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  • The Book Keeper's Heart
    125K 5.5K 28

    [A Hidden Gems Book]*[Wattpad Stories Undiscovered Featured Book] Nandini Varma is the keeper of books in her town. More like, she owns the only bookstore. It doesn't matter that her parents hated her decision, she loves what she does, has a supportive friend group and a new neighbor who happens to love reading. And i...

    Completed   Mature
  • Twisted
    480K 14.4K 17

    Mia just buried her brother and sister-in-law, inherited their ranch and 3 month baby boy and now finds herself in a cellar with a all too hot Sam hiding from a tornado

  • When Single Riders Come Together (COMPLETED)
    140K 7.4K 30

    Tylee Jackson lives on a 100,000 acre ranch, outside of Sundance, Texas, that she runs herself. She is very shy and gets social anxiety easily, her best friend, Becca, says it is because she only goes to town once a month. She visits Becca goes to the feed store, and stocks up on her groceries. At the age of twenty-on...

  • Like Father, Like Son ✔
    2.7M 96.6K 47

    Cat Logan is a single teen mother with a deadbeat ex-boyfriend and parents that haven't spoken to her since she got herself knocked up at the age of sixteen. She's been making it in the world all on her own and has been raising a child that she loves more than anything. She's used to men running for the hills the mome...

  • Healing in Medicine Bow
    283K 12.4K 13

    Misty Rundell, a bright eyed waitress and single mother was running for her life. She would do anything to protect her tiny daughter, even if it meant running from town to town for the rest of their lives. Jackson Silverman, a grouchy, but young and successful rancher, had sworn off women three years ago after he fou...

    Completed   Mature
  • Seven Letter Words #Wattys2016
    2.5M 134K 54

    Liam Smith is in Texas for the funeral of a fallen comrade. He proudly serves his country and would do anything for a fellow Marine. What he doesn't expect is the beautiful blonde sister his friend left behind. She's classy and strong, but he can see right through her brave facade and into her wounded heart. Juliet P...

  • Lean On Me #Wattys2016
    3.6M 185K 52

    Mateo Sanchez is a wounded warrior. He's 22 years old and on the mend from the injuries he received in a battle that took his fellow Marine's life. He's angry and unsettled, trying to get back to the man he used to be. Ashlyn West has always been a rescuer. She works at the hospital helping wounded vets get stronger...

  • Saving Hope #WATTYS2015 #NewAdult
    5.4M 254K 51

    Twenty-one year-old waitress, Hope, is struggling to make up for her missing drug- addicted mother's lack of monetary support and parenting in order to make a better life for her six year-old brother. Hope can only dream about living the life of the students that she waits on in the restaurant where she works. Keepi...

  • Until Then
    563K 40.6K 50

    Lance Corporal Kenneth Pines was a United States Marine killed in action while serving his country. Taken from this world quickly, he left behind a younger sister and four fellow Marines he had served beside until the day he died in front of them. Just when he thought he had completed his last mission, he finds himsel...

  • Dear Bailey #Wattys2016
    7.1M 437K 109

    Bailey is taking her yearly flight to her father's house in Florida for the summer. When her plane gets delayed, she's forced to spend a few hours at an airport in the middle of nowhere. As a teenager traveling alone, she knows it's best not to talk to strangers-but what if he's in uniform and really cute? Lucas is tr...

  • Dumped and Pregnant (#Wattys2015)completed
    17.4M 515K 54

    Isabella finds out that the man she thought she was going to spend the rest of her life with, had not only dumped her to marry another but also to find out she is pregnant with his child. Isabella is in her final year in college and if life wasn't already throwing enough obstacles in her path what happens when a man c...

  • Bound By A Bump (COMPLETED)
    13.1M 462K 52

    "A little stress release couldn't hurt anyone." With that thought in mind, Kaylyn Fisher decided to be a rebel for a night, break the rules a little and indulge in something apart from a stressful boyfriend and an even more stressful job. One night results in Kaylyn becoming a victim of a one night stand and to top i...

  • A Stranger's Baby
    9.6M 306K 23

    COVER MADE BY NENE. One night with a stranger changed Cassie Green's life forever. She was a nineteen-year-old virgin who fell for Millionaire Brad Damon's charm and good looks. After one night of incredible passion, she woke to find him gone. A note on the bedstand saying thanks, along with five hundred dollars le...

    Completed   Mature
  • All This Time
    9.2M 296K 53

    Christmas Break spent in the Netherlands sounds like the perfect way for Charlotte Wright to relax with her best friend - until she sees the family that they'll be spending Christmas with! Wolfram van der Waals makes no secret of the fact he isn't Charlotte's biggest fan, even though he's never met her before. A quitt...

  • It Started With a Letter
    367K 13.2K 32

    All her life Natalie never knew what drove her to write a random soldier, but when she receives a letter back from a pen pal named Smith, her life gets topsy turvy. Trying to hide the letters from her abusive boyfriend she lived with was hell, but when her new friend shows up on her doorstep in Oklahoma City, how far...

