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  • Money Hungry Killers
    293 22 3

    Cover Credit: @authoressanna_ Three strippers Peaches, Kia, and Nia are living the fast life. Stripping isn't the only thing that these girls find themselves doing. Money is the only thing to keep these girls motivated. After a couple of months thing start to pick up, leading to them getting in deeper shit that they w...

  • Unapproved Relationship
    1.1K 194 4

    Cover Credit: @authoressanna_

  • The Deadly Game of Love
    2.4K 116 5

    Thinking she's fallen in love with The Perfect Guy, Sanaa takes a sharp turn for the worse. Now depending on her ex boyfriend to protect her, things doesn't end well. Sleeping under beds, peeping in windows, Chase takes it to the extreme. Copyright © 2015 @ElQuOh

  • The Elites
    164 10 3

    With cameras rolling, catching the good and the bad, and everything in between... As the Drama and Tea often spill over into their personal endeavors... Friends and Foes begin to look the same, the lives of the Elites are everything but normal. Follow the lives of these five girls Written By: @WorldOfAlyssa @Authore...

  • Love & Hip Hop: Dallas
    104 10 2

    You pretty much can put together what's about to go down in D-Town. Of course you'll have the music, the relationships, drama, and we can't forget the heartbreak...I mean it is known as the City of Hate. These days people only watch to see you fail

  • Confession of the Brain
    220 17 1

    Things pertaining to Love On The Brain ✨Questions ✨Tea, mostly Hennessey ✨Discussion