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  • || Narayana Sthala ||
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    || Narayana Paadam Samarpanam || This book contains information on various Narayana Sthala.

  • Near The Sands Of Vishwambara
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    Highest Ranking #2 Previously titled Rising From The Ashes This is a tale of the righteousness of evil and the treachery of good... Treachery, deceit and betrayal are as vital as oxygen to fulfil the destiny of the victorious. The empire of India, a perfect blend of cultures, traditions and bliss, captures the heart...

  • Saptsindhu Chronicles: A Rama - Krishna Saga
    1.5K 194 7

    Book 1 of Saptsindhu Chronicles - The Lost Trident (Ongoing) Welcome to the mythological saga and adventures of Lord Rama and Krishna together in this unique story which brings these two great Avatars in one age, to defeat the Asuras who have united against Devtas. The age of Satyuga is over and the Great land of Bha...

  • Bhumija
    6.9K 253 12

    Sita is the consort of Lord Rama, the seventh avatar of Sri Maha Vishnu, in Hindu mythology. Sita is one of the main characters in the Ramayana, a major Hindu epic. Born in Sitamarhi, Sita was taken to Janakpur soon after her birth by her father, Maharaja Janak. Sita is considered to be one of the Sreshta Naris and is...

  • Gandivdhari Arjun-The Warrior Prince
    30.3K 755 48

    Arjun was one of the five Pandava brothers of the Mahabharat epic. He was born to Kunti and King Pandu with the energy of Indra, the leader of the gods. At a very young age he got acclaim for the sincerity and skill in archery. He was known for his steadfastness and single mindedness in pursuing his goals. He was inst...

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    Hi all!!! I'm sure almost all of u are aware of the Ramayan. its one of the greatest epics in the entire world! so far, we have enjoyed a lot of stories & their different versions narrated by different authors, both regional and international. What makes this book different is that it focuses on the personal and emot...

  • Krishna - Kaaliya Narthan
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    Hey everybody! This is a very humble effort on my part to capture the events of Krishna's Kalia( sometimes called Kaalinga) Narthan. It narrates how Krishna conquered the mighty, multi-headed serpent, Kalia. Excuse the typos! Please vote and comment! Appreciate your valuable thoughts and feedback! Apologies for any...

  • Ramayana Retold - Shivam's Romantic Version
    13K 290 8

    Hi guys This is Shivam , I Like writing a lot of Ramayana Fics , specially about Lakshmila , Here is a story I have been Writing , Its just my own version with major deviations from Ramayan Plot , Its just meant to be written as a fantasy, Do Enjoy Presenting the Couples Ram - Sita ( Sira ) Lakshman - Urmil...

  • Tagore
    11.9K 131 43

    I'm notifying it beforehand that my intentions are not to steal anyone's work. All credit for the stories goes to their original author, editors and rest. I'm just uploading here so everyone can read and enjoy. Hope you'll like it. P.S.- Give it a try.It's worth it.

  • Things You Probably Dont Know from Hindu Texts
    2.9K 278 9

    Cover Credits:@likhita9 Highest Rank - #56 in Spiritual This Book is all about some basic misconceptions and things related to the Hindu Texts which are not known by many people . P.S: If you think the things given in this book are not true ,please comment and I will try to clarify.

  • Durga | ✓
    78.5K 6.1K 49

    [Added to Historical/General Fiction reading list of @ProjectWomanUp] #ProjectWomanUp She didn't know martial arts yet she was strong. She broke from the sacred bond; society taunted her yet she was strong. She came across a tragic truth; society humiliated her yet she was strong. This is a story of a woman who runs...

  • Theology Talks
    1.5K 162 9

    All those discussions/debates on anything related to Hindu Theology! #2 in Non-Fiction- 27/11/17

  • Baahubali - a Mahabharatha (VyasaBharatha) to Bali - Bharatha #Wattys2017
    1.1K 75 5

    Baahubali the 1000 crore collection movie has been the talk of even BBC. Many commented on the aspects of movie making, effects, acting etc I looked at the story. I am not in any position to comment on the great actors. THEY WERE AND ARE GREAT AND LEGENDS LIKE SATHYARAJ CANNOT BE EVALUATED BY ME. But as an avi...

