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  • EDITED VER.||Undertale/Deltarune Fluff,Suggestive Sins And Many More!||
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    Aight, since wattpad is being a meanie I have to make this book abit reader friendly so yes- expect a few NSFW gone from this book- sorry but I ain't risking my account to be THANOS SNAPPED LMAO. 🚫!DISCLAIMER!🚫 ALL ARTS HERE THAT ARE PLACED IN THESE BOOKS DO NOT BELONG TO ME BUT TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS! I DO NOT...

  • AfterDeath
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    Geno is sick and Death comes and takes care of him. Cover picture belongs to me. Geno belongs to loverofpiggies. Death/Reaper!Sans belongs to renrink.

  • My Deadly Sins
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    This story is based off of the AfterDeath ship or Geno x Reaper, CherryBerry or UF Sans x Blueberry, and FreshPaper or Fresh x Paperjam and all other shippings. Don't like gay shippings, then you shouldn't be on Wattpad. Haha!

  • Trash (shipping) art book
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    Okay so, this is a shipping book of the one admin. Don't like these ships? Whoops why you reading? No stealing, copying, referencing This is all fluff, no sin here(probably)

  • Oneshots
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    Oneshots? I don't know how good I'll be at this but meh, ya never know. Just say what you will about it. Some of them will be depressing. Just a warning.

  • Pet Me! (Sanscest shorts) [Requests open!]
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    Just a bunch of smexy skeletons. I don't know how that works...guaranteed there will be kinky stuff.(and nekos) Language and guaranteed sexual themes.

  • Him, Her and Nothing In Between
    11.1M 428K 71

    Do you wish you could love someone? And have fallen deep enough to do so? Diana Romano Lucciano has finally escaped her past tremors. After a year or so of being flung around in the system, they have finally placed her somewhere new. Somewhere fresh. A clean break. Watch as she discovers more about herself, as she mak...

  • a strange kind of love ( paper jam x fresh ) nerd and jock
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    if u love shiping skeletons stay for the story !!!!!! <3 plz

  • Broken Hearts ~A Naj Freshpaper Fanfic~
    94.1K 2.7K 20

    Lots of monsters go to a high school called Underhigh, and they're split into two categories, Nerds and Jocks. But what exactly happens when one from each category falls in love? Two skeletons, know as Fresh and PJ, are in that situation, one declines the jocks love at first while the other does anything to prove hi...

  • A blend of disasters (Naj Paperfresh) (Completed)
    78.1K 2.4K 40

    Pj is a jock. He does things that he never proud of and never could find hope or the light.... at least yet. That all changes one day when 1 particular nerd named Fresh comes into his life. They both wanna help each other. But how long will that exactly last? Find out by reading this! Btw thanks chu to @OsanaKong she...

  • Met In Detention || KIM TAEHYUNG
    4.7M 179K 73

    "Hey, Rose. If you go in your room by yourself, in the dark, the monsters will come get you." Lilia blurts, smiling like a witch. "Why did you tell me that? Now I'm freaked in my own dang house." "Then go to Taehyung and he can protect you if any killer comes and wants to stab you to death." Jimin says and points to...

  • Just A Thought
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    reqest what you would like me to draw here, ill also post other drawing here as well

  • Kiss me (girlxgirl)
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  • A R T ♡ B O O K
    81.7K 6.1K 199

    I am finally doing an art book :D This is where I will keep my art + any small comics I might make :3 There might be possible request chapters where you can request art to be drawn. Most art will be drawn by me (I might link references or do small drawing challenges) I hope you enjoy my art, and please do not steal a...

  • Stop
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    (A Palette x Goth fanfiction) I love Palette. I love him sooo much. But he won't stop saying 'Best-Friend' and 'Buddy' God, I want it to stop.

