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  • When Worlds Collide: A Bleach and Naruto Fanfic Crossover Royale!
    48.1K 1.5K 38

    Haven't you ever wondered what would happen if BLEACH and NARUTO collided? Well I've got two words for you, CHAOS SQUARED. Join your favorite substitute soul reaper and your number one knuckle headed ninja as they meet for the first time and SAVE THE UNIVERSE. Will they hit it off or hit each other? Will Neji and Uryu...

  • Vampire Slayer (vampire knight fanfiction)
    8.2K 310 9

    A 15 year old girl who's name is Yuri and her past is a mystery. She can't remember clearly what happened to her on her 8 birthday and why she thinks it's more then a house fire that only she escaped with mainly a couple of bite marks!?

  • Lucia's Beginning
    18 3 1

    just a short fic on how Lucia became to be before DMC2

  • Aquaris
    1.7M 53.8K 41

    Emma Newfound had always grown up near the ocean. She loved the crystal clear water of Florida's coast. Emma's life had not been the best. She was always bullied in school, her mom was still recovering from a heartbreaking divorce, and she was self conscious beyond belief. The ocean has always been, and will always be...

  • Under The Sea
    132K 3.5K 27

    Rachel Maples was stuck in a place where she was never happy; until one day she decides to start again in a different town.

  • Me And My Dreams
    62.2K 1.3K 29

    Prologue, Have you ever been in place where you can control anything? Well I can... I have always had this special thing that no one even my family knows. It's my little secret that keeps me happy. After a long day of school or anything i can escape whenever i want. This is my story...

  • Curves and Burns (Urban)
    1.6M 45.7K 42

    17 year old virgin Lovely isn't the typical plus size girl from the hood. She is more than these boys and girls give her credit for. As long as she can escape the rumors, and the hurt that comes along with being a teen, than she will show these thots she is more than just a nobody. COPYRIGHT ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO...

    Completed   Mature