  • Mahabharatha - My memories, my confusions and my actions
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    Mahabharatha I read for the first time at the age of 6 or 7, it was a simple version. Then over the years several versions, read, saw and discussed. The fascination for the epic of all epics, the story to end all stories the biggest one ever grew and grew until I started reading, researching, questioning everything...

  • Mahabharath - A study of the paradoxes
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    The epic of all epics Mahabharath - My reference is Kisari Mohan Ganguli's version. Considered the most accurate translation. A study of paradoxes is Mahabharath. The story of Dharma or rights and justice. Has several paradox in its path. To win for dharma lies, cheat and adharma is done. But more than that the trampl...

  • Mahabharatha Bharatha to Abhimanyu / Pandavas lineage - The Dynasty
    1.3K 26 2

    What is the relation between Shakuntala to Draupadi? Bharatha Emperor to Pandavas and Abhimanyu and his lineage. Kuru Vamsha what relation to Nahusha / Yayati and Bharatha Emperor who is the reason for our country named as Bharath. The Dynasty - The Lineage of Mahabharatha... How many sons Pandavas had? What about Ka...

  • Yuyutsu - The Vibhishana of Mahabharatha
    691 13 1

    Yuyutsu - Son of Kuru King Dhritharashtra and a maid of Gandhaari called Sukhada. Yuyutsu never was respected even though he was same age as Duryodhana. Yuyutsu and Vikarna were the two who never agreed or like the evil ways of Duryodhana. Like Vibhishana of Ramayana who disagreed and disliked Ravana's evil wa...

  • Vikarna - The Kumbhakarna of Mahabharatha
    351 10 1

    Vikarna one of the 99 brothers of Duryodhana the sons of Gandhari and Dritharashtra. He was the equivalent of Ramayana Kumbhakarna, a maharathi - one who commands the master chariot. Who was only one of 11 such in Kaurava army , so definitely he was a great warrior. But what sets him apart - just like Kumbhakarna he...

  • 1988 BR Chopra Mahabharatha - a nostalgic relook
    207 17 3

    "Dharme cha arthe cha kaame cha mokshe cha bharatarshabha. Yadhihasti tadanyatra yannehasti na tadkvachit".. Everything that is there about Dharma (righteous/ just), Artha (wealth/ economics), kaama (lust/ desires) and moksha (salvation/ liberation) everything is there in the Bharatha text. You can find it in other b...

  • Krishna - The Dark Lord of Dwaraka
    14.5K 1K 56

    Veda Vyasa's Mahabharatha brought an astonishingly beautiful and complex character in the form of Krishna as the eighth Avatar of Lord Vishnu, the hero of the Mahabharatha, the Lord of Dwaraka, the charioteer of Arjuna during the Kurukshetra War, a statesman par excellence, a warrior without equal and finally the love...

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    This is a poem where the poet which means me myself, is expressing how a devotee (Vaishnav) gets depressed and fail to get BELOVED KRISHNA and talks with HIM through writting a poem.

  • A Love Story - Arjuna and Subhadra
    15.9K 523 7

    What could it have been like for Subhadra when she discovered the love of her life, Arjuna himself, was living incognito under her care for four months and revealed himself before her with a bang? How would she have felt? What reaction would she have given? Romance really isn't given a huge priority in the epic and th...

  • A love that brings pain.
    90.4K 2.9K 99

    Ice calms Fire. This is a story of two forbidden lovers Arjun and Draupadi, this is the story of silent love, a relation based on hate and revenge which slowly produces into love but feelings remain hidden as they both endure the hardships of life and are forced to keep their feelings controlled, will they get there h...