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  • Echotale-Love Detection (G!sans X Frisk)
    25.5K 565 23

    this is my first undertale story and a au I think of thought up. when a detective new on the job get put on a job to scoop out a strip joint to make sure they where not exploiting humans, she thought it be easy that's until she came a cross a smooth talking skeleton that owned the place. yes my AU is kind of detec...

  • they didn't cover this in boarding school •lams fic•
    35.3K 1.8K 11

    imagine a world that's colorless and dull until you meet your soul mate well meet John Laurens, another face in the crowd until he meets the world famous author Alexander Hamilton, and suddenly color (LAMS FIC)

  • Ask Laurens & Hamilton
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    here you can ask Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens any questions AND dares you'd like.

  • My Dearest, Laurens | Hamilton FanFic (LAMS)
    4.5K 106 31

    Alex, an orphaned immigrant, comes to Princeton College hoping to fulfill his dream of getting a degree in law. John and The Meme Team™ find that John's new roommate has great potential to join the group. But, John finds something in Alex.

    Completed   Mature
  • i'll see you on the other side - ghost john laurens hamilton au
    7.2K 145 9

    philip duels against george eacker, despite john laurens' protests. cover art credit to kim miranda, for the #ham4pamphlet project.

  • my beloved undead • lams ( laurens x hamilton )
    1.9K 83 11

    Modern / Zombies AU of the characters from the musical "HAMILTON" a.k.a historical characters. They were stuck. They were in the middle of a warㅡbut not between two countries, it was war between the undead and them. Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens, along with their friends, struggled to stay alive until they got h...

  • The Hitmen (Bendy x Cuphead)
    2.3K 105 7

    As Cuphead and Mugman discover that Bendy and Boris are hitmen as well as robbers, they join forces but Cuphead end up developing a soft spot for Bendy. Bendy, on the other hand, still grieves over his lost love that died to protect him. Will Bendy get over his love?, will Cuphead tell Bendy his feelings? Read this cr...

  • Is this true love? A Bendy X Cuphead story
    413 21 6

    Do Cuphead and Bendy find true love? Read to find out!

  • Lost & Found (Oswald x Bendy) {Discontinued}
    12.2K 279 21

    Have you ever wondered when something weird happens nothing good can come out of it? That what Oswald thought when that happened to him What if he was wrong? What if he went somewhere new to explore? What if he met someone going through pain like him? What if that person needed saving? W̴̨̙͘͘h̴̪̐̉à̵̘̺̆ṫ̶̺̓ ̷̼̠́i̵̋...

  • Love in The Pages (Oswald x Bendy)
    3.4K 47 21

    This is a sequel............Bendy secret syndrome is the first have fun! Song and pics aren't mine.

  • The Rodent and the Devil
    20.2K 760 21

    Mickey Mouse was the king of fantasy, well besides his older brother Oswald. But when he meets the new toons in town, he realizes there is more behind that devil's smile "Mick, that guy is insane.", Oswald said with a worried look on his face. "Never judge someone by how they look, Oswald. Its not nice." Mickey said t...

  • Unbreakable Feelings.
    6.8K 118 4

    ❝ Playing hard to get, eh? ❞ ♔ A new king has come into town, with plans on ruling the place. That is until he makes a shocking discover about a certain rabbit. Which can help him achieving his plan. ♔ Story Idea From @tempting-darkness

  • Do you want a BendyStraw with that? ( Bendy x Cuphead)
    52.2K 740 14

    A collection of one shots/Two Shots centered around Bendy Straw!

  • Bent Cups - Bendy x Cuphead
    46K 886 15

    So this starts entirely different than what the comics have shown already. It starts where they first meet. No- there where no sudden jolts crashing through his spine or a large amount of blood rushing to his cheeks or acting like that when he saw him. In fact, one might say they avoided each other. They didn't hate t...

  • Ennard x Baby
    4.7K 72 17

    Ennard is a quiet person who feel in love with Baby but Funtime Freddy loves Baby and can't stand Ennard coming into the picture and take Baby away from him so he scooped Ennard and left him in the private room. But Baby finds Ennard and falls in love with Ennard but Funtime Freddy doesn't want Ennard taking Baby. So...

  • Ennard X Baby [Completed]
    8.1K 166 30

    holy fuck this story was so ass So um I got bored and I wanted to write fanfic so yeah this is my first story so yeah :) and this story will contain Funtime Freddy X Funtime Foxy Ballora X Puppet Yenndo X Lolbit and I'll add more ships as I go btw the story cover belongs to Candyzul700 Arte from YT and let's just get...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sing me to Sleep Brother (Dream x Nightmare FanFiction)
    2K 28 6

    This is a story about love and regret, a tale of misery, a story of thriller. This story is about how love blossomed, even in dark and stormy times. Though most importantly, this is the story of two "brothers" whose lives changed forever.

  • Why Do YOU Care (Reaper x Geno)
    119K 5.2K 83

    Geno had been in the save screen for a while, now feeling bored of watching the resets over and OVER again. What happen if a person named Reaper came to Geno life? Will Geno be just friends with Reaper or more? Or will Geno hate Reaper? Published On: / /16 Ended On: 10/14/18

    Completed   Mature
  • A Heart For A Blueberry (Swap Sans X Fell Sans)
    22.4K 522 19

    Before I tell a bit about this story I need ta say that this is my first time doing this so sorry if it sucks ;-; but let's go to the point! What happen if Fell has walked into the AU Underswap

    Completed   Mature
  • Something More (Ink x Error)
    135K 5.2K 36

    Ink is a protector Error is a destroyer Naturally, they don't get along , but maybe time can change that Maybe they can be something more than enemies in the future.... (This Book Is NOT On Hiatus, I'm Just A Slow Writer) (I do not own Ink or Error. Ink belongs to Comyet and Error belongs to loverofpiggies. You can...

  • Dustberry
    44.7K 1K 20

    Murder!sans was hated by everyone, all AUs, everyone in his own AU. But what happens when he meets a cute, forgiving skeleton, who will risk his life to make him smile again...

  • Random shtuff and art shiz
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  • My Art Book! {1}
    37.1K 3.9K 202

    ||| DO NOT STEAL OR USE MY ART, unless you ask and I say 'yes' and credit me! ||| || Started on 7/25/16 || All of the drawings posted in this book is mine! I've been drawing since November in 2015! I drew the cover on 9/24/16! I like drawing characters in pain or dying... Something is wrong with me... There will be b...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hot Cup Of Ink - Cuphead X Bendy Smutt/Fluff
    241K 4.9K 18

    This story is based of the AU "The Quest For The Ink Machine", check out the creator on Tumblr and DA. Also yes I will kill myself after this story is done cause this is the embodiment my cancerous cringy trash of sins. End me now plz and save me from my misery.

  • Under Threat (GasterSans x Frisk)
    56.9K 2.1K 46

    Frisk has been on the run for quite a while now, but when she's finally caught, she meets GasterSans, a fellow inmate at the prison. He's obviously interested in her, but will their love be confessed? How much effort will they both put into staying together? What has G been hiding from everyone else? {All characters...

  • Ask or dare The BATIM Crew!!!!!!!
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    HEY POTATOES!!!! This is my first ask or dare book, I need you to ask me questions in the comments or PM me to ask. I will be adding them all, eventually.

  • Ask BATIM crew and friends!
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    If you have any questions for me specifically, feel free to ask.

  • Ask or Dare the BatIM Crew
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    Welcome to the madness! :D

  • Ask the batim crew (OLD)
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