  • Pregnant Midwife:Father Needed (By Fiona McArthur)
    7.4K 243 5

    Single and pregnant-She's about to be rescued! Rescue medic Angus Campbell never fails to meet difficult situations head on. But bonding with his newfound son needs his heart and his time. His childhood home, Lyrebird Lake, is the best place to find by the of those things... Pregnant midwife Mia is expecting a new ar...

  • Storm Warning
    122 2 2

    (ON HOLD) The girls of the MMK Ranch in Kentucky are still working on getting their lives sorted out. They all have boyfriends and seem happy enough, but are they really? Then David, one of their newer friends starts having problems. Things start to happen at Blue Glory Ranch that can't be explained and then things...

  • Cowgirl Tough
    588 24 2

    Cameron Hayes is just your typical college student. She thinks life couldn't be better. then one night everything changes. First her boyfriend tries to take advantage of her and then she finds herself beat up and nearly worse as she walks back to her dorm. Then when she goes home, she just wants to hide away and no...

  • Cowboy Protector
    51.1K 2.1K 16

    ~beautiful cover done by Lizzy Paige Welcome back to Montana! The Pierce boys are at it again. This time though Colton's life is about to take a big turn as his past comes back to haunt him. A girl he hasn't seen in five years shows up, scared and apparently receiving odd calls. Colton isn't sure how to help her...

  • Justin: Cowboy At Heart
    7.5K 329 7

    Justin Pierce is finally back home after traveling with the Rodeo circuit for almost 6 years. What he doesn't expect to find though when he returns is that he still has feelings for his old flame. Although a lot has changed since he left her. Will he be able to prove her to that he has changed from that crazy, wild...

  • Cowgirl Up And Ride
    859 16 1

    Channing Russel loves everything rodeo and family. She travels the circuit with her family, but her boyfriend is a real treat. The girl is left to decide just what to do with her life as an old friend makes an appearance and she realizes she may have deeper feelings for him then she had originally thought. Then str...

  • A Fool's Redemption
    1.6K 122 9

    Athena and Reese Bryant seem like they have the perfect marriage. And with their young daughter Reba things seem perfect. Although as Reese starts not coming home at night Athena gets frustrated. She finally decides to take a break and goes home to her family with Reba in tow. Although one thing leads to another a...

  • A Home For MacKenzie
    5.7K 334 14

    Mackenzie Dawson is afraid to trust. Her parents died when she was ten and she has been in and out of foster homes and an orphanage ever since. All she really longs for is a home and to be loved, but she isn't ready to let her guard down yet. She's been hurt one too many times. Then what she thinks is the perfect...

  • Cowboy's Refuge
    9.1K 577 21

    Dawson Cook's life take a whirlwind of a change when his beloved wife disappears one day while he was away with their daughter. He had no idea why she has picked up and left or where to even look for her. His life gets worse as his brother and sister-in-law try to play matchmaker for the pretty rehab nurse that help...

  • Cowgirl's Unwanted Hero
    1.6K 164 17

    Walker Langley is forced to take an extended vacation but soon learns that he is supposed to protect a cowgirl of all things. All he can think is she is going to be one those prissy rodeo queens and he wants nothing to do with her after past experiences. Colby Parks isn't any more thrilled with the idea then Walker i...

  • The Outlaw's Son
    15.1K 864 31

    Britt Mason follows in his father's footsteps. He seems like the cold, rugged young man his father used to be. Britt, however, must put his reputation aside when one of his sisters is unknowingly about to marry a family enemy posing as a lawyer, Lucas Dashwood. Does Britt save his sister? After being heartbroken, does...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Outlaw's Return
    75.8K 2K 27

    After leaving West Wood, and arriving at Sunset Ridge, Cassidy Smith is faced with new problems. The love of her life had left her, and she was pregnant with his child, making finding a home even harder than she thought. She runs into an old friend, and begins to have feelings for him. He helps her get her own place...

    Completed   Mature
  • Saloon Girl
    173K 3.1K 30

    Cassidy Smith suffered the loss of her parents when their farm burned down. She was barely 18 and had no other choice but to work in the saloon. She was ashamed of her job, but had to put her pride aside. Cole Mason was an outlaw with a past. Soon after first seeing Cassidy, he fell in love with her. Cassidy loved Col...

    Completed   Mature
  • *Published* Accidental Babies (SAMPLE)
    12.3M 311K 38

    *SAMPLE* Published on 27 Jan 2019, up on Amazon Jason Halloway had a hard time finding a nanny for his recently acquired 9 month old twins, Daphne and Tanner.They hated all of their previous nannies and drove them away.However, maybe they didn't need his help to find their nanny? Maybe they could find her all on their...

  • Dumped!
    11.7M 224K 35

    Deana Carter has always been superstitious and cynical. She's always waiting for the other shoe to drop and expecting the inevitable - disappointment. So, when she meets Matthew Stewart, she can't help her cynicism. It's all too good to be true. However, she begins to warm up to the thoughts of happily ever after...