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  • The Ghosts in You
    23.7K 5.3K 105

    (A/U: 2017 & 2018) Zak Bagans has demons - metaphorical demons, of course, but also demons manifest in the physical realm. In the midst of his exhilarating life of seeking out and communicating with ghosts, Zak connects unexpectedly with a prominent, gorgeous yoga instructor, Sara Easton. Sara is different from anyone...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Ghosts in You 2
    12.2K 4K 94

    (A/U: 2019 & 2020) Inner demons are often more ferocious than truly otherworldly terrors. A year in, Zak and Sara are finding they still have their own personal demons to exorcize - and the closer they become, the more those fears threaten to pull them apart. Of course, they also have otherworldly phenomena to contend...

  • On The Other Side, I Can Hear You Cry
    2.4K 475 24

    Stevie is getting ready for her 'listening party' for "The Other Side Of The Mirror" album release (1989). Her and Lindsey were not on talking terms. Her being depressed from the Klonopin, she meets this guy at her party Mr. Billy Idol whom she did not know personally. They share a dance and things go south.

  • Anyone Out There?
    5.4K 1.3K 70

    John Taylor of Duran Duran happens to cross paths with Stevie Nicks in the studio and then again with her in the midst of traveling from venue to venue. From there he falls hard and must follow her. ~ This story is dedicated to my dear friend, Simona.

  • Last Chance On the Stairway
    839 56 26

    Life can lead us in many directions. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. And sometimes your whole life can change in an instant. Vivian's life had taken her on a wild ride. A ride that had included horrible men. She thought her chances at love were slim. She had written off the chance of having a decent relationship. Yet...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Matter of Feeling
    3.7K 409 68

    Mari is a twenty something single who is looking for anything but love. She's been burnt by too many men, and just wants to live her life. When John enters her life, all of that changes rather quickly. But with his past, will they be able to make a life together? .... Marigold Rain (yes, that's really her name) doesn...

    Completed   Mature
  • A World Beyond Ours
    2.9K 927 65

    Sequel to A World That Is Not Mine 2015-18 A/U~ Eve, Stevie and Lindsey undergo a series of tests formed by magick as they fight off an enemy.

    Completed   Mature
  • Just as I Begin to Fade
    5.7K 1.1K 65

    (P/U: 90s) Buckingham Nicks ~ An overly mature, though troubled teen; trying to mask her pain as she tends to her mother's crazy lifestyle. For the first time, the sixteen year old will learn what it's like to trust another soul.

    Completed   Mature
  • Taking Chances
    7K 1.1K 50

    Stevie is a "single" mother raising her two kids alongside her mother. When the father (Lindsey) returns, he'll stop at nothing to make things right with everybody while he wiggles through his own personal struggles. (A/U: '90s). A/N: I always picture them as The Dance or Say You Will, but am always altering their ag...

  • Why Should It Matter?
    9.4K 1K 35

    (2018-current) Lindsey and Stevie drama and romance.

    Completed   Mature
  • A Touch Deep Inside
    3K 360 13

    Alice seeks refuge from the Serpent King himself after an ugly ending to her marriage of twenty-five years.

  • Saving Her
    8.4K 1.2K 60

    FP and Alice are semi together now that the Farm has opened her to the idea of them. Ready to start a new life with her and their kids, he is also made sheriff of the town. Meanwhile as the parents get cozy, Betty is freaking out about her mother joining the Farm, unaware of her mother's relationship at all. But never...

    Completed   Mature
  • Amor Mío
    800 173 8

    Victoria Ruffo ~ César Évora ~ Victoria y Heriberto Ríos Bernal se casaron con sus dos hijas; María y Fernanda. ¿Qué podría pasar cuando aparten la mirada el uno del otro?

  • My Love
    309 88 8

    Victoria Ruffo and César Évora ••• Victoria and Heriberto Ríos Bernal married with their two daughters; Maria and Fernanda. What could happen when they look away from each other?

  • A Break In Time
    110 14 3

    Vampires. We all know the myths and the stories. The fairy tales and the legends. Garlic. Crosses. Stakes. Sparkles? But do we know their true nature? Their lives? John and Nick have been alive for a very long time. Well... not alive, but living nonetheless. They've seen it all, and done even more. But it isn't until...

  • Family Ties
    4.3K 861 54