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  • Ice Cream Cones
    99.2K 7.4K 13

    "Hello" "Hey." "Umm, so do you want some ice cream?" "Why else would I call an ice cream shop in the middle of a summer day when it is broiling hot and reaching record highs in the temperature department?" "Good point, so what do you want?" "Mint chocolate chip. My favorite! By the way, you have a very deep voice."...

  • last night. taegguk
    204K 17.9K 20

    kim taehyung is the big mystery that jeon jeongguk is trying to solve © zorry 2016

    Completed   Mature
  • Breaking Point (Taekook)
    15 2 2

    Small excerpt: "Jungkook and Tae were walking home together again. It all made sense, after all they were in the same neighbourhood and they've been friends since Middle School. But today was different, or so Jungkook thought everyday when they walked side by side in silence. " After years Jungkook decided to express...

  • Ten Reasons Not To Die
    5.4M 390K 12

    "Give me ten days, and I can give you ten reasons not to die." Evan paused. "And if I can't change your mind by then, you can go jump off that cliff."

  • Coffee Shop ✓
    29K 918 11

    ❝LOVE PLANTED A ROSE, AND THE WORLD TURNED SWEET.❞ - Thomas Sands is a Fine Arts graduate working in The Attic, a cosy coffee shop along Parkview Boulevard, in order to earn money for painting materials for his freelance work. Though he works as a cashier in the usually busy coffee shop, he still dedicates most of his...

  • Help Me
    177K 8.3K 31

    "Hello" "What?" "Umm is this the helpline?" "Helpline?" "Yeah is this it?" "Oh yeah, umm Good evening and you're calling this helpline I don't know why, what's the problem?" ***** ©Handwritting [book 1 of Speak series] Cover made by: Me Started: 04/05/16 Completed: 02/20/17 Highest Ranking: #60 in short story (Octo...

  • Ink | Soulmate AU | ✓
    743K 36.3K 31

    [A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY] If you touch your skin with ink, the marks you make will appear on your soulmate's skin too. Those who have this power are known as the Inked. It can be beautiful or dangerous, and for twenty-year-old Archie, it's both, in a very short space of time. As an art student at a prestigious u...

  • Red Umbrella
    64.9K 1.9K 3

    (Previously titled: 'Rain On Me') Emilynn is alone. But the difference is, that she likes it that way. Seeing her family die was traumatizing and now she doesn't let anyone in. Until Ian, who forces himself into her life. This is the story of a broken girl and a boy who never gave up on her, because at one point, ever...

  • His Cupcake Girl
    43K 2.4K 6

    "Be my cupcake girl?" "Aren't I already?" Highest ranking #44 in short story.

  • taffy | ✓
    159K 9.6K 30

    "hello?" "hi. is this the person who owns the dog called.. uh, taffy?" "yes! have you found him?" "yep. he's at my house and he's perfectly fine." "oh, thank god." "yeah, just one question. who the hell names their dog taffy?" • • • two days after losing her dog taffy, azalea had lost almost all hope of finding him. b...

  • Tall Girls | ✓
    87.1K 9.5K 22

    about a girl who lost her confidence because of her height. Copyright © 2016 by Sarah Wells. All Rights Reserved

  • look (completed)
    306K 11.9K 102

    ❝ i always find myself looking over to your window. ❞ copyrights - all right reserved.

  • The Cell Phone Swap
    121M 2.9M 49

    Keeley accidentally swaps cell phones with a rivaling high school's star quarterback. Unable to switch back until a week later, she must interact with the arrogant boy, passing along texts and voicemails. As she gets to know him better, she realizes there's more to him than sexual innuendos and egotistical comments. B...

  • Mistaken Calls ✓
    235K 9.7K 32

    Highest ranking- #5 in SS. Third in teen dialogue series. ••••••••• "He-" "Oh my god, Jason! How much stupider can you get? I already told you to fuck off! Is it that hard to understand?!" "Oh, erm, well, I am not Jason and stupider is definitely not the word." ~ Charlotte Quinn, the girl who found her boyfriend of tw...

  • Wrong Number Included | ✔
    3.3M 153K 61

    "Aurel?" "I told you I'm not a girl" "Well, since I haven't seen you, your sexuality is not confirmed" "You want me to send you a pic of my penis?" "tempting but no" #1 in short story [7/22/16] Book Two From Texts and Calls Series © Copyrights Reserved This book was edited by @LunaValdez24

  • Candy Coated
    166K 8.4K 24

    "Hi, welcome to Bittersweet Treats, where even your sweetest dreams come true. My name is Aidan. How can I help you today?" "You sound annoyingly cheerful today." "It's all 'part of the job." "Cool beans." "So, how can I help you?" "I have a complaint about my ice cream." "I'm sorry. What happened to your order?" "It...

  • Late Nights
    72.3K 5.8K 11

    ❝Nights are for talking.❞ [Short Story #36]

  • obruent
    109K 8.6K 54

    "i've got a gun for a mouth and a bullet with your name on it." this is the story of how they fell apart. [other #758 // short story #520]

  • 18 Things Wrong With Sarah
    356K 33.2K 42

    highest #4 in short story. Dear, Internet. This is a true story. It is about all the things wrong with Sarah. The truth of her life has finally been revealed, the information given is provided from a reliable source. All her wrongs are arranged systematically in an yearly order, where each chapter corresponds with h...

  • In case of an emergency, call.
    102K 6.2K 19

    "Its an emergency." "Is your hair stuck in your onsie again?" "...yes." [Dialogue story]

  • Pink Skies
    176K 14.4K 24

    Sometimes it snows, and sometimes you meet beautiful boys with cameras, and sometimes it snows and you meet beautiful boys with cameras. // #20 in short story //

  • Waffle Cones (#1)
    4.8M 335K 70

    "Hello?" "Um, hey?" "Wait, you don't sound like my Aunt Kathy." "Unless I was miraculously converted into a member of the opposite gender and somehow related to whoever is on the other side of this call, then yeah. I'm not your Aunt Kathy." "Oh, shiitake mushrooms." ...

  • Bachelorette
    688K 75K 90

    ⭐ Featured on Wattpad's Community Curator ⭐ She lost her Prince Charming but she found herself, and that was the real treasure. #2 in Short Story #14 in #short © 2017 Fury Evans [ cover by @blackhazex ]

  • Muffin
    252K 12.5K 21

    "Hey Megan, did you find those notes?" "Uh, I think you have the wrong number, Sir." One wrong number with a very sweet outcome.

  • Hate Line
    518K 56.7K 56

    A Hate Line worker embarks on a life-changing marathon of quirky, dramatic conversations with her two most loyal callers: Alanis Hank, the two-faced baboon, and Declan Skyes, a rather shy snowflake with his own first world problems. What she never expects, though, is to be caught in a twisted web of lies and secrets t...

  • Coffee & Cats | ✔
    427K 26.8K 59

    "I may work here, but that doesn't mean I drink coffee." "Why?" "Well, why dont you like cats?" "I'm allergic to cats." "Then, let's just say I'm allergic to coffee." #5 in Short Story [7/15/16] Book Three From Texts and Calls Series © Copyrights Reserved

  • The 12th Kiss
    5.3M 245K 39

    "Cinderella had till midnight, I have twelve kisses to win back my prince's heart," John wants Metilda to end their marriage.He believes that he has fallen in love with another woman. Metilda agrees but she has one condition. John must kiss her every afternoon in-front of their son for twelve da...

  • Hotline Launder | ✔
    822K 61.1K 45

    "Quick Clean Laundry! When it's dirty we make it clean, this is Melissa speaking." "uh...." "Hello?.." "I asked a cute girl her number and this is what she gave me" #3 in Short Story [8/1/16] Book One From Texts and Calls Series © Copyrights Reserved

  • Rose Colored | ✓
    85.6K 7.4K 12

    Over the course of one summer, Pippa Feist writes ten letters to the girl she loves: the girl who is beautiful, the girl who is oblivious, the girl who is leaving in the fall. (Anchorage Spin-off) Copyright © k.monroe 2016

  • The Journey (completed)
    7.3K 416 14

    This book is the sequel of "elevator" in which Gabriella and Luke start their journey in order to find Charlene.