like any he's ever met before.

  • Dominated by the Tycoon (manxman)**Power Tops Book 2**
    2.3M 72.4K 28

    **Back by Popular Demand** If you read "The CEO Commands" you were introduced to Gavin, the little cutie that captured the heart of the one of the sexiest Dominants and Co-owner if the BDSM club, in The Dungeon. This is Gavin's story, it starts from the beginning long before Marcus ever met his Corey. Gavin Martin cam...

    Completed   Mature
  • HER RUSSIAN MAFIA (Her Volkovs Book 4)
    1M 1.7K 4

    Book Cover by @IshaBhardwaj6 HER VOLKOVS SERIES BOOK FOUR Belle is introduced deeper into the world of the Russian Mafia and the underground criminal world. She takes on a very challenging role in the family's business when Nikolai and Alexei got in trouble. But a target has been put on her head by the people who want...

  • Marcus Mondragon (Manxboy) ( ON HOLD)
    187K 4.9K 21

    Micah is an innocent little boy in a body of a seventeen year old, recently orphaned with his mother and father dying in a plane crash. With a ranch to run and studies to attend, Micah found himself lost in a world his parents and best friend had protected him from. Then came Don Marcus Mondragon sweeping...

  • Rosetta ✔
    889K 26.2K 30

    #Teen Fiction # |Rosetta| " Do you understand me ?" I nodded . " Do you trust me ?" I nodded " Will you obey me ?" I nodded again . On the land of the RainStone territory , There was nothing one could do to refuse The Royals . There were the only source of food and shelter for the villagers , they were their only g...

    Completed   Mature
    2.1M 35.7K 29

    I walk in the room as he follows me . Tears leek from my eyes and i fist my hand on my dress I shivered as he trailed his fingers from my neck to my waist and i leave a audible gasp as he dugged his fingers in my flesh . "My little sunshine " he wispered trailed his one hand to my neck and fisting my hair pulling it...

  • Bigger Than Us
    174K 10K 17

    I could feel the pain on the inside. My body was just numb as I tried to shut him out, tried to take my mind away from this, tried to find an escape for myself, as I always did. A place where I wouldn't feel him. A place where I wouldn't have to take his wrath. But that was just a dream. A fantasy. Because every time...

  • Pregnant Mistress Forced Princess
    162K 5.4K 11

    Mia Parks wanted her name to be known as one of the greatest designers ever, not the mistress of Marcus de Luca. When Marcus ups and leaves her with a broken heart she swore she would focus on fulfilling her dream. When she finds out she's pregnant with his child, she thinks nothing else could go wrong. When she runs...

  • One Thing
    324K 3.5K 8

    She was everything he didn't know he needed.

  • His Mistress
    193K 6.6K 21

    Rich and Handsome Xander Martinez is a powerful man with the world at his feet. Hailing from one of the most powerful aristocratic families, Xander is a man who does not beat around the bush and who never fails at any endeavor. Cold, Ruthless, possessive, he will never stop until he gets what he is after. What he wan...

  • His Fierce Control (Liam & Colina)
    147K 2.4K 11

    Liam & Colina's story... I knew him all my life, I've loved him for a few of those years, but I walked away when I realized I didn't get to chose my future! My future would be chosen for me! I wasn't going to sit back and let my life be ruled by anyone but me! So I shut down my heart, locked up my love, and moved o...

  • Loving You
    740K 15.7K 32

    LOVING YOU | Series 1 Book Copyright | © 2017 P.B. Panes Years have molded Alexander to become the man that he is. But setting his eyes on a certain woman has molded this certain feeling he doesn't know exist - obsession that turns into something more that he embraces. Samantha knows what comes when he blackmailed her...

  • Owning You |R18|
    40.7K 863 6

    OWNING YOU | Series 2 Book Copyright | © 2017 P.B. Panes Angela, a 21-year-old fresh graduate seeks the biggest opportunity she wanted in her life to help her mother and brother which also leads to her awesome experiences as she discovers the beauty of surrendering herself to an obsessive lover. Little did she knows t...

  • The Unattainable (The Foreplay to Forgiveness)
    455K 14.9K 32

    "Turn around, Adelaine." Heart hammering in my chest, I didn't budge. "I said turn around, Adelaine." His voice, a grave, resonant command had me obeying completely this time without a second thought. My mind screamed to bolt out, to ubpush him away or slap him. But none of the three was going to happen, because I cou...

  • Daddy's Dangerous Obsession
    302K 5.9K 17

    The way her brown hair flows softly in her back, the way her kissable red lips speak, and the way her beautiful smile come in sight, and that moment, he already knows that he's already obsessed with that beautiful nymphet. Heath Reynolds is known for being the most successful billionaire in America. And he is also kn...

  • His Dark Heart
    719K 15.9K 11

    "You are a vixen Helen", he said while kissing my neck. I angled my head to side, to give him better axis. I can't hold him cause my hands are tied back with metal cuffs. He suddenly caught my hair roughly and pulled my head back so he can kiss my from my neck to the valley of my breasts. I moaned as he kissed me. Eve...

  • Obsession At First Sight
    176K 3.5K 11

    At 31 Luca is rich and unmarried.Apparently,that's not a very good combination.Everyone thinks he's picky and that's why he doesn't get into relationships. He knows he's not. He knows what he wants. He knows who he wants. She just doesn't know it yet. *MATURE CONTENT*

    150K 3.5K 12

    "No, please," I begged, holding tightly on his leg. He didn't even look at me. His dark intimidating eyes were fixed on a man who was terribly bleeding. He can easily die in any second because of me. Because of mine selfishness and careless. I don't want that. I didn't want any of this. But mostly, I don't want this...

  • Love by Chance (TinCan chapters)
    825K 13.7K 21

    - Please read the Translator Notes first for information. - Love By Chance, My Accidental Love is You book is by Khun Mame. I do not own anything from the book. Translation will be removed when official english novel is released.