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  • I'M FINE. ~ PDH x reader
    15.8K 341 20

    Y/n L/N, probably the most stressed out person in school. Teachers expect perfection because her perfect older sister just graduated. And Y/n is just a freshman. Her parents are usually away on business trips.. by parents I mean her dad. Her mother divorced him. When the father is there he is always stressing Y/n out...

  • Aphmau MyStreet Boyfriend Scenarios
    10.8K 142 4

    Guys in this book: Garroth, Laurance, Dante, Travis, Aaron, and Zane. None of these characters belong to me, they belong to Aphmau.

  • Aphmau Boyfriend Scenarios
    607K 11.8K 45

    This includes! Gene~ Dante~ Laurence~ Travis~ Vylad~ Zane~ Aaron~

  • Aphmau Characters One Shots || Intricate Ideas
    1.6K 59 9

    Little short stories I make up in my mind and want to share with the world :) ♔ Possible chance of a few lemons here and there, but they will be categorized ♔ I will be taking requests for any specific type of one shot ♔ There is no schedule prior to updates with this book until further notice → If you have any reque...

  • Garroth x reader x laurance
    6.9K 160 15

    Y/n is a junior in PDH she's known Garroth And Laurance since they were fresh man you are a witch and are half angel half Shadow knight you come from a very known family but you still decide to hide your identity and fake your name. Hope you enjoy!!!

  • My Shadow Knight; Aphmau Laurence X Reader • Completed •
    11.4K 252 31

    Y/n is a knight to got sent to Phoenix Drop to help fight the O'Kasis war. She's fighting for PD. no one knows she's a girl until she takes off her helmet. She is a werewolf. What she doesn't know that her brother, Aaron is in PD. Neither does she realize she's falling in love with a knight. A Shadow Knight. 9K reads...

  • Aphmau X Reader One Shots
    223K 3.2K 59

    Book of Aphmau one shots😜

  • New Neighbor, New Love (MyStreet boys x reader)
    130K 2.7K 42

    What Happens when a new girl move to my street and wins the hearts of all the guys there? Well here's your answer she also like all of them and has to make choice. But that's a lot harder then you'd think she has a cute fluffy moment with all of them but she also has her bad times with them like everyone. What will sh...

  • Aphmau Scenerios
    58.1K 1K 15

    Headcanons and Oneshots for all the chacters in the aphmauverse!

  • The Ro'meave Sister~ A Mystreet Fanfiction (Mystreet boys X Reader)
    52.5K 1.1K 11

    You know Garroth, Zane, and Vylad, but did you know that they had a sister? Y/N moves to Mystreet next to her overprotective brothers, Garroth and Zane. She makes new friends, and some even closer than friends..... All the characters belong to Aphmau

    3.6K 59 17

    Hai! Guys! This is our FIRST Aphmau-related story on THIS account(This is only a for the reader)! Yasss! Okay onto this book! And if you were wondering if we'll be taking requests; yes is the answer! Now, truly onto the story! ~The Crew

  • Aphmau laurence&garothXreader
    13 3 2

    Y/n moved from her hometown to PDH with her dad. Her mom left them while she was very young. She started a new school with new friends when things started to get crazy.

  • 7 Minutes In Heaven (Mystreet)
    55K 819 25

    You live on Mystreet along with all your friends from high school. Katlyn decides to bring back memories from when you were young. One memory in particular was when she made you play " 7 Minutes In Heaven " in the school gym. This catches Kawaii~Chan's interest she then gets an idea to get her ship sailing. Read the F...

  • True Love? Maybe... A Travis X Reader Fanfic
    63.6K 1.7K 32

    Highest Ranking is 1st for Travis X Reader books ~. ~. ~. Of course I had to fall in love with this pervert. He's so child-ish, but he's also so cute. Unfortunately, we had our rough times. But it wasn't really our fault. This witch decides she likes him, so I gu...

  • High school crush (Garroth X Reader)
    225 4 9

    It's a new year at Phoenix Drop High. With your Freshmen year filled with nervous breakdowns, building new relationships after moving back to the area of your childhood, you're now starting your Sophomore year much more confident than ever. Though let me tell you, this is nothing like High School Musical (well maybe a...

  • (Aphmau) Mystreet Boys X Reader
    9.8K 205 12

    Y/n moves on a street called 'mystreet' she meets new people soon to call friends but what she doesnt know yet is that all the boys on mystreet have fallin for her! WHO WILL SHE PICK?! •characters are not mine they greatly belong to aphmau/jess @empress_aphmau (Art in this story also does not belong to me!)

  • Mystreet/MCD/PDH/L~L~P Oneshots [CLOSED]
    1.6K 36 12

    So this is just a couple of oneshots that were requested by my readers a couple of times. They are the ones I would do first before I really start asking for request. SO it's any character you want but it's with you. Just give me your name and who you want and an idea.Then your all set

  • MCD/MyStreet Oneshots
    67.5K 1.1K 22

    MCD/MyStreet Oneshots!!! Yay!!!

  • Boyfriend Scenarios ~ Minecraft Diaries/MyStreet
    77K 1.4K 7

    Just a bunch of boyfriend scenarios! Feel free to request any character that you want me to add.

  • Tough Love (MyStreet Boys x Reader) {Discontinued}
    3.1K 47 11

    Y/n just moved to MyStreet and lives amongst eleven amazing people. But what happens when six of them end up liking her!? This is my first book other than my update book so I hope you enjoy! -Headphones🎧

  • "The New Girl On MyStreet" [Completed] ~Editing Slowly~
    1.5M 39.4K 56

    |~•|Ranked #1 Top hottest Mystreet Fanfic|•~| [Completed] Your New On Mystreet and You meet some very interesting Friends and Go on great adventures together, Have Fun, Sad, and Scary moments together. But they always stick with You; when soon You take an interest in some and Soon may fall in love, when you find out t...

  • ~Aphmau Boy/Girlfriend Scenarios~ COMPLETED
    196K 3K 77

    These are Aphmau Boyfriends/ Girlfriends Scenarios! Have you ever wanted to be with an Aphmau boy or girl? Well now you can! •I own none of these characters• People include~ •Travis •Dante •Laurance •Garroth •Gene •Blaze •Daniel •Aaron •Aphmau •Katelyn •Kawaii-chan •Zane (I'll add more as it goes!) Personal Goal..~ ...

  • ~|MyStreet OneShots|~ [HIATUS]
    57.5K 1.1K 32

    Welcome to my very first OneShot book! This book will contain OneShots of you/The Reader and your favorite MyStreet/MCD guys! You can request how many character as you want. Characters from the MCD/MyStreet such as: Garroth, Laurance, Travis, Dante, Aaron, and many others! I can also do genderswapped characters as wel...

  • I Think I'm In Love ♡ Zane X Reader ♡ #Wattys2017 [COMPLETED]
    155K 3.8K 32

    (Y/N) has always been great friends with Aphmau. Until Aphmau's family had to move, that is. When (Y/N) moved to Mystreet, she reunited with Aphmau. But what happens when (Y/N) meets Aphmau's raven-haired best friend? DISCLAIMER: *I do NOT own the characters or most of the pictures in this. Most characters belong to...