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  • New Beginnings
    29 2 1

    Deagan's husband has passed away recently leaving her alone and heartbroken. But someone steps at her front door to look for Ryan, her husband. To her he was a stranger but she's seen him before. It was none other than her husband's best friend. He doesn't even know that Ryan has passed away. He came here to help his...

  • Nace el amor?
    6.3K 793 24

    Donde Jungkook admira a Jin desde lejos. Siempre supo que lo quizo. ¿Se a convertido en amor? No está seguro hasta que por extrañas circunstancias se muda con el. Puede que el amor nazca entre los dos. ¿El amor nace, no? {completed}

    Completed   Mature
  • Nanny Needed
    84.3K 3.6K 35

    Mister Kim is in desperate need for a nanny. He can't seem to find anyone suited for the job. It seems like they all don't want or need the job as desperately as he needs them to stay. So, when he gets an application from a fresh out of college student, he doesn't second guess on hiring him. Can this nanny be the one...

  • You're Never Alone
    17K 655 12

    Jungkook comes back to the Kim family. Time has passed, they both grew. They created something individually to call their own. Can this be their time? Or will things stand in their way? [sequel to Nanny Needed]

  • Nanny: Aubrey Returns
    26.5K 763 7

    Aubrey and Harry are united once again due to unpleasant circumstances. Years have passed since her years as nanny. Both of them are suffering from a broken heart. Reuniting once again to try and take care of the family they love. Could this second time around be their chance for love? [sequel to Nanny]

  • Mundo de alfas
    5.9K 745 4

    Jin estaba tan seguro que su pequeño sería un alfa, no estaba equivocado. Ahora tendrá que vivir junto a él, a pesar de sus sentimientos mutuos. El mundo no está listo para ver a dos alfas juntos. Las cosas nunca son fáciles. JinKook

  • Omitted Truth
    1.2K 106 9

    "Liam? You know how you said you liked Niall?" I bite my lip nervously. This was a bad idea. "Yeah, what about it?" He looked at me confused as to why I asked. "Maybe, and this is just an idea. Maybe we could pretend to date. I want to make someone realize their feelings for me." "Like boyfriends? Wait, are you talkin...

  • Nanny
    385K 9.4K 36

    "She changed papa." She tells her younger sister. "I like her." The young one smiles knowing that papa was there more often. "Nanny? Is she our new mummy?" The young toddler asks. Her curls noticeable. "No, she's not your new mummy." The man's voice strong just like they've come to know. It was clear it was their papa...

  • Drunk Talks
    7.8K 402 14

    "Would you or wouldn't you?" "I guess. I don't know." "Yes or no?" "Would you?" "Not!" "Then why would you ask me?" "Don't know." "Bro, that's not a normal question. You'd so totally do me."

  • Nothing Lasts Forever
    352 39 7

    "Nothing lasts forever," I told him. There's things that you learn from being at war. I learned that I love Louis and that will never end. That will last forever.

  • Sober Thoughts
    1.6K 90 9

    First it was Drunk Talks Now it's sober thoughts... It's not the same.

  • Real?
    1.4K 134 25

    A series of interviews conducted where a couple is under scrutiny. They're always asked the same questions but a fairly consistent answer. So are they real or just a set up couple trying to survive Hollywood? Or Where a couple has to survive the endless questions from nosy people. Can they learn to survive Hollywood...

  • The Other Woman
    406K 10K 23

    "She'll never have his love." You try to convince yourself. You know she exists. She's been there for some time but do you keep ignoring her or stand up? It's hard when you have a child to think about who just loves his daddy. What do you do? You ignore it, but how much longer can you take? {thank you to @sunnyshie fo...

  • All I Want For Christmas
    858 72 11

    Katelyn has one wish for Christmas and that is to see none other than Louis Tomlinson one more time. It's has been years since she has seen him. They lost contact after he left. When her friend Amanda decides that she isn't too old to see Santa, she thinks it's a good idea to bring Katelyn along with her. Amanda someh...