  • You And I: More Than Words(Poth)
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    (_)_(_)_(_)_(_)_(_) " what your saying don't trust me anymore... " " What?? N-No!! Palette!! Of course I trust you!! " " then wHY WONT YOU TELL ME!??!? " " Yo...Y-You... yOU WOULDN'T UNDERSTAND OK?!? " " HOW WOULD I EVEN UNDERSTAND IF YOU WONT TELL ME!! " " ITS BECAUSE EVEN IF I WILL YOU STILL WON'T U...

  • This is my life now (COMPLETE)
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    I WROTE THIS STORY LONG AGO WITH LITTLE HOURS OF SLEEP SO EVERYTHING IS A MESS So I have a trauma with people correcting me so please don't do it.... And I'm trying my best here hope you like it VERY BADLY DONE IM SO SORRY QWQ This would be a Nerd & Jock fanfic (I hope) PaperJam (c) 7goodangels Fresh Sans (c) CrayonQu...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dear Diary, ~Poth~
    26.2K 1.1K 16

    Goth always had a crush on Palette, in fact... He has a diary! Goth thinks that Palette will only see him as a friend, so he did this. Every single day, he wrote in his diary, so every time he saw Palette, he wrote a poem, memory, dream, ANYTHING! Goth doesn't wanna ruin his relationship with Palette, so he kept if se...

  • My art book (remake)
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    well since i FUNKING accidentally deleted my art book I will just make a new one... funk me

    1.1K 71 34

    ask and dare fresh and his brothers geno and error

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    aaaaaah!! heeeeelp meeee i cant stop shipping! anyway i made this cuz its my otp! and no one is gonna change that capitch? anyway to the discription! _______________________________________ killer is heart broken becouse its mr. nm fault!! since killer confess his feelings but he manage to get over it by a time but st...

  • I'm Not Needed Anymore (poth)
    27.9K 1.1K 27

    Pallette keeps calling goth 'buddy' but goth thinks of pallette as something more. Goth sees that pallette is having a lot more girl attention than usual and starts to think that he is not needed anymore. Goth disappears suddenly and pallette starts to miss him badly and his heart is starting to break...

  • Goth x Palette (Poth)~OneShots {REQUESTS ARE CLOSED!}
    86.1K 1.8K 21

    Goth is Geno and Death's child and Palette is Ink and Dream's child, if you didn't know. Just a one-shot book I chose to make, because I haven't seen any Goth x Palette stories. Feel free to leave a request but i don't do repeats. (For example if i already did Vampire Palette, don't ask for another one, NO REPEATS) ...

  • A Friends Love (Goth and Palette)
    11.9K 477 9

    We all know how Goth feels about his best friend Palette, and we know that Palette is completely oblivious in Goths eyes. But maybe it's not what it seems. Maybe Palettes just hiding his true feelings from Goth, simply because he's afraid of rejection from the one person he loves. They're best friends, but could a re...

  • Random Art Book
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    Random things my friend draws Some of it might be fanart from stories I show her Others will just be random stuff me, her, or her friends come up with She'll also take requests She'll do a cover... Eventually Hopefully

  • My Art Book ^.^
    21.7K 1.6K 120

    Random art book so everyone can see my undertale sketches and drawings, each one is mine unless said so otherwise. Maybe I'll add other things not undertale related but, ya know, probs not. Hope everyone likes em and if you want to see more of my art content, link to my deviant art is on my profile ^.^ <3 P.S. Ign...

  • I Fell For A Villain( StarKiller)
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    Outer, a easy going, trustworthy skeleton, one of the most chilled skeleton in the AU's. He's the type of guy who doesn't judge by rumors or looks, quite strong if you ask me. Outer usually goes to the cliff to see the stars or goes to Grillby's. Sometimes, he sees Error looking up at the stars. His AU really was a pe...

  • Her Hidden Half (War Songs of the Courts #1)
    319K 20.3K 38

    Fate has promised me the shittiest ever after... Death. Fortunately, I've never been very good at accepting bullshit endings. Echo Wilde grew up with a gift she never wanted. She could see the creatures that starred in both fairy tales and horror stories alike. Now, at nineteen, she's finally living her...