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  • Cruel and Cold (Ianthony)
    1.7K 37 2

    Ian Hecox moves in with Anthony Padilla and some things unfold. . .

  • Ask Grojband
    1.4K 33 5

    Come and ask your favorite grojband characters some secrecy truths, crazy dares, and wacky questions

  • T-Fall
    34 0 2

    Max has a crush on his best friend Tammy. What if he tells his sister scarlet about his crush, will she spill the beans or Keep her word? Find out on T-Fall

  • PewDieCry: More Than Friends
    83.3K 2.6K 30

    When Felix and Ryan were both eight they met one another at a park and became best friends. They told each other secrets and watched the sun set together. Their friendship lasted up into their teen years and on Ryan's seventeenth birthday he can't help but feel his friendship with Felix means a little more. Can he fin...

    Completed   Mature
  • Slenderman's Daughter
    7.6K 182 10

    I closed my eyes, and try to think about the fact that I am here. I'm here, and no where else, not in my tree with dad, not getting bullied by Miranda, not laughing with Ashlyn, not hating Vlend, not at a diner, not at a camp, not in winter, not is Highschool. I'm here, and nowhere else. I'm Via, and no one else. I